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Love Germania. Hate the US. – II

George Floyd Riots are irrelevant for he who lives under the weirwood. What matters is how the past explains the present in the US. Incidentally, if this site is taken down visit the backup.


With Lenin, in 1918 the Bolsheviks initiated a true Holocaust, a massive genocide that would continue until three years after Stalin’s death. Those who haven’t read Alexandr Solzhenitsyn’s book about the genocide of tens of millions of goyim in the archipelago of forced labour and extermination camps of the Gulag (see map below) also ignore that the Jews were involved to the core (see also Solzhenitsyn’s 200 Years Together). It isn’t enough to know the figures: it is imperative to read the testimonies of the 250 survivors that Solzhenitsyn collects in order to feel the pathos of this Russian Holocaust (I recommend the abridged version of The Gulag Archipelago to English speakers).

The honest Jew Ron Unz recently said: ‘In per capita terms Jews were the greatest mass-murderers of the twentieth century, holding that unfortunate distinction by an enormous margin and with no other nationality coming even remotely close. And yet, by the astonishing alchemy of Hollywood, the greatest killers of the last one hundred years have somehow been transmuted into being seen as the greatest victims, a transformation so seemingly implausible that future generations will surely be left gasping in awe’.

The Ukrainian Holocaust or Holodomor, which would continue until the following year, killed more Ukrainians than the propaganda figure of 6 million holocausted Jews with which the MSM media has deceived the white man. After this true Holocaust of goyim, among the feminised Europeans only the Germans reacted:

January 30: President Paul von Hindenburg appoints Adolf Hitler as Chancellor. Hitler was given the Chancellorship right after the Jewish Bolsheviks deliberately starved at least six million Ukrainians to death. (Compare this figure to the figure in the paragraph above. What chutzpah! And the stupid goyim, loyal cattle of the Jews, still swallow it!) Can there be any real doubt that the threat of the Bolshevik terror influenced both the German voters and the decision to give Hitler the Chancellorship? (The Holocaust exposed by Solzhenitsyn has never been consistently dramatised in films or TV documentaries, not even after a century! It would break their little narrative.)

March 5: The National Socialist Party gets 44 percent of the votes in the elections to the German Parliament.

August 12: A spiritual heir to the philo-Semite Cromwell, Winston Churchill, before becoming prime minister begins to sow discord against the German state in a public speech.

December 20: Eugenics begins to be put into practice. The German government announces the sterilisation of 400,000 residents for hereditary defects. (For an introduction to eugenics, and the SS doctrine about Nordicism see: here.)

February 6: In Paris, right-wing groups gather in front of the National Assembly in a frustrated coup attempt against the French Third Republic. (Much of the egalitarian ideology that is destroying the white race and the West had come out of the nefarious French Revolution.)

February 26: Hitler orders to create the Luftwaffe, ignoring the unfair Treaty of Versailles.

December 12: SS leader Heinrich Himmler creates the Lebensborn Program, aimed at increasing the births of Aryan children: the diametrically opposite of what is happening across the West today (in the London of this century, for example, mass street propaganda encourages white women to have black husbands).

November 3: Roosevelt achieves a landslide victory in his re-election in the US, which cannot but reflect that the American people deserve the type of leaders they choose, and deserve to get them good and hard!

April 28: The Luftwaffe bombs Guernica in Spain. Pablo Picasso lied, claiming that the bombing inspired the painting of the same name. (Picasso was not in Guernica. Alice Miller suggests that the famous painting had as ferment the experience of a three-year-old Pablo in the arms of his father who was running scared; his eyes recorded the tremendous earthquake of 1884 in Malaga. José María Juarranz, a scholar of Picasso agrees with this interpretation. See Miller’s insightful book The Untouched Key.)

November 5: Hitler explains his Lebensraum plan for Eastern Europe at a secret meeting at the Reich Chancellery. Unlike today’s cucked racialists, those who dreamed of a new Germania knew that the race needed an entire continent to flourish.

