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Are Americans doomed?

On Twitter Will Westcott recently said:

The US right-wing is dominated by liberal conservatism, a perverse ideology that prioritizes extreme individualism and selfishness over the public good and GDP [Gross Domestic Product] as the reason for existence.

That’s why taking measures that hinder individualism or economic growth are opposed.

In order to justify this ludicrous value system, liberal conservatism engages in denialism or ridiculous conspiracy theories to explain away the pandemic.

Facing up and admitting there’s a real pandemic would mean exposing their real ideological motivations.

They can’t state what they really believe—that their personal autonomy is more important than public health and they don’t care how many get sick and die as long GDP keeps growing—because that would be deeply unpopular. Thus, they descend into denialism and conspiracy theories.

On the flip side, the US left-wing is dominated by liberal progressivism, an equally perverse ideology that believes “racism” and “white supremacy” is the real virus and more important to fight than an actual pandemic that’s infecting and killing thousands of people.

That is why the US left-wing initially opposed closing borders and isolating foreigners when the virus first appeared—that would be “racism” and “xenophobia” and then decided to form huge crowds to protest white supremacy in the middle of a pandemic.

Liberal progrssivism does not have to devolve into denialism and crackpot conspiracy theories to minimize the coronavirus because they openly state they believe fighting racism is more important than fighting a pandemic.

Liberal conservatism also agrees that racism is the greatest evil so the progressive left receives no pushback or condemnation for such an insane belief. Also, the conservatives want an excuse to deny taking public health measures and the protests give them that.

Based Barsoomian added:

At the same time they are doing nothing to stop blacks from destroying the city and killing people on the streets.

Michael Tracey commented:

The US right-wing impulse to deny the severity of the coronavirus has never made any sense ideologically. In other parts of the world (India, etc.) it’s the total opposite (right-wing extra “tough” on the virus). This is just nihilistic, knuckle-dragging, know-nothing posturing.

My two cents:

That’s the United States. Half of the population having Mammon as their god to the point of devolving into crackpot theories, and the other half indistinguishable from the Jews regarding what the Talmud says: that the best among the Goyim must be exterminated.

In a video, yesterday I listened a few words from William Pierce that Hunter Wallace embedded in his site. I had not listened to Pierce for some time and it made me reiterate what I already knew: that the Pierce who spoke once a week on the radio and the Pierce of Who We Are are two Pierces. Similarly, the Hitler who spoke to the masses was not the same as the one who spoke to his friends in private.

Perhaps the reason the National Alliance doesn’t publish Who We Are (the equivalent of Hitler’s table talks) is for not showing the most authentic Pierce to ordinary people, as Who We Are touches on taboo issues for American white nationalists: Nordicism, anti-Christianity, exterminationism and the story worth investigating to understand the white man is the European, not the American.

There is another problem with Pierce’s referred speech. Like Hitler’s public speeches, it seems monocausal, and it contrasts sharply with the posts we’ve been collecting from Robert Morgan about the American Civil War, which show that a fanatic, suicidal anti-racism already existed in the US before Jews came en masse to this continent. But the bottom line is what Will Westcott said above: almost all Americans, on the right or left, are bad people in one way or another. The only way to save them would be precisely what

Morgan said five years ago:

In order to accept being called a racist or a Nazi with equanimity, normal American whites would have to reconcile that with their country’s history of being violently opposed to racism of any kind, from the Civil War forward. They would have to admit to themselves and to others that all of that blood shed in trying to stamp out racism had been shed in vain, and in fact, worse than in vain, in an evil cause. They would have to admit that their ancestors were evil, and that they themselves had also been evil before they saw the light and became racists.

It’s safe to say the chances of that happening on a mass scale are almost zero.

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But if Morgan still visits this site, he’s not totally honest. Yesterday, on Unz Review he told another commenter:

As for Hitler, his intolerance of Christian and Jewish intolerance isn’t logically consistent and was perhaps itself an effect of his identification with Christ, which I’ve mentioned before: here.

Has Morgan read our recent post, ‘Religious aspects of National Socialism’, which precisely says that Hitler’s public statements about Christianity were very different from his private statements?

Have you read his authorized biography “The fame of a dead man’s deeds ” by Robert Griffin?

