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Balancing the eternal masculine

A soldier far from home, without a country, an ideal or a feminine image of reference—a model of perfection, an axis of divinity—immediately degenerates into a villain without honour. Conversely, if he can internalize an inner mystique and a feminine symbolism that balances the brutality he witnesses day after day, his spirit will be strengthened and his character ennoble. Sparta had no problems in this regard; Spartan women were the perfect counterpart of a good warrior…

In ancient Scandinavian meetings, as an example of the value of the feminine influence, only married men were allowed to vote. The man was the one who made the decisions, but it was assumed that he was not complete until he had at his side a complementary, feminine spirit, a Woman who could transmit certain magic every day, and inspired him with her reflections. Only then he was allowed to vote.

In practice, every marriage was a single vote. In the other Hellenic states the female presence was banished, thus unbalancing the mentality and behaviour of the warrior, and finally facilitating the emergence of pederast homosexuality. The whole issue of Spartan femininity was inconceivable in the rest of Greece.

(Passages from one of Evropa Soberana’s essays in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour.)

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Atoms are stable because they have both positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons. Male represents the positive charge and female the negative charge. Negative charge doesn’t mean bad or anything.

1. The only place where women may dominate is in bed.

2. Christian-capitalist egalitarianism has turned women into shallow sluts. The only use of women is love, and even that they can’t do anymore. They’re calculated cold-hearted bitches nowadays.

The more radical and clairvoyant idea that I have heard is not the triumphant traditionalist “50 Shades of Grey is a guidebook” nonsense, but that…

3. …that it is men who desire and understand true love, not women. At least, now. Men are superior not just in body and mind, but in feelings, too.

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Quite an accurate article, because yes Sparta was the only exception of female liberation, whereas all the other Greek City states were strictly Patriarchal and did not engage in the practice of giving their women equal access in education and influence.

Indeed, Christianity is responsible for a large impulse of promiscuity in women because it has taught people to deny natural human urges and impose a suppression attitude on sex.

I do not believe though that as a species, that there is evidence to support that women are or can be equal to Men or that they are on any evolutionary course where they should be liberated to any degree.

We now see the social ills and consequences that have erupted as far as the shitshow that the ladies have been running up to the Third Wave of the feminist movement, and this world couldn’t be any more absurd.

Women are not even an ally for us Men, they are a liability and the Jew has weaponized them against us by using their calculating devices.

“because yes Sparta was the only exception of female liberation”
I think you misunderstood the article.
Spartan women weren’t “liberated.” Not by modern nor Hellenic standards. The Spartans merely maintained a healthy Aryan sexuality in a sea of semitic and eastern ideas about the fair sex

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