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Third Reich

Blindness in ‘American Renaissance’

Gregory Hood’s article today in AmRen contains this sentence:

We aren’t dealing with riots about George Floyd. We aren’t dealing with riots about police violence against blacks. We aren’t dealing with riots about Black Lives Matter. We’re dealing with an outbreak of religious fanaticism. Today, journalists, politicians, celebrities, and content creators fill the role that priests once did. Like figures from the Dark Ages, they tell us that evil lies within each one of us, but that “whiteness,” rather than Satan is the demonic force…

A few paragraphs later Hood said things that reminded me of what Michael O’Meara said in Toward the White Republic, a book published ten years ago about the need to create a new myth for whites.

What bothers me about these two white nationalists, one retired (O’Meara) and the other still active on Jared Taylor’s webzine, is their complete inability to recognise that this new myth had already been born in Europe when my parents were children, but that their compatriots murdered it.

As long as Americans don’t see their mortal sin, they will continue to see that Satan in themselves until their race disappears.

The chasm between what happened last week and the Hermann cartoon I reposted recently is that in the comic book whites were at least allowed to fight blacks. On the other hand real-life whites, so overwhelmed with guilt, continue on their path to ethnic extinction.

See the first part of The Fair Race and understand the folie en masse that the white race is currently suffering.

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I’ve been disappointed with Covid-19, after these three months, feels like it’s been losing steam. Everyone wears a mask now, sharply reducing it’s virulence. I hope the second wave in this fall will be stronger.

But these riots are such good news. Add the escalating chimp-outs to what’s coming – skyrocketing unemployment, inevitable dollar crash, hyper-inflation, blatant anti-white laws and a new strain of Coronavirus, and you get just that: the beginning of justice.

Whites murder of their Saviour in Europe in the 1940s contributed to the birth of the new myth, paradoxically. I support the Axis in WWII, they were the ‘good’ guys (if you’re a white racist that is) but I believe their defeat was the best outcome ultimately.

The defeat of Hitler has thrown the white race into a life and death struggle for survival where it must break with Christianity and accept Hitler was right about the Jews NOW or become extinct. Hitler set the stage for the climax of the 2,000 year+ Jew vs. Aryan race war.

Hitler was the catalyst for the collective masochistic death wish in Whites to manifest. He forced them to choose between Christianity or reality, the majority of whites chose Christianity (or some secular form of it) which sped up the war between Whites choice of reality/Nature vs. Christianity and is bringing it to a decisive conclusion. He acted as an agent of natural selection that has tested the Aryan race and if they are found wanting then they will be selected for extinction. Hitler would have (indirectly) cleared the Aryan race off of Earth because they weren’t strong enough (strong enough mentally primarily, they’ve been undone by psychological warfare via the 2,000 year long Christian psyop) and gave final victory to the Jews and coloureds. Hitler’s cosmic role could be to be the Man who forced the crucial decision on the Aryans and caused them to wither away OR he could be the White Man who causes Aryans to become stronger, almost invincible once they fight through their darkest hour and emerge into the dawn of a New Age where the holy symbol of the Swastika hangs everywhere Aryans reside on Earth (and, later, our galaxy the Milky Way) and the 14 Words have been achieved.

It is almost like Hitler lost the war deliberately in order to throw the Aryan race into this struggle, this vital test. I think he may have known about what he was doing because as he said himself, he was doing “the preparatory work” i.e. making conditions ripe for the great End.

Savitri Devi wrote that the flames of Auschwitz told the world of the sunset of Western Christian civilization and that after the darkest hour of night the new dawn of Western Hitlerian civilization would arrive. Hopefully she’s right. Heil Hitler!

For the life of me, I do not understand why the Christian élite of the USA would allow such riots to happen. Could you expand on this? A civil war is the only possible way the Judaeo-Christians lose! In my view, the answer is that there is no élite at all, not even a rudimentary political one, less a shadowy conspiratorial one, and instead their society is adrift on the chaotic waves of cultural dialectic (“Christianity is the conclusion of Judaism”). The “nominally ruling” class is as retarded as the normies!

Reading Joseph Walsh is unfailingly a pleasure.

No answer from me—you will continue to be banned until you read The Gulag Archipelago. Don’t try to post again until you’ve read it…

It took something like two centuries for Christianity to go from a weird marginal cult to a major religious movement.

Right now the norm everywhere is “Hitler bad”. We’re starting to see some of that change, mainly because the current generations are increasingly disconnected from the events of the 1940s, and increasingly confronted with everyday events that are both hostile to them and traceable back to the consequences of 1945. But it will take a while longer before there can be a critical mass of ordinary people who will have no emotional commitment to opposing Hitler just because Hitler.

People very often react emotionally and then rationalize their behavior after the fact. The emotional attachment to the current norm needs to wither away before something new can grow in its place – fueled by a different emotional reaction, more grounded in their everyday lives, but given direction by interpretations of a past that, by then, will be somewhat remote.

Christianity also needs to weaken further. The emotional attachment to it is fairly strong, even when the everyday practice bears no relation to the supposed teachings. People say “I’m Christian” and that carries a connotation of goodness. I fully expect the weakening to continue, the churches are emptying out at a steady rate and none of the measures taken to counter that are getting anywhere – and also Christianity is becoming an increasingly African thing, turning it into a virtue signal for whites rather than an emotional core of being.

And also “The Golden Bough” predicts the end of Christianity as a consequence of the industrial age, along with a number of other social predictions that have borne out.

Maybe by 2100 or so the critical mass of whites will be sufficiently disconnected from the poisonous myths of the 20th century to be ready for the new religion.

I don’t expect to live to see it, but I’ll do what I can to push things in that direction.

By 2100? But we already had that critical mass in the 1930s, in at least one country: 170 years before the year you propose.

If whites go extinct, 20th century Americans and English will be found guilty.

And, supposedly, Jesus had a critical mass of people in the vicinity of Jerusalem, sufficient to disrupt Jewish society and Roman rule at the time.

The problem with having such a critical mass of people localized to one country is precisely what happened: it was diverted into a nation-state conflict, rather than a broad-based religious enlightenment. Hitler did not have the ability to force all whites on the planet to accept his prescriptions, and he was outmaneuvered on the propaganda front as wel as the military. In addition, his prescriptions were based at the time on a much shorter track record of clear negatives – it’s easy to talk about medieval history with Jews but the fact is the information from them is just not as immediate or compelling as what is available in the age of mass communication. Jews were very well-regarded in Germany in the 1800s; it took the appearance of Jewish double-dealing during the Great War and the degeneracy of Weimar to change that.

And finally there is the emotional context. In the 1930s there was no tragic “lost cause” aspect to the matter. This wsa an essential aspect of the popularity of Christianity, just as it has been in maintaining the idea of Confederate/Southern white identity in the USA. People get more motivated over an unjust defeat than a routine victory. If the partition of Poland had never happened and Germany had then focused on technological and economic development (and possibly becoming the first spacefaring nation), Hitler’s program would have diluted itself somewhat in peaceful interactions with other nations, and Germany would’ve been a somewhat unusual but not revolutionary place. The absolute either/or choice with which whites are presented could only be possible with the total antagonism between what Germany represented then and what the modern world represents now.

Therefore I see the worldwide conditions to be far more favorable for replacing Christianity with a belief system centered on eugenic racial values, and becoming increasingly so, than in the 1930s.

But you are not taking into consideration the possibility of white extinction because of what the Allies did. If the US had not intervened and Hitler won the war, we wouldn’t be suffering now.

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