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Mauricio (commenter)

Responding to Anglin

by Mauricio

It’s disgusting to mention White blood and Jesus in the same sentence.

Andrew Anglin is a mercenary. He’s doing Daily Stormer for the notoriety. He writes his dissident wank-pieces with a Christian flavour because the majority of his readers are Christian. I’d say Daily Stormer is still up because it passes the Eli Ravage test: Hate the kikes, but love The Kike. [Editor’s note: see pages 163-172 of The Fair Race]

Let’s fix Anglin’s piece of drunken Christian bullshit, shall we? Here’s the sober version:

______ 卐 ______


These are going to be progressively poorer times we’ll be facing here, and the number one thing I can recommend is that you remove all subversive degeneracy from your life, especially (((God))).

Beyond that, you need to be careful whom you associate with. Someone from your ‘crew’ might rat you out after an hour of sitting in the interrogation table.

Then you need guns, legal or illegal, and Silver, or Gold, stored food and a place outside the city if you can.

Look: we’re paying for the racial treachery of our grandfathers, and some of us won’t make it through this. I don’t know that I will, and you don’t know that you will. But we as a people must sacrifice a lot for our existence. That I can guarantee.

And that is how you need to be thinking: that we are cowards, united by greed, and only through much suffering and spilling of our enemies’ blood shall we earn our salvation.

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A thought that ran to me while Andrew talked about cops kneeling down to blacks, which he calls ‘sodomization of man’ is that… ‘no, not really.’

You don’t really get sodomized by bending a knee for them, I’m sure the cops were already like that. The traumatic experience that he suffers afterwards is most likely due to a lot of other reasons, cops are part of normies after all.

Let’s say, you bend a knee for a negro, you get back up and go home. You’ll feel rather more sure that you should be against them, perhaps quit the job or abuse its power, but never let such a feeble thing ruin you.

And if you weren’t already tame enough, like the cops, you would have denied even in fear of your ‘co-workers getting hurt’ (Andrew mentions)

Like most white nationalists, what Anglin doesn’t understand is that by worshiping the god of the Jews, he himself is validating Jewry.

And not even Anglin and white nationalists understand the economy. The safe haven is not Bitcoin (as Anglin says in the linked article), which will collapse even before the dollar collapses: but precious metals, as Mauricio says.

Did the Greeks fall because they were cucked? How about the Mayans, Aztecs, Persians, Babylonians, Hittites, or Assyrians? You could make an argument for Jews destroying Egypt, but the Egyptians were already race-mixing with nubians by 1100 bc. You over-simply by blaming Christians too much. I believe the answer lies in the fact that our civilization is too prosperous and spoiled. We have a tendency to project our “values” on others despite what we believe about the afterlife.

Indeed: all those civilisations fell because the late empire corrupts the soul of humans.

But neither the Greeks nor the Romans nor whites in general fell into mass psychosis until they embraced Christianity. Only from Christianity do we see these folies en masse that swallow up entire civilisations, be it in the time of Constantine or in our time with that Christian heresy called liberalism (which triumphed with the French Revolution and the founding of the United States).

By the way, did you used to comment on the forum for Zionist Christians and Jews, Gates of Vienna?

If I understand the question, no I’ve never commented for Zionist Christians. I have never trusted Jews or advocated for them. I just look around the ever expanding chaos masquerading as progress and seek answers.

Well observed Mauricio. Everything in the DailyStormer now has Christian, America and Jesus. There are even messages from the bible, sick. In the past it was more race and NS.

As you said, Anglin sold himself to his largest audience, peaceful Christians.

The last time I checked, and it was some time ago: Daily Stormer
had become a safe haven for Christcuck Identitards. Well, there is stupid, and then there is very stupid. Then there is Christian Identity, which is way beyond stupid. It’s a level of stupid that I can’t begin to comprehend. .

Anglin, as far as i can tell, has no fixed beliefs about much of anything. He’s simply an entertainer, and I admit I found a lot of his
older stuff hilarious. But he wasn’t even funny last I checked, just “cringeworthy”

At this point, I figure even Anglin has to be getting sick and tired of their beyond stupid White Jesus schtick

Sorry for the sloppy paragraphs, C.T. I have some problem with posting where my paragraphs always come out hinky on WordPress. I originally write them in proper paragraph form, honest!

I would not even call Anglin a mercenary. He is a total grifter, much in the same sense as the Bane character describes Batman in the one movie that Anglin once referenced seemingly nonstop. “You weren’t born in the dark[NS/Truth]. You merely grifted it”

I don’t know why Anglin’s christ promoting appeared from, except probably related to a donation’s condition, and remember he works in the real world, not academic theory.

The article Mauricio linked to is actually great, apart from a few lines of jesus stuff, but do you really expect the mass of white people to be able to mentally accept to drop ALL of his religion of his life and generations of his family as it was wrong. Especially USA which is/was the most virtue signalling christian nation on earth.

Even Hitler didn’t drop christianity even though he had 15 years in power. German NS tried to put it in historical context along with the rest of the history of their people.

People who say that Hitler didn’t drop Xtianity haven’t read his table talks.

And Anglin’s article is not great. He commands his readers to worship the god of the jews: the most toxic thing a white can ever do (cf. the Eli Ravage article referred to above).

Additionally, those who have all their savings in Bitcoin will find themselves broke after the financial crash that’s coming.

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