October 30: The radio broadcast of Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds unleashes panic in the Americans, who believe all the bullshit they hear on MSM as fantastic as it is including propaganda against National Socialist Germany, the noblest nation the West has produced.

November 9: On the Night of Broken Glass, Jewish shops and synagogues are looted—which whites on the other side of the Atlantic should have imitated but, so addicted to their (((Bible))), regarded the Jews as the chosen people.

February 27: France and England recognise the Spanish government of Francisco Franco.

March 15: Czechoslovakia ceases to exist as a state after the occupation of the rest of Bohemia and Moravia by German troops.

May 17: Sweden, Norway and Finland rejected German offers of non-aggression pacts. (Apparently, it is not enough to be pure Aryan: You must be noble in spirit like those Germans who dreamed of Germania.)

September 1: Hitler invades Poland and extremely cucked England declares war on Germany. The Second World War begins.

December 15: The romantic film Gone with the Wind is released in the United States. Who would have guessed that the anti-German wind that was already blowing those years would produce a suicidal zeitgeist that would blow away not only the Old South, but the entire American nation in the following decades?

January 4: Hermann Göring, head of the Luftwaffe, takes control of the German war industry.

May 10: British Prime Minister resigns, Neville Chamberlain, and is replaced by Winston Churchill, who would intensify the anti-German winds. (After the war, such anti-white winds would also blow away across the UK, including Scotland and Ireland. Remember what I said above about ubiquitous propaganda in Britain to promote mixed couples between monkeys and English roses. Nowadays, the ethnic death-wish of brainwashed Anglo-Saxons seems almost absolute.)

May 14: The Dutch army surrenders after an intense bombardment of Rotterdam.

June 14: German troops occupy Paris (a symbolic place for the West is the city where, by emancipating the Jews, the incredibly imbecile Napoleon Bonaparte opened Pandora’s box).

August 3-6: Stalin annexed Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to the USSR (compared to the handsome Aryan Tsar and his beautiful family that the kike revolution had assassinated, Stalin looks like a fucking mudblood).

October 16: The most treacherous and vile nation in the entire world, the United States of America, recruits 16 million sucker soldiers to prevent Germania from being born if they conquer the lands of Lenin and Stalin’s (((willing executioners))).

June 22: Germany invades the Soviet Union.

December 7: The Japanese attack Pearl Harbor.

January 20: The Berlin government and the SS launch a plan to expel Jews from Europe. The gringos, who have practiced fellatio on the god of the Jews since 1776—and even before, since the times of John Winthrop—were horrified and continue to be horrified until 2020!

October 3: Pius XII criticises the racial restrictions on marriages dictated by the National Socialists. (Unlike the eugenics that healthy Judaism practices, dysgenics reigns in sick Christianity. In Greco-Roman times Whites had a higher IQ than that of the Jews. It had been precisely Christian dysgenics throughout the centuries that not only matched the IQs after the Middle Ages, but nowadays the Jew surpasses the Aryan in IQ!)

April 26: Thousands of Swedish anti-fascists protest against a National Socialist congress in the royal burial mounds at Uppsala. (Apparently, many Swedes had already cucked since then, even before Jewry’s influence over their media became overwhelming.)

April 29: As Christianity and the JQ are two sides of the same coin, Lutheran pastor and theologian, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, leader of the church resistance to National Socialism, is arrested and then hanged in the Flossenburg concentration camp.

January 21: The Soviet Union (remember that the USSR had penalized anti-Semites with capital punishment), aided indirectly by the Judaised US, breaks the siege of Leningrad.

From Tom Goodrich’s book:

Although forced to the shadows by growing public opprobrium, the “brutal and vicious” Morgenthau Plan for Germany was never actually abandoned by Franklin Roosevelt. Indeed, until his death in April, 1945, the American president had secretly favored the “Carthaginian” approach for the conquered Reich. When Roosevelt’s successor, Harry Truman, met with Soviet strongman, Josef Stalin, and the new British prime minister, Clement Attlee, outside of Berlin at Potsdam in the summer, 1945, most of the teeth in Morgenthau’s murderous scheme remained on the table. With the signature of the “Big Three,” the plan went into effect.

