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In his latest comment on Unz Review Robert Morgan mocked the monocausalists:

My God! Such brilliance! It’s not white people who are the Devil, it’s the Jews! Now all we have to do is tell people this and surely they will agree with us. Why, oh why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? With such profound insights from its intellectual contingent, the salvation of the white race cannot be far off.

He is right. Every individual who worships the enemy god is validating, consciously or unconsciously, the so-called chosen people in the West. And what is worse: he is validating the standards that the Jew sold the Gentiles with the New Testament: You will allow ethnocentrism for us (Old Testament) but you will practice universal love (New Testament). In other words, I command you to commit ethnic suicide by loving the Other and you will obey.

And Christians did obey.

Cotton Mather was a New England Puritan minister, prolific author, and pamphleteer. He left a scientific legacy due to his hybridisation experiments and his promotion of inoculation for disease prevention, though he is most frequently remembered today for his involvement in the Salem witch trials.

In Mather’s The Negro Christianized: An Essay to Excite and Assist that Good Work, the Instruction of Negro-Servants in Christianity (1706) Mather’s states: ‘Man, Thy Negro is thy Neighbour… Yea, if thou dost grant, That God hath made of one Blood, all Nations of men, he is thy Brother too’.

As a regular commenter noted yesterday on this site in a piece about negrolatry’s Christian roots, the editor of the book notes that Mather’s language ‘is both particularly fresh and almost contemporary’.

Look at the time when this Mather witch lived (1663-1728)! Unless you consider Christianity to be the other side of the JQ coin, there were no Jewish influencers in America at that time who could propagandise the Negro brotherhood to White gentiles. Americans did this to themselves without direct influence from Jewry (only indirect influence through Christianism).

I have quoted this sentence by the German Giselher Wirsing so often that it could become a meme for this site: ‘The crisis of Americanism in our epoch falls short of degeneracy of the Puritan mindset. In degenerated Puritanism lies, side by side with Judaism, America’s inborn danger’.

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The problems Caesar poses in his blog are so fundamental and crucial that a projection of ultimate conclusions upon our future appears predetermined.

Christianity is a unique mental virus incurable in uninterrupted cultural context of history. I mean that it’s impossible to become free from Christian values and to look at them from away, indifferently, through retrospective of this continuing civilization. Because All is penetrated by them: philosophy, science, art, language, behavior.

The thought hаunts and hurts me – EVERY thing of this two-thousand-year legacy is a giant Carthago which delendam esse. The best ones (the Sistine Chapel, Michelangelo’s Pieta, Bach’s Passions, Wagner’s Parsifal etc) are phenomenal tentacles of that ancient and omnipresent plague which parasitizes on the formerly healthy body. The trouble is Carthago became indistinguishable from Rome, and the malignant tumour symbioses with the vivifying source entirely, on macro and micro scales.

A new civilization arising from the transvaluation of all values will need a Great Disinfection to destroy instantly and irreversibly any small letter, symbol, sound from the old era. Is it really possible?

In any case, some gradual recovery à la Third Reich conceptions in the course of the Tabletalks would be an erroneous, too humanistic idea.

Any our movement will be poisoned by the conservative recoils. Any racial revolution will be forced to appeal to the past – Christian past, after all, we know no different thing. Antiquity is a kind of hardly audible song from our deep dreams, and its meaning is unintelligible for us. Antique human beings wouldn’t take us for their fellow racemen nor physiologically nor mentally nor spiritually.

Do the present humanity earn the right to bracket with them?

With all heart open to Predestination and with all amor fati – to born, to live and to die in these circumstances would be a shame for our faraway ancestors. But for us it’s more or less OK. The decay is continuing…

Yes, a gradual recovery à la Third Reich conceptions (Tabletalks) was possible if Hitler had won the war. But now, after the greatest betrayal of the whole western history (what the Anglo-Saxons did in WW2) Christian values have reached its zenith. So the only way is Nietzsche’s way.

A long-winded removal of Christianity is not possible now, there is not enough time to carry this out, the fact is that the transvaluation of Christian morality must happen now if Aryan Man is to survive. And the transvaluation of Christianity doesn’t require a lengthy intellectual discrediting of Christianity in the minds of the white masses, it requires returning to the foundation of survival-murder and rape. The two cornerstones of the survival of any species on Earth are reproduction to keep the species going and killing of any enemies, whether actual or potential. Until we have a monopoly on violence somewhere on the globe any killing that white males undertake for their race will be classed as ‘illegal’ and therefore murder. And if white females won’t have enough children voluntarily then the final remaining option is rape like David Lane recommended. Therefore murder and rape. Man has a brain to direct his hands to kill his enemies, and a penis to fuck his women.

