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Covid-19 vs. the 1st Amendment?

Further to my previous post. As Tucker Carlson said yesterday, big tech companies are using covid-19* to increase their censorship power over the American population. The First Amendment is no longer fashionable. I don’t know if the two books I mentioned a couple of days ago will no longer be available through Lulu but, as I said here in the comments section, we need our own publishing house.

(*) My take on the Chinese coronavirus is that I disagree with the lockdowns. All people should simply wear facemasks on the street and at work, as in Czechoslovakia.

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In the comment linked above I forgot to mention AmRen’s books and DVDs (here and here). Their books also have been deplatformed in the past. In contrast to other racialist sites, AmRen’s site looks good.

Newsweek bombshell from Chris Martenson’s channel: Was covid-19 Virus Lab-Made? Fauci Connected?


One of the more acutely-asked questions since the covid-19 pandemic broke out has been: Is the virus man-made? Debate on the matter has been wild and furious. After much investigation, Chris is now chiming in on the heels of an explosive Newsweek report. Newsweek reveals that as recently as last year, the US funded scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in ‘gain of function’ research on bat coronaviruses.

The source of that funding? The National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Disease, headed by… Dr Anthony Fauci, lead medical expert for America’s covid-19 task force. Now, this doesn’t mean the virus was lab-engineered as a bio-weapon. But it does suggest a naturally-occurring bat virus could have been artificially accelerated along certain vectors. Of course, this raises an awfully lot of urgent and important questions. So far, Fauci has not commented on the Newsweek report. But we will be keeping close tabs on developments from here.

/end quote

He now has a coronavirus resource center on his website (linked below) including the pdf of a 2015 research paper published in the prestigious British journal Nature Medicine, “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence.”

In 2015, scientists from UNC Chapel Hill, Harvard Medical School, and the US FDA collaborated with Chinese Wuhan Institute of Virology researchers to engineer a SARS coronavirus that could infect humans. The joint American-Chinese team succeeded in modifying a bat coronavirus to make it capable of infecting humans. This type of ‘gain of function’ research was covered in Martenson’s video yesterday and your quote from it, above, but I’m not sure if Martenson has mentioned this particular finding, which I consider to be pretty damning. The American scientists, themselves infected with secular Christianity, perhaps thought that their Chinese collaborators had the same objective viewpoints and care only about science and saving lives. Of course, they don’t understand how the Chinese think (as Breggin himself points out). They aren’t Westerners. They don’t have respect for human life (one piece of support – their centuries-long mass gendercide documented in Day of Wrath). They hate foreigners, and (correctly) view us as their geopolitical and racial enemies. The idea that this is a bio-weapon seems increasingly plausible, to me; Breggin certainly views it as such.

I read the 2015 paper and also found another from one of the same researchers, in which UNC chapel Hill researchers engineered another SARS coronavirus in 2016.

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The more they crap on the First Amendment the better. Let the cuckservatives and Alt-Whiters whinge. Let the Second Amendment be treating with equal contempt. The patriotards won’t do a thing about it, for all their bluster. This is only the first step Murkans must take along their Via Dolorosa.

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