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West and Morgan

I just found out that Donald J. West, whose book Eleven Lourdes Miracles* helped me so much in debunking Lourdes’ miracles, died this year at 95. Rest in peace and thanks for that book, Donald!

On other subject, I think I already know where commenter ‘Dr. Robert Morgan’ got his pen name: from the 1964 film The Last Man on Earth. Morgan used to comment here and on Unz Review and by the way, the movie can be watched on YouTube. The actor Vincent Price who played Dr. Robert Morgan was well known when I was much younger. My father loved him. I wonder if young racialists have ever seen a movie with him?


(*) A sceptical work mentioned in one of my books that can be seen in my previous post. Our Lady of Lourdes was venerated by my extremely pious ancestors.

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“Racist” is a much better word than “racialist”, I think.

Vincent Price is great, he made 8 movies with Roger Corman, nice stuff. I’ve known that about his pen name for some time.

On an article on your blog he commented:

On December 16, 2018 at 9:55 pm RevileChrist said:

These days I feel like Vincent Price in the film “The Last Man on Earth”. ( … )

Vincent Price was also on a lot of old radio programs (before TV was a thing.) if I recall correctly he played “The Saint” on radio, a part Roger Moore was famous for on TV.

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