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Problems with Lulu

Lulu Press just launched an updated version of its webpage and The Fair Race Darkest Hour and Christianity’s Criminal History are presently unavailable. Also, I can’t access to my account and the appearance of those of my books that are available look elongated on screen, on the page to purchase any of them.

I hope that it is a temporary problem and will notify my readers when it is resolved. Meanwhile, the PDFs of The Fair Race Darkest Hour and Christianity’s Criminal History are still available for free (see the sidebar).

4 replies on “Problems with Lulu”

Apparently something went wrong with the migration. Quite a headache for those responsible, who now solve problems around the clock. I’m going to do something else now and see how things stand in two days time. Hopefully the biggest problems should be solved by then. A good place is the forum of Lulu authors. They sometimes have insider information. And a special thread about the new website.

Every single website has been butchering its design and its UI since the middle of this decade. I’m not that old, but I did get to see the last years of the desktop-based Internet. Look at how Lulu itself looked in 2012 on the Wayback Machine! Whereas now, this Mobile design for the phones is so abominable, my brain filters it out like garbage ads in the street.

Now, Wikipedia is trying to discard its amazing interface, too, 18 years later. Soon, I will be a stranger on the web. At least, your blog will forever be pleasant to look at, and I would never have even glanced at Unz Review had it not been for its clean aesthetic. Something that I cannot say about TOO with their disgusting menu constantly on the screen – even worse, they’ve added a button that brings you back to the top of the page… even though it is on my keyboard! Drives me insane.

It is part of the spiral of degeneration in which we live. Even the racialist sites suffer from this mania of following the latest fashion that the Gomorrahites impose on us with their horrible, unsightly senses.

I remember the Occidental Dissent interface in 2010 and how Hunter Wallace screwed it up years later. It was a time when Wallace wrote quality articles. Now (well, I don’t go to the WN sites anymore) his articles are full of tweet snapshots of famous people.

And what you say about The Occidental Observer is true: the site fell when MacDonald completely changed the look of his traditional site.

Like the late Larry Auster, whose site View From the Right looked so good, Unz is also a Jew and I don’t want to talk about him. But it must be admitted that, of the popular sites among racialists, Greg Johnson hasn’t succumbed to the mania of butchering the aesthetics of his site. Counter Currents looks identical to what The Occidental Quarterly Online looked a decade ago, when Johnson edited it.

What I fear is that the two books I mention above will no longer be available via Lulu. Obviously, we need our own editorial, something similar to what Greg Johnson does. Or what Arthur Kemp does with Ostara Publications.

If we had a sponsor we could think of a publishing house. At least in Mexico opening a business like this would be much cheaper than in the US. I think Arktos Media Ltd did the same thing by originally going to India.

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