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On poor Anakin Skywalker

I just found out that Jake Lloyd, who portrayed Anakin Skywalker, the future Darth Vader, in The Phantom Menace—one of those silly movies of the Star Wars series (the good one appears in my list of 51 recommended movies)—was diagnosed as schizophrenic and interned in both prisons and psychiatric wards for a season of his life.

Note that in the mainstream media Lloyd’s version of the events of his adolescence is completely absent. We only have the opinion of the mother, the police and the psychiatrists: something typical in those diagnosed with schizophrenia.

I have already said on this site why those Aryans of noble soul should drop the term ‘schizophrenic’ (here, and with a specific case here) and don’t want to repeat myself.

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While watching a Richard Carrier video this morning it occurred to me that one reason why America hates Hitler and his reich is that Hitler wanted to destroy the Jews and if he succeeded then the next step would be the destruction / deligitimizing of Christianity with the resulting questioning of Christianity as a healthy belief system. This soul searching would go back centuries but especially to the founding of the U.S. There is nothing worse than realizing you have been wrong for a very long time. So the hatred needs to be kept up so we don’t have to examine that our beliefs are destroying us, too painful to contemplate.

Wow! What you say is exactly what I say in one of my autobiographical books. My father came to hate his victims for the simple fact that we were testimony to his insanity à deux with my mother. In other words, hatred was necessary even years after the abuse in order not to see himself.

Do you understand why I say that my autobiography is a microcosm of what is happening now in the West? What you say hits the nail on the why of the sin of pride of this America so Judeo-Christianized!

Perhaps this explains why Japan has escaped the weekly holocaust movie/series. Although they were the enemy they weren’t associated with Jews and Christianity so once they were defeated they became allies. The few Japanese I have known never displayed Jew guilt/handwringing. They had no need for it and thought it was b.s. On top of that today many Americans openly pine for the Bushido way of the warrior as heroic. This makes me think that only some deep catastrophe will wake up the American sheep or generations of Americans will have to die off. Covid-19 will not be enough.

But cover-19 plus the convergence of catastrophes that is coming will do the trick. And yes: millions of white Americans must die so that the surviving whites wake up.

My historical understanding is that the Japanese Occupation in China (e.g. Shanghai) undertook protection of the Jews living there (from the Germans present in the city), and many Jews were given refuge during the war years in Tokyo.

This is spot on. Many Americans view themselves through the lense of the Old Testament. By striking down the Hebrews, Hitler cut into the heart of America. Such a deep wound explains why many otherwise racist Americans hate National Socialism.

I remember hearing he was bullied by schoolmates for his role in the star wars movies.

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