“It is not the intention of the Allies,” argued the joint declaration, “to destroy or enslave the German people.” Virtually word for word, a similar declaration was directed at Japan, then on the verge of total collapse. Despite such solemn pronouncements meant to mollify a watching world, it soon became abundantly clear, first to the Germans, then to the Japanese, that the victors came not as peace­minded “liberators,” as propagandists were wont to declare, but as conquerors fully as ruthless, vengeful and greedy as any who ever won a war.

The plundering of Germany by the Soviet Union first began when the Red Army penetrated East Prussia in late 1944. With war’s end the following year, Stalin’s methodical looting in the Russian Occupation Zone now became prodigious. Steel mills, grain mills, lumber mills, sugar and oil refineries, chemical plants, optical works, shoe factories, and other heavy industries were taken apart down to the last nut and bolt and sent east to the Soviet Union where they were reassembled. Those factories allowed to remain in Germany were to operate solely for the benefit of Moscow.

Electric and steam locomotives, their rolling stock, and even the tracks they ran on were likewise sent east. While the Soviet government pillaged on a massive scale, the common Red soldier was even more meticulous.

“The Russians systematically cleared out everything, that was for them of value, such as all sewing machines, pianos, grand-pianos, baths, water taps, electric plants, beds, mattresses, carpets, etc.,” itemized one woman from eastern Germany. “They destroyed what they could not take away… Not in a single village did one see a cow, a horse or a pig… The Russians had taken everything away to the east, or used it up.”

Like millions of other refugees, Regina Shelton managed her way home at the end of the war. Also like millions of other refugees, the woman was warned of the utter devastation she would find in the wake of the Soviets.

Thus we expect the worst, but our idea of the worst has not prepared us sufficiently for reality. Shocked to the point of collapse, we survey a battlefield-heaps of refuse through which broken pieces of furniture rise like cliffs; stench gags us, almost driving us to retreat. Ragged remnants of clothes, crushed dishes, books, pictures torn from frames, —rubble in every room… Above all, the nauseating stench that emanates from the largest and totally wrecked living room! Spoiled contents oozes from splintered canning jars, garbage of indefinable origin is mixed with unmistakable human excrement, and dried stain of urine discolors crumpled paper and rags.

Americans were not far behind their communist counterparts and what was not wantonly destroyed, was pilfered as “souvenirs.”

“We ‘liberated’ German property,” winked one GI. “The Russians simply stole it.”

Unlike its Soviet ally which had been bled white by nearly thirty years of Marxism, the United States had no need for German plants and factories. The Reich’s hoard of treasure, however, was another matter. Billions of dollars in gold, silver and currency, as well as priceless paintings, sculptures and other art works were plucked from their hiding places in caves, tunnels and salt mines and shipped across the Atlantic. Additionally, and of far greater damage to Germany’s future, was the “mental dismantling” of the Reich. Tons of secret documents revealing Germany’s tremendous organizational talent in business and industry were simply stolen, not only by the Americans, but by the French and British. Hundreds of the greatest scientists in the world were likewise “encouraged” to immigrate by the victors. As one US Government agency quietly admitted, “Operation Paper-Clip” was the first time in history wherein conquerors had attempted to drain dry the creative power of an entire nation.

“The real gain in reparations of this war,” Life magazine openly confessed, was not in factories, treasure or artwork, but “in the German brains and in the German research results.”

While the Soviet Union came up short on German scientists and technicians simply because most had wisely fled and surrendered to the West, Russia suffered no shortage of slave labor. Added to the mil­ lions of native dissidents, repatriated refugees and Wehrmacht prisoners toiling in the gulags, were millions of German civilians snatched from the Reich. As was commonly the case, those who were destined to spend years or their entire lives in slavery were given mere minutes to make ready. In cities, towns and villages, posters suddenly appeared announcing that all able-bodied men and women were to assemble in their local square at a given time or face arrest and execution.

