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Destruction of Greco-Roman world

Christian moral vision

The following paragraphs are recent comments from Robert Morgan in Unz Review (italics added):

______ 卐 ______

Riots, pulling down or defacing statues, mass censorship, and re-writing history were all features of the first Christian religious upheaval too, during the fall of the Roman Empire. All were techniques pioneered by Christians, just business as usual for these fanatics. The only thing different in modern times is that belief in Jesus as God has become optional for both sides. The quintessentially Christian moral vision of a single humanity united in equality under a single, universal code of ethics remains, burning stronger than ever.

* * *

Sounds like you are trying to blame Jewish “brainwashing” for white behavior, which essentially is Dr. Kevin MacDonald’s thesis too. I’m sure you’d enjoy his work if you’re not already a disciple of his. But neither you nor MacDonald can explain why the negro made his greatest stride toward equality when he was granted citizenship and the vote in America shortly after the Civil War. This occurred at a time when there was no mass media as we know it today, no Jewish educational establishment, and before mass immigration of Jews even began. More, at that time the USA was virtually 100 percent Christian, yet that is what white people decided to do, of their own accord. Worse, they’ve had now a century and a half to reverse course, and they’ve not made a single move in that direction. To all appearances, they’re not being coerced. They’re just doing what they believe is right.

* * *

The vast majority are hell bent on their own racial obliteration. We see this everywhere, from whites kneeling in the presence of negroes during the current unrest, to the ever-rising numbers of non-white immigrants to white lands… This American movement to mix races and accept negroes as fully the equals of whites in every way has been going on since at least the Civil War era, and was at that time spearheaded by fanatic Christians abolitionists. Now it has been exported everywhere. Your mistake is to think this is all being directed from the central headquarters of shadowy, unnamed ‘elites’. It’s not. It’s a broad social movement that has spanned centuries.

* * *

While white people’s actions don’t seem to make any sense, they aren’t designed to make sense. They aren’t designed at all, but just emerge as a form of spontaneous order, a product of the collective mind, much like the schooling of fish, or the swarming of bees. Looking for hidden conspirators serves the purpose of diverting white people’s attention from the fact that they’ve always been their own worst racial enemy, and that no cultural change happens or can happen without their full cooperation.

10 replies on “Christian moral vision”

Cesar, I wholeheartedly agree with what Dr Morgan states here.
But sometimes this explanations tips over from being something emerging from the CQ, and instead he sees it as part of a white archetype. As if christianity arrived to a set table in the white peoples mind.
I am very much inclined to not let either the CQ or the JQ become something that seems to large to conquer.
So keep on pounding on the betrayal at Verden in 782 like you do. And in my country the christian bastards needed a full fledged civil war to steal a foothold. It gives me som consolidation, and allows me to ‘niemand verzweifeln’.

I don’t believe everything Morgan says, especially that of blaming technology as the root etiology of evil or what he says about absolute determinism. I only agree with what he says about Christianity.

Anyone reading one of the two stories about the white race that has been written would know that even without Christianity some white-governed civilisations managed to mix their blood and decay. But what I said to another commenter yesterday remains: Only from Christianity do we see these psychotic breakdowns in the history of the white man, like what happened in the 4th, 5th and 6th centuries and what happens in the 20th and 21st centuries.

In other words: without Christianity there would be no psychosis in white history.

I find observing the recent events fun on an intellectual level because it is fascinating to see history repeating.

Yes the situation presents a puzzle. I know in The Soviet Union that Stalin eventually became annoyed with Jews and pushed them out of power, and by doing that the communist party became more nationalist. I am wondering if people can infiltrate the left and try to push jews out of leadership by calling them zionists.

But this of course is not related to the larger problem of Whites and the racial self-hatred of Whites. I suspect a cult of ancestor veneration and a patriotic culture of cherishing the youth, could help white people love themselves.

I found your website just two or three days ago but I must say this website is beautiful and contains very useful, rare informations. I started to read The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour. I read 150 pages in one day, and I am keep reading. Thank you for these spectacular informations. Keep’em on. 14/88!

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