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America is a failed social experiment

Regarding what happened these nights after the black man died on the asphalt—see Jared Taylor’s video: here—, what Americans ignore is that: (1) They caused this mess with their Christian ethics, which forces even atheists to love blacks, and (2) what happened these nights is only a hint of the chimp out once their dollar crashes (those who have participated in riots had full bellies, we can already imagine them with hunger).

Regarding # 1, never would Aryan Americans remain passive before these riots, arsons and looting if, in a parallel universe where America was conquered by pagan Vikings, the black descendants of slaves had chimped out.

Keep in mind my recent quote of German Nazi Giselher Wirsing: ‘The crisis of Americanism in our epoch falls short of degeneracy of the Puritan mindset. In degenerated Puritanism lies, side by side with Judaism, America’s inborn danger’.

My recent posts on WW2 shed light on how Americans signed their death warrant by committing the crime of the millennium in the 1940s. What happened this week is the beginning of justice…

Postscript of May 31

I recently said that I would not visit racialist sites anymore because they do not honour Uncle Adolf’s memory. But in times of important news I can break this rule. So, I was curious about what John Derbyshire said recently in Unz Review:

America’s most enduring problem, the problem of the blacks, has been dominating the news this week.

The attitude I bring to these news stories is one of weary despair. They are reported and discussed publicly in language that bears very little relation to reality, so that most of what is said and written is worthless. To speak honestly about race is in fact taboo, and genuinely shocking, for most Americans…

I’ve been living in America since the second Nixon administration, with some intermissions. For many years I assumed that this clinging to unreality could not be stable; that truth and honesty would eventually prevail; that we’d learn to speak to each other openly and frankly, citizen to citizen.

To my dismay and despair, the opposite has happened. As the years pass, we drift further and further from reality and truth, deeper and deeper into fantasy and denial. It’s very depressing; like being in a plane that’s lost all power and is just going down, down, down.

What is striking is that absolutely no one blames Christianity for this incredible mental flaw of the white man of being paralysed before the black chimp out (there may be whites who protest, but of arson and looting we only see blacks in the TV news).

It is these kinds of things that motivate me to say that it’s no longer good to visit racialist sites. What Taylor said in the video linked above is true, but nobody talks about the root aetiology of the matter, except The West’s Darkest Hour (for example in this post, although I’ve posted many others that say the same thing).

Remember: Christianity and the Jewish Question are one and the same. Derbyshire didn’t even mention the JQ, let alone the forbidden CQ, the Christian Question.

10 replies on “America is a failed social experiment”

It’s not even close to justice. There’s a long way down still to go, unfortunately for those of us who are going to have to live through it.

I didn’t explain myself clearly. I meant that the chimp out after the dollar collapses (which will infinitely dwarf this week) will start the historical justice on the nation responsible for the spiritual murder of Germany.

P.S. I’ve just changed my phrase from:

‘What happened this week is justice…’


‘What happened this week is the beginning of justice…’

Black lives matter to the same extent that the lives of tapeworms, and the lives of other harmful pests who compete with us for finite resources, matter.

Hail Darwin! In an alternate hypothetical Universe, the white man defied Rabbi Christ and Yahweh, and obeyed Darwin’s plea contained in Origin of Species instead, and drove all of these un-“favored” races that menace us into extinction.

And go where?

The one characteristic of North America that makes it somewhat better than most other places is the low population density. There is strategic room to maneuver. Only in the DC-to-Boston corridor, and isolated urban areas elsewhere, is population density comparable to Europe. So it is easier, in a societal collapse, for isolated rural areas to avoid side effects.

Siberia is the one other geographically comparable region, but it has the problems of 1) the Russians control it, and are very corrupt; any move there would put you under the thumb of the local mafia, 2) they have multiple Muslim countries to the south, as well as China.

Just so you know, if you need a passport the US has stoped issuing them (unless it’s a life or death matter) to stop the spread of Covid-19. The Government says to expect delays of months to get one. So, it’s gonna be stand and fight time. No more running.

Record of the Duce’s conversation with the Führer

The Führer’s Headquarters, August 25, 1941

“The Führer gave a detailed analysis of the Jewish clique surrounding Roosevelt and exploiting the American people. He stated that he would not for anything in the world live in a country like the United States, which had a concept of life inspired by the most vulgar commercialism and had no feeling for any of the most sublime expressions of the human spirit, such as music.”

Speech in Lichthof of the Zeughaus for the Heroes’ Memorial Day

Berlin, March 21, 1943

“And I will repeat my prophecy of long ago, that, at the end of this war, it will not be Germany and its allied states that will have become the victims of Bolshevism, but instead those countries and nations, which the Jews increasingly have in the hollow of their hands, that will one day collapse and meet their end by the Bolshevik poison to which they are the least immune because of their outdated social orders. It will not be the National Socialist and Fascist regimes that will have been torn to pieces, but an old empire that will have been unraveled into rags. The sin against your own and kindred blood will one day lead to misery and misfortune that will cry to heaven in these countries.”

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