We need a tearing out of the veneer of modern First World advanced industrial technological Western civilization and a return to the Source before civilization, a return to our roots of Indo-European tribalism. All that will remain will be the necessary-tribalism, racism and survival. The foundations endure. In this respect I think the numerous white prison gangs in American prisons, in particular the Aryan Brotherhood, were and are ahead of their time. They are on the frontlines, surrounded by Blacks and Hispanics that they can’t engage in white flight from and therefore HAVE to stand their ground and fight. The racial tensions in American society have always been magnified a hundred fold in prison. And some of the finest white males post-WWII have been in the Aryan Brotherhood IMO (an in American prisons in general). As Tom Metzger said when Carolyn Yeager once asked him “Where’s our white will to power?” he responded “They’re all in prison.” Yeager thought his answer was ridiculous because she’s a silly woman who lacks the ability to understand. The white prison gangs returned to the source of their tribe, to their roots. They tattooed Swastikas and 14/88 on themselves, practiced pagan spirituality and murdered niggers and spics as and when required.

If our race is to continue to survive, when all the lies have fallen, all that will remain is the bare truth, the essentials-that Swastika, the knowledge that Hitler was right, the 14 Words, and murder and rape. And perhaps some form of Sun worship as indigenous native pagan spirituality (the Swastika, the Cross of the Stone Age, the Symbol of our People, is a solar symbol after all). A return to the primitive Stone Age savage barbarian hunter-gatherer murderer and rapist. We have to be like this to compete with the Blacks, Hispanics and Muslims who are closer to the savage murderer and rapist than we are. But at the same time that doesn’t mean giving up all the progress and advancement our race has made in culture, civilization and technology. We need to recover a monopoly on violence globally one day. As Krist Krusher says, maybe the return to our roots, the great reset, will be accomplished through WWIII with the unleashing of weapons of mass destruction and the complete destruction of the modern world and this foul humanity that created it. That was certainly how Savitri Devi envisaged the final rectification being carried out.

“Annihilate all irredeemable past” could be in a certain way a twin brother of Caesar’s doctrinal slogan: “Eliminate all unnecessary suffering”.

I agree with Walsh’s brutal vision at my instinctive level, but my rational and overrational parts tend to more sophisticated solution.

What concerns me: establishing another glorious regime – be it postindustrial or barbarian, which lasts maybe one year, twelve or hundreds years, doesn’t abolish the fact of an error in the human code and a programmed repetition of the (same) mental psychosis in different historical conditions. The eliminating of all unnecessary suffering makes sense only if it will be an ultimate action, forever and ever.

There is a need to change human body, psyche and environment. It seems to me the only justification of technological progress during our history.

So, hearkening to the metaphor of Hoddmímis holt, where the renovated humanity endures the Сataclysm and enters into a new life cycle, my attention is directed to another mythic realm from Voluspa, Gimlé – the most beautiful place in Asgard, more high and pure than Vallhall, where time and space are transformed into Eternal Reich, in my imagination a mix of masculine Nordic Nirvana and feminine World of Fairies:

“More fair than the sun, a hall I see,
Roofed with gold, on Gimle it stands;
There shall the righteous rulers dwell,
And happiness ever there shall they have.”

What concerns me: establishing another glorious regime – be it postindustrial or barbarian, which lasts maybe one year, twelve or hundreds years, doesn’t abolish the fact of an error in the human code and a programmed repetition of the (same) mental psychosis in different historical conditions.

I have spent a lot of time speculating on these kinds of futuristic problems.

Have you read Against the Fall of Night? I recommend it in my books (in Spanish) where I speak about the 4 words.

In that Clarke novel, it is said that the Diaspar architects were agonizing over whether to make a utopian society open or closed. Finally, they decided on the closed one (although they left a unique subject, Alvin, who could open it).

It is a great dilemma, and in Diaspar the Central Computer was responsible for ensuring that in that city of a billion years on Earth there were no ‘psychotic breakdowns’ like those we live, so to speak.