“The screaming, wailing and howling in the square will haunt me the rest of my life,” remembered one horrified female. “Mercilessly the women were herded together in rows of four. Mothers had to leave tiny children behind. I thanked God from the bottom of my heart that my boy had died in Berlin shortly after birth… The wretched victims [were] then set in motion to the crack of Russian whips.”

For those forced east on foot, the trek became little better than a death march. Thousands dropped dead in their tracks from hunger, thirst, disease, and abuse. “It took all of our remaining strength to stay in the middle of the extremely slow-moving herds being driven east,” said Wolfgang Kasak. “We kept hearing the submachine guns when­ ever a straggler was shot… I will never forget… the shooting of a 15-year old boy right before my very eyes. He simply couldn’t walk anymore, so a Russian soldier took potshots at him. The boy was still alive when some officer came over and fired his gun into the boy’s ear.”

“One young girl jumped from a bridge into the water, the guards shot wildly at her, and I saw her sink,” recalled Anna Schwartz. “A young man, who had heart-disease, jumped into the Vistula. He was also shot… Thirst was such a torture, and we were so tired.”

Those who traveled by rail to Siberia fared even worse. With standing room only, small, filthy freight cars were commonly crammed with over one hundred people each. After a suffocating trip of 20 or 30 days, with starvation, thirst, beatings, and rape every mile of the way, fully one third to one half of the passengers were dead when the trains reached their termini. And of those who stepped down, all, thought one viewer, more resembled “walking corpses” than living humans.

“Now the dying really began…,” as Anna Schwartz recollected.

The huts, in which we were quartered, were full of filth and vermin, swarms of bugs overwhelmed us, and we destroyed as much of this vermin as we could. We lay on bare boards so close together, that, if we wanted to turn round, we had to wake our neighbors to the right and left of us, in order that we all turned round at the same time. The sick people lay amongst us, groaning and in delirium… Typhoid and dysentery raged and very many died, but death meant rather release than terror to them. The dead were brought into a cellar, and when this was full up to the top, it was emptied. Meanwhile the rats had eaten from the corpses, and these very quickly decayed… Also the wolves satisfied their hunger.

While Anna’s camp worked on a railroad and was driven day-in, day-out “like a herd of draught animals,” and while others toiled in fields, factories, bogs, and lumber camps, thousands more were relegated to the mines.

“We sometimes had to remain as much as 16 hours down in the pit,” recounted Ilse Lau. “When we had finally finished our work by summoning up our last strength, we were not allowed to go up in the lift, but had to climb up the ladders (450 feet). We were often near to desperation. We were never able to sleep enough, and we were always hungry.”

At one large coal camp, fifteen to twenty-five people died every day. Each night the corpses were carried out and dumped without ceremony into a mass grave.

Despite the never-ending nightmare, Christians still gathered for a few minutes on each Sunday to renew their faith.

“Often a commissar came and shouted out: ‘That won’t help you!’” remembered Gertrude Schulz. But it did.

Just as faith in the Almighty was often the thin divide which separated those who lived from those who died, so too did simple acts of kindness offer strength and rays of hope in an otherwise crushing gloom. As Wolfgang Kasak and his comrades stood dying of thirst one day, a Russian woman appeared with buckets of water.

“The guards drove the woman away,” Kasak said. “But she kept on bringing water, bucket after bucket, to the places where no Russians were standing guard. I know now the Russian soldiers closed one eye and took a long time in following their orders to keep the woman from giving us something to drink.”

Siegfried Losch, a youth who had become a recruit, soldier, veteran, deserter, prisoner, and slave before he had seen his eighteenth year, was hard at work one Sunday morning when an old grandmother approached. Judging by her clothes, she was very poor. Judging by her limp she was crippled. Indeed, thought Losch, the old woman looked like the witch from Hansel and Gretl. But the grandmother’s face was different.

