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On Yellowstone fantasies

I recently said that I would no longer visit racialist sites because they do not honour Uncle Adolf’s memory. But that doesn’t prevent me from clicking on those who link this site, generally the comments section, to see if they are not saying something false about me.

Recently, in a Unz Review discussion thread, an anon from Tennessee tagged as ‘scum’ Hitler’s fans who comment on that webzine. It is unnecessary to link such a comment but I would like to clarify a few things.

If the white man does not resurrect his old archetypes and memory of their heroes, as the Nazis wanted to resurrect them, he is doomed to extinction. And that means honouring figures who fell in the fight, like Leonidas, Hermann and Hitler, not just the winners.

The admins of the white nationalist sites I no longer want to visit are not resurrecting those archetypes. On the contrary: they are possessed—remember that Jung said that archetypes can take possession of the human soul—by a Semitic archetype, the Jesus who preaches universal love.

The last time I checked the WN sites, there was a debate between two sides: those who are in favour of the covid-19 lockdown for humanitarian reasons, and their libertarian opponents. I said that this discussion strikes me as Byzantine. The former follow the archetype of the loving Jesus who doesn’t want anyone to die, not even the white trash of today. The latter believe in lunatic conspiracy theories, and have not realised that the Americanist cult of individualism is directly related to the darkest hour in the West.

Do these misnamed white nationalists honour representations in their homes of Leonidas and Hermann, or do they have representations of the crucified rabbi? And if they don’t honour the fallen Aryans of the past but this fallen Jew, how will they have images of the heroes who still lived when my parents were children?

The Jews honour their heroes. But many Aryans who comment on Unz Review and other racialist forums apparently hate them. No wonder old Sebas Ronin dreams of Yellowstone exploding as the only way for these Judaized Americans to rethink their ways…

6 replies on “On Yellowstone fantasies”

Like I said elsewhere, to someone moaning about “the lockdowners won’t accept blame for the millions of third worlders this is going to starve” –

To hell with blame, I want credit!

“Do these misnamed white nationalists honour representations in their homes of Leonidas and Hermann, or do they have representations of the crucified rabbi?”

CT, last year I managed to acquire a large German drinking Stein depicting Hermann’s victory at Teutoburg. It’s too nice to use but makes an inspiring piece. Might be something to look into for your own home.

Indeed, but you are not a Christian (what I wanted to get to is that people like Nick Fuentes would prefer crucifixes on the walls of their houses).

Considering that Nick Fuentes went on a videotape date with a homosexual that dresses as a cat…I shudder to think of his home!

Part of resurrecting archetypes is using phrases they used.

“Carthago delenda est”, could be a code-phrase that pro-West identitarians use.

The stories of our ancestors are very important.

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