In my opinion, the city that existed in parallel with Diaspar, Lys, is better suited for humans insofar they require psychogenic evolution before being entitled to great technology (otherwise they misuse it—not ready for the Promethean fire right now).

I wish my 11 books were already in English (I have only translated the first one) but, yes: I’ve thought of these scenarios so that the current folie en masse won’t be repeated.

Yes, I’ve read that Clarke’s novel. You recommended me it in some old post – as The City and the Stars. Thank you for the advise, it was a pleasant and thought-provoking spending of time.

Near analogy suggests itself: Cameron’s Avatar. Earth is technological Diaspar, Pandora is agrarian-magical Lys, Alvin is Jake Sully. The plots and their endings are quite different: a mutual understanding in Clarke’s story and a war in Cameron’s.

I think an open utopia is possible in the universe of Lys, and, yes, with due psychogenic development, the humanity could possess divine flame and avoid promethean hybris.

replying to Joseph Walsh – without wanting to sound like a cuck, rape won’t be necessary as the women will come running – also, in a patriarchal society, you’ll have to watch out for the father and brothers while doing all this raping, which won’t be helpful as “no more brother wars”

He’s referring to the rape of the Sabine women, where every Jack gets his Jill: marriage.

And yes: rape will be necessary right after the day of the rope (feminism could be destroyed in a day or two after the bloody HRWs).

I’d only spare the Amish women or those traditional girls who have kept their virginity for the right husband. The rest of the Little Red Riding Hoods will be fair game, open season for the hungry lycanthropes.

replying to Joseph Walsh – without wanting to sound like a cuck, rape won’t be necessary as the women will come running – also, in a patriarchal society, you’ll have to watch out for the father and brothers while doing all this raping, which won’t be helpful as “no more brother wars”

I didn’t say rape would be necessary, and I’m not saying you’re saying I said rape would be necessary, but I said it would be the final remaining option if all else fails for males who are serious about their people’s survival. I would like it to be easier than forced rape but I have my doubts.

You’ll have to expand on what you mean by white women will come running to white men. At the moment I see white women running to Black and Muslim men who they perceive as alpha because the majority of their own males were so beta as to hand over their ancestors lands to foreigners without a fight because the Jews convinced them that was the moral thing to do. Most white males won’t defend themselves or their race so white women are just running to the winners. They are just property for the victor after all.

“A new civilization arising from the transvaluation of all values will need a Great Disinfection to destroy instantly and irreversibly any small letter, symbol, sound from the old era. Is it really possible?”

I believe that this is possible so long as WMDs exist. After a total and literal cleansing of the earth of EVERY monument of the past, EVERY city that is not inherently important to us as well as a meticulous and orderly purging of anti-racist literature can we succeed.
This is of course easier said then done. The matter of future generations is also very dear to the ultimate goal. Without a properly trained youth the future is meaningless. I personally envision a mass raising of children in a new form of family unit very different from the nuclear model mistakenly assumed by self-declared “Chrisschan nashionalishts” to be normal. The transvaluation of the family should be closely bound to the vehicle of societal transformation: underground spaces where survival is secure while enduring the Great Annihilation of an irredeemable past. Just as Líf and Lífþrasir shall survive in Hoddmímis holt, so shall these new families.
Without sounding too ready for action, I would recommend the formation of a revolutionary vanguard complete with plenty of cannon fodder from the ranks of the aforementioned xtian-nationalists to secure the health and wellbeing of their natural born betters. Provided that a system can be built for such an undertaking while having the proper apparatus for uncovering agents it can be quite realistic. As for the removal of any cancerous growths and/or impediments that form afterwards a reading of the history of the SA and its early leadership is necessary.

further reply to Joseph Walsh – we are broadly in agreement, but to clarify, I was following on from your premise of “murdering and raping” – upon starting the murdering, or as I would prefer “righteous self-defence of our homelands from foreign invaders”, we would be the alphas and consequently have no problem with White women. Of course, until that starts we have a big problem.

It’s not territorial self-defense what should drive the bloodthirsty Blond Beast, but what I call the extermination of the Neanderthals (repeat what the Cro-Magnons did long ago, this time with non-whites). But to achieve Pierce’s dream in the Diaries, first the Aryan man must shake off the monkey of Christianity from his back.

In other words, only infinite hatred can save the white race. Or haven’t you read my Dies Irae?

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