The face emanated… warmth as only a mother who has suffered much can give. Here was the true example of mother Russia: Having suffered under the Soviet regime, the war, having possibly lost one or more of her loved ones… She probably was walking toward her church. When she was near me, she stopped and gave me some small coins… Then she made a cross over me with tears in her eyes and walked on. I gave her a “spasibo” (thank you!) and continued my work. But for the rest of the day I was a different person, because somebody cared, somebody let her soul speak to me.

Precious as such miracles might be, they were but cruel reminders of a world that was no more. “We were eternally hungry,” recalled Erich Gerhardt. “Treatment by the Russian guards was almost always very bad. We were simply walking skeletons… From the first to the last day our life was a ceaseless suffering, a dying and lamentation. The Russian guards mercilessly pushed the very weakest people forward with their rifle-butts, when they could hardly move. When the guards used their rifle-butts, they made use of the words, ‘You lazy rascal.’ I was already so weak, that I wanted to be killed on the spot by the blows.”

“We were always hungry and cold, and covered with vermin,” echoed a fellow slave. “I used to pray to God to let me at least die in my native country.”

Cruelly, had this man’s prayers been answered and had he been allowed to return to Germany, the odds were good indeed that he would have died in his homeland… and sooner than he imagined. Unbeknownst to these wretched slaves dreaming of home, the situation in the former Reich differed little, if any, from that of Siberia. Indeed, in many cases, “life” in the defeated nation was vastly worse.

Pages 47-53. The footnotes have been omitted. Summer 1945 is a book that exposes the atrocities committed by the United States in Japan and Germany (and the Soviet Union’s atrocities on Germans). If the reader is interested in a book by the same author that focuses on the holocaust perpetrated by the Allies solely in Germany, obtain a copy of Hellstorm, The Death of Nazi Germany: 1944-1947.

18 replies on “Love Germania. Hate the US. – II”

Sweden legalized homosexuality back in 1944, there must be a particular degree of cuckiness that’s peculiar to them. There’s your Nordic elite. So much for the Master race hey? Hitler was a great Man, shame about the idiots he led. Where was the German resistance after WWII? Why didn’t the Germans vote in a National Socialist party in the 1960s? NS was a veneer given to the Germans through Hitler’s impetus. The Germans surrendered and cucked the moment Hitler shot himself.

Trying to save the white race is like trying to save retards from their own idiocy. These white cunts cannot be saved from their own cowardice and stupidity. They appear biologically obsolete. They are being superseded and replaced by better adapted, fitter, more prolific, superior races who are faithful to Darwinian laws, AS THEY SHOULD BE. I cannot argue with Nature’s logic. For example ALL Pakis in the UK don’t snitch on the Muslim rape gangs in their own community that regularly rape, beat and humiliate the white sluts. Black males, who constitute 6% of the population of the USA, commit 50% of all murders in the USA, a LARGE number of those murders being Black-on-white in brutal killings that white males could only dream of emulating. That is evidence of biological superiority. Whites were superior in the past, they are now inferior. If Whites were superior they would all be heiling Hitler (even the Nazis didn’t murder 6 million Jews, how pathetic) instead there are even white nationalists trying to prove no hair on a Jew’s head was ever harmed in WWII.

It’s even reached the point where our race’s birthrate is so low that’s it’s like white males can’t even do something so simple as breed. Our species has seemingly lost it’s will to reproduce and perpetuate itself. White males won’t murder their enemies, they won’t have large families so how can the white race be saved from its own looming extinction? It appears to have lost the will to live entirely. Basically, my patience with these white fuckers has run out. They’ve got to go. They don’t deserve to survive. They’re not fit to live. They’ve been sucking the circumcised Jew cock of rabbi Jesus for 2,000 years (starting with a few in Greece and ending with Lithuania 650 years ago when the conquest of Europe by Christianity was completed).