It was clear that Dr. Pierce had to restrain himself while speaking in public (and even with his wives) and that only his strength in character helped him hide his frustration and anger.

Perhaps, that was the reason behind his earliest death. Take at look at him during his last public speech.


Good old Doctor was so thin and consumed already by so many years of dealing with Americans’ stupidity and cowardice.

It is time to abandon Christianity forever. You are right about that C.T. After all, Jesus Christ, in all likelihood, was actually made up by the Romans themselves, to induce the People of the Bible to love their Roman overlords. All this stuff about being kind even to, but especially to, those cruel to oneself. Very Buddhist!

In the past, Christianity may have been anti-Jewish; but today, there is only Judeo Christianity.

Yes, Will Wescott is correct…

The problem is a lot more complex with the Right-Wing, because the fact of the matter is they are a Paper Tiger but want to seem as if they are all so different from the Left-Wing, even though both sides belong to the same evil bird…

But the thing with Right-wingers is that they have only as of recent taken such an interest in being against “Communism”. But at the same time, their cognitive dissonance will not allow them to associate Communism with “Judaism” or the Jews in general, because they have “many jewish friends” as they will even love to boast about, and are all Pro-Israel. Right-Wing / Liberal Conservatism goes hand-in-hand with Christianity which equates to Pro-Israel.

The funny part is that when Right-Wing groups see National Socialists and the ideas that seem “parallel” to their ideas, they get really irritated and label us “infiltrators” even though they have cherry-picked National Socialist principles at times, only for their own benefits for when it suits them. They also despise the fact that we demand an Economic system that outlaws all forms of unearned income along with the abuses of monopolizing real estate or the stock market to be able to give them an unprecedented ability to capitalize with making money off of money.

National Socialist policies and economics is viewed as a major threat to Right Wing / Conservatives because they know that under our system they would be unable to pull off racketeering, the notion that they will lose all the false / fading glories they have had since WW2 is a thorn in their side, particularly for the fathers and grandfathers of Millennials.

I ABSOLUTELY AGREE with Will Wescott’s assertion that both Right Wing and Left Wing Americans are bad people, and this fact is going to lead to the civil war and unrest being one in which there will not be a proper side of “history” fighting in the fight, but it will be a fight drawn between two heads of the same dragon.

It kind of goes without saying, but most Right-wingers also have no real conception of race, at least outside of being “White” and are often willing to become very tolerant of outsiders even among their own ranks for the benefits of American “Exceptionalism” aka “Racketeering and Opportunism”.

This is why surely, only the abandonment of Christianity and instead putting forward the Concept of Race and Blood Unification is able to build something new. And it can be the only solution for whatever White Ethno-States continue forward after the coming storm.

With respect to paragraphs 1-6:

It is anti-parsimonious (and ludicrous) to attribute what can easily be explained by human nature/basic psychology to peculiar ideological outlooks, and spurious/convoluted psychoanalysis. Unbelievable as it is that this needs to be pointed out, but people don’t like being subjected to house arrest, losing their jobs and businesses, being hungry, having diktats imposed by unelected and unnacountable medical bureaucrats, and so on and so forth.

Are you aware of the violent backlash against this system taking place in Greece and Serbia, firebombing police and such? Are you aware that there have been continual protests against the authorities since all of this began, throughout Europe and other parts of the world, spirited Anti-vax protests in Italy with parliamentarians calling for Bill Gates to be arrested? So why act like skepticism of the claimed pandemic is a peculiarly American phenomenon? And what are these conspiracy theories you people are referring too? The pandemic skeptics are in the same company as numerous eminent 3rd party scientists, and 100s of whistleblower doctors and nurses. If you want to suggest that those have some sort of unified agenda motivating them to lie, that would be quintessential conspiracy theorism…

It is also well-known that the sequelae of these “public health” measures and economic collapse will cause massive damage to society in the long run, and cost countless lives, with no credible modelling being able to show otherwise. I also thought that you said you were opposed to lockdowns?

How could you promote the ludicrous meme that the economy is an abstract entity and that the people complaining about the promotion of anti-covid measures are merely upset about the stock market?

Why do you insist on discrediting yourself by promoting these bizarre screeds by the likes of this Westcott character and unhinged personalities such as Richard Spencer? What gives?

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