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Busy again

I am reviewing the books I wrote in my native language and so I am not paying much attention to this site. In any case, I think I’ve already said the elementary, summarised in the first book that appears on the sidebar. (New visitors who haven’t read it would do well to download the free PDF or get a hard copy.)

I recently said that regarding covid-19 I am inclined to trust the research of Chris Martenson. But this scientist is limited to the facts. In my view, the current debate between those in favour of the lockdown and libertarians is almost irrelevant. What matters is that covid-19 punctured the economic bubble, which was going to burst sooner or later even without the virus.

I have insisted so many times that visitors should watch the YouTube crash courses of both Martenson and Maloney that I sometimes wonder if I should mention them again. Probably not, until the dollar finally collapses. ‘To the good listener, few words’ seemed to be the motto of the laconic Spartans (nothing more opposed to Jewish loquacity!).

In any case, now that I am busy with my books, if an important idea occurs to me—something that doesn’t usually appear on racialist sites—I will interrupt my work to post something here.

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