Still, it isn’t over until it’s over. There wil either be a coloured, third world Earth devoid of all higher civilization and high technology etc. with history being rewritten to talk about the defeat of the evil nazi white devils and their devil leader Hitler by the coloureds or white males will at some point over the next 50 years (if they even have that long) MURDER THEIR ENEMIES in order to continue to exist on the planet Earth. More Brenton Tarrant’s, no more Greg Johnson’s.

To end with I’ll leave some notes on Aryans I wrote for my own reference about a week and a half ago:-
NPC race. they serve no purporse on this planet. really the only purpose they have left is to be manipulated, herded and genocided by their Jewish Masters. They’re a biologically obsolete species, a herd of dim-witted idiots who’ve lost the instinct of self-preservation. They SHOULD go extinct. Having dealt with their mindless stupidity (and yet self-righteous and obnoxious attitude) for over 10 years now I can no longer advocate for the survival of a herd of dumb cattle that should no longer exist on the earth. They deserve to go under, by every law of Nature. It’s part of the logic of Nature (the logic of Hitler) that the Aryan race should become extinct. They’ve been weighed in the balance by the law of Nature, the law of survival of the fittest, and been found wanting, found unfit to survive. Hitler tested the white bastards and they have failed the test. white inferiority is a proven fact. Aryans are evolutionary losers and will make way for better adapted, fitter species to inherit Earth.

The fact that Negros are rioting en masse because a pig with yellow-fever did the Tim Tebow on a monkey with a fake $20 bill, yet no Whites are werewolfing over the actions of Jaden Hayden in Detroit only further confirm that the barbarian pneuma was deracinated from the Western psyche a long time ago.

On this special occasion I broke my rule of not visiting racialist sites. I did it just to see what they said about this collapse of law and order in the US. I confirmed that none of them is speaking with due hatred to regain their nations. Today Richard Spencer (on YouTube, McSpencer group) even felt sorry for the black man’s death.

I wonder if our enemies felt remorse for Jaden Hayden’s abuse of Norman Bledsoe in a Detroit nursing home? George Floyd was the epitome of a psychic vampire.

As an Occidental Observer writer put it today, ‘Get yourself into a position where you are near family and friends in defensible locales, away from the blast radius of “diversity”.’ But racialists in general still ignore that the real blast will be the crash of their dollar.

I hate police but I also hate niggers. I’m glad that pig murdered that nigger. I gather there are white nationalists who talk about the innocence of that nigger and condemn his terrible murder. Pfft. Why would a racist care about the life of a nigger? Where’s their masculine thinking? They think like women. Every dead nigger should be good to a racist. But to certain WN that’s cruel and evil. They believe Black Lives Matter, despite niggers being the least endangered species on Earth (the environment of the earth is being polluted and destroyed and countless animals are becoming extinct to make way for and support billions and ever more billions of non-whites, especially niggers. If present demographic trends continue for another 50 years there will be more Blacks in Nigeria than there are Whites on the entire planet Earth!). When Dylann Roof murdered those old negro ladies the WN were whining about how wrong Dylann was to take innocent human lives! They are supposed to be racist yet they consider niggers to be ‘human’ and share a common humanity with Aryans! Well boys NO niggers lose any sleep over dead whites murdered by their fellow Blacks.

The Negro is closer to the primitive savage barbarian pre-civilized, pre-farming hunter-gatherer murderer and rapist than whites could ever be. Whites have 5,000 years of civilization, of law and order, of domestication and then of Christianity steadily sapping them of their virility and vitality. The Negro was only exposed to civilization in the 19th century and he longs to be unfettered by civilization, unhindered by police, free to run around like an animal stabbing other Negros in tribal warfare in Africa.
Was all our progress for nothing? Is this the end of History, the end of civilization? I don’t know.
Cesar predicted some form of white uprising with whites going into killing mode as Negroes riot when the financial crisis occurs. Well, if these riots are anything to go by the white uprising has begun and the whites are siding with the Blacks! The modern athiest godless white person puts the Negro on a pedestal, sucks nigger cock (literally, it’s all over the internet) and worships Jews, especially (((Jesus))) their favourite Jew of all. But these self-degraded and deracinated whites hate (and fear) themselves i.e. their race.

Whites ARE capable of the most brutal organized violence of any race. Even since WWII there have been many instances of white brutality. If all white males were White MEN like numerous members of the Aryan Brotherhood or Charles Bronson (a prisoner in the UK) or Robert Bowers or George Lincoln Rockwell I wouldn’t be a pessimist because our race would have nowhere near as many problems as it has today and would not be facing extinction.
Me and an associate of mine regularly discuss our admiration for Carl Panzram and Keith Luke (a man I introduced him to last year). Panzram sodomized niggers back in the 1920s and Keith Luke murdered two Hispanics and raped another female Hispanic. To WN what they did is bad optics. “B-but that’s not Christian! It won’t get us votes!” Well niggers rape white women and sodomize white males in American prisons and whites can’t get enough of their Black Masters! Black Lives Matter! whites take their kids to Drag Queen Story Hour and blast nigger rap music yet certain WN care about appealing to whites with ‘good optics’. Fact is, most whites don’t care about the survival of their race, in fact if you want to have good optics don’t talk about racism. To about half of all whites nothing is more unappealing than racism.

Cesar predicted some form of white uprising with whites going into killing mode as Negroes riot when the financial crisis occurs. Well, if these riots are anything to go…

I never predicted such a thing. What I predicted is:

• Angry mode after the dollar crashes, which is still a mode of normies.

• Then when zombie, hungry blacks go for food and white pussie, armed Americans will go to combat mode (still normie mode, as you protect your home and family with guns from trespassers).

• Then, if (and it’s a big if) a President like AOC tries to confiscate guns to make whites defenceless before these trespassing zombies, Americans might start to consider shifting to killing mode (something that hasn’t happened within the US since 1861).

As it happens, whites are not even in ‘angry mode’, as the dollar hasn’t crashed yet. The only angry men are the niggers right now.

The conscientious of civilization is our hamartiology and the sinistre-underbelly, the Jungian shadow, of the Teutonic collective unconscious is our soteriology.

The following Nietzsche quote from Genealogy of Morals (p.29) is of salience here:
“There they enjoy freedom from any social control; in the wilderness they who so long chafed under the strictures imposed by society to ensure tranquility and order are released from them; they revert to the innocent, primal state of the beast of prey, like jubilant monsters without a conscience, who saunter away, with bravado and equanimity, after a rampage of murder, arson, rape and torture, as though they had merely played some wild student’s prank, perfectly convinced that the poets will now have something to sing about and celebrate for long after. It is impossible not to recognize at the core of all these aristocratic races the beast of prey; the magnificent, marauding blond beast, lusting after victory and spoils; it needs to be released from time to time; the beast must be loosed again, must return into the wilderness —“

As an American commenter put it this morning in another racialist forum: ‘And still White People don’t fight back. It will have to be an all out war because if We Whites fight back in small groups we will be arrested and housed with the very same animals that attacked us’.

Paraphrasing what Boyd Rice said in an interview with Bob Larson years ago: sit back and watch the sparks fly. In other words, let them eat each other.

Are you addressing J.W.?

I would blame Christianity (software problem) more than the white race itself (hardware problem). For example, every time a secular neo-Christian racialist, say, a Franklin Ryckaert or a Greg Johnson, is dismayed about the frustrated Nazi plans in the USSR, or about William Pierce’s fictional fantasies, he behaves, de facto, like a (((cock)))-sucker. And the same is true of those anti-Semitic WNsts who subscribe Christian ethics: they really, really enjoy to be fucked by the dick of a Jew who didn’t even exist.

Dead Jews like Marcus Eli Ravage or Mitchell Heisman, both extensively quoted on this site, would agree with me. As you know, the Nazis even translated Ravage’s articles for one of their German magazines as proof that Xtianity transvalued Aryan values.

Oh yes, in this blog Joseph Walsh is a kind of local Emil Cioran, a depressive-maniacal eternal grumbler-misanthrope. But the fact of the matter is he’s right, and it’s sad that nothing can be said against his pejorative tirades. Maybe, we are damned. Gods were indifferent to the sacrificial blood of million fanatical HJ boys during WWII, gods remained silent to the heart-rending S.Devi’s prayers for revenge during her distressing journeys in postwar Germany… what can we, at our worst status in history, wait for?

It seems the visitors of TWDH are not interested in actual postmodernist philosophy, where delegation of responsibility for civilization becomes an AI occupation, or things need to be free from human perception’s prison and to crush down the anthropocentric perspective, or Lovecraftian chthonic gods-idiots establish a kingdom of chaos upon the ruins of exhausted Logos. I could assure the pessimistic view à la Walsh (directed to the past), combined with intentions of the most influential and avant-garde thinkers in the areas of “speculative realism”, “dark enlightment”, “dark ecology” or “object-oriented ontology” (which are directed to the future), really doesn’t give a chance for a victory. Although, it might will be an only appropriate situation for annihilation of Christianity. If old mankind have not coped with its existential task, let new posthumanity accomplish it.

And still, a rare lightbeam of honour, loyalty and Art like those above-mentioned (deleted by Caesar?) Albert Matthäi’s words awakes something beyond despair and hopelessness, “You must believe in the future of Germany, In your people’s resurrection. Let this faith you do not rob, Despite everything, everything done.”

Who knows which way our unpredictable fate turns and what kind of powers can rise from our innermost source?

I deleted it because it will be the next quotable quote: where those words deserve to be, not in a mere comments thread.

By the way, the problem I see with absolute pessimism is that those who proclaim it do not take into account even the possibility of the convergence of catastrophes that could potentially kill billions of humans and awaken the race from its torpor.

Indeed, History goes always its strange and amazing ways, never coincident with ignorant notions of plebs, nor with sophisticated ideas of sages.

In 1916 none of Russians could imagine their giant Empire falling next year, and then they will realize some mad dreams of a marginal communist sect, torturing and murdering their countrymen. In 1939 none of Germans could imagine their Reich falling in 1945, all old and new heritage will be destroyed, the land of warriors, poets and philosophers will change into the monopolist of the most dissolute porn, the citadel of miscegenation and morbid repentance for Nazi forefathers’ sins. None of physicians, politicians and astrologers have not predicted a virus in 2020 turns the world upside down.

Human society is a colossus with feet of clay, and the convergence of catastrophes is not a possibility, but a necessity by every law of Nature and as part of the logic of Nature. Contemplate the gist of present and coming events, and be prepared for the worst and for the best (both horrible and triumphant)!

USA WW1 president Woodrow Wilson is also an interesting case of an righteous-christian causing massive destruction in the thought they were doing good. USA must be considered an idiot-golem in world politics over the last hundred years, all the countries they helped USSR and China ended up as their main enemies.

WW1 is more interesting politically than WW2, as thats when alliances of centuries were reformed and the idiot-golem of USA became active.

WW1 is a direct sequel to the 1870 Franco-Prussian war. The French being allied to the English (!!!) for WW1 was a cornerstone of the web of alliances that brought down Europe. The 1870 war only happened because French republicans (leftists) deliberately instigated the war while also deliberately preventing the military from being prepared for it. Napoleon III did not want war; he had successfully reconciled with England (which his uncle N1 had been unable to do) and industrialized France while rallying the poor, the peasantry, and the working class to his cause – it was the urban leftists who opposed him.

A Napoleonic France in 1914 would have had no reason to fight Germany, and little reason for Germany to fight France.

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