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Traitor of the new year

Unbelievably stupid thing to do, Trump.

(In 2016 he promised that he would never do this.)

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Goyim’s favorite sport: killing for the Jew.

And don’t forget: nazi bad, goyim good.

Political promises are nothing more than fraudulent rhetoric aimed at the idiot electorate who never seem to grow weary of being manipulated, even at the expense of sacrificing their children. This is truly an Eloi nation, eagerly waiting to provide sustenance to the Morloch Jews.

Not surprised in the least that this is happening and hope it escalates to the point of further hastening the collapse of the west as we know it!!

Literal zero surprise. Just a Crypto-kike like Trump to do what Cryptos always do: serving their idol. That is, the idol of Jewry.
Anyone with any sense knows that Trump has been surrounded by Jews his entire life and willingly allowed one to marry his daughter. Any white who supported Trump from the start is ineligible for citizenship in the ethnostate. At best they could be permanent servants dwelling in cardboard boxes for those who identified Trump as a crappy person and ignored all the banter and hysteria around his presidency.

You’ve missed the point. General Soleimani’s assassination was an inside job. Do you actually believe they were able to target this General without inside information? The new leader appointed to the Quds force is an Iranian jew named Esmail Qaani. My suggestion to you would be to do some background on Ali Khamenei, who appear every bit a jew himself. There have been many crypto jews running Iran, especially since the CIA coup in 1953 put the very jewish Shah in control. What does all this mean? It means that the jews in control of the US conspired with the jews who control Iran, to take out a potential threat to their rule. There is a rising faction against jewish rule in Iran and Soleimani was its de facto leader, polling around 85% favorability. Do you actually think the 731 Iranian bank burnings last month were some stupid protest against rising gas prices?



So every leader in Iran since 1953 has been a jew, or at least a crypto-jew? Then why swap?


Are you sure about your claims?

I’m one of the more aggressive posters on CT’s forum here about making astute accusations of people or bloodlines whom I know to legitimately be a lineage of Jews or Crypto-Jews, even to where a lot of times CT immediately dismisses my claims.

But even I’m not seeing where these Iranians / Persians that you claim are Jewish… Surely there are some Iranians of Jewish descent either half-breeds or crypto-jews who hide themselves as Iranians within and without the country, but sometimes even if someone resembles a Jew does not automatically mean they are one. A lot of Middle Eastern people can resemble Jews because the Jews interbred with M.E. people and took on some of their traits.

Soleimani does not appear in any way as Jewish, nor did his policies, speeches or actions appear to be Jewish.

That being said, even if someone appears by features to be Jewish, there are usually several factors including their voice and inflections, tea cup ears, flat feet, lip licking, balding patterns / odd skull cranium shapes and also certain mentality.

If Soleimani is Jewish, why would Netanyahu be the #1 country praising and behind Trump’s actions on taking him out?

While Jews are known for playing some unbelievable duplicity games and opposition control to deceive and play all sides against each other, I’m having a hard time drawing connections on this one…

The only possibly credible point of what you state so far is with US Jews collaborating with a certain sector of Iranian Jews who have access to private information, as there are some Iranians known for doing this and ones who work in Washington. But I don’t know about anything more than that.

If you can explain this further, I’m interested to hear. Not sure if I will believe it, but I want to understand where this is coming from.

You must have misunderstood. Soleimani wasn’t a jew, but Esmail Qaani, who replaced Soleimani, is a jew and this fits with everything that’s going on over there. We are not getting real news from Iran. As far as the Shah not being jewish, well, the CIA was formed by Rand Corporation jews (read Christopher Simpson’s Science of Coercion) and the CIA put the shah in office during the 53 coup. Look at this pix and tell me this isn’t a jew. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohammad_Reza_Pahlavi#/media/File:CrownPrinceMohammadRezaPahlavi1.jpg


Yeah I know what you meant, I just didn’t happen to bring up Ayatollah Ali Khamenei specifically and these alleged other leaders you claim have Jewish ancestry like Esmail Ghaani…

Not only that but we need to look at all sides of this to understand, at what BENEFIT / ANGLE could this possible be to the interests of the Jews and Israel to do this. And, assuming that the Jews have interest in that (outside of what we know in destabilizing Iran in general), does that still mean that Esmail Ghaani is a Jew?

Like I’ve said, looks alone don’t always account for someone being a Jew, even an Aquiline nose is not always a dead giveaway either.

I don’t know everything about Esmail Ghaani, but so far I do not see much of a jewish profile in him. Even the lips don’t have it. Granted, not all Jews have the exact same set of traits in appearance across the board. None of us are entirely perfect at always estimating them, but there are some I just know automatically.

Usually when profiling Jews, I also listen to their voice, their cadence and inflections (if possible) and study other observable characteristics and I like to perform more research on them.

Are there any references that claim Esmail Ghaani is Jewish or a Crypto-Jew, or for any other the other Iranian Leadership you claim was Jewish? I’m still not convinced on the Shah either.

Ahmadinejad at one point was also falsely accused of having part Jewish ancestry, even though this has been proven to be a false rumor.

That being said, Iranians have been known to only have dislike for the Jews on the basis of “Zionism” and not as a Race… Though some Iranians might have differing views, the leadership only ever claims to be Anti-Zionist. This confusion they possess is from their religion of Islam, which brainwashes them to see Jews who are loyal to their prophets as “brothers” so long as they do not have animosity towards their religion or prophet. A lot of Muslims I’ve known, and even a Mosque I once investigated do not necessarily see the Jews as a “Race” but more so a “Religion”, but they were willing to admit that wherever the Jews have landed that they left behind chaos and problems without exception. They are confused.

The Quran brainwashes the Muslims to accept Jews not involved in the Zionist Conspiracy as a “People of the Book”.

Muslims, a lot like the Christians are generally indifferent when it comes to racial issues, and this in itself is another reason alone that makes these religious creeds very dangerous and subversive to our societies…

I’m conflicted here, to be honest.

On the one hand, It is obvious that this was done for jewish interests, and that trump is a massive shabbos goy.

On the other hand, a big, blatant zionist war is going to have interesting accelerationist potential, especially if there is a military draft/ crackdown on domestic “seditionists” and general anti semites-racists/ gun control to “make the home front safe from racists and Iranian agents” etc.
Especially if the war goes bad. Even a protracted, drawn-out occupation on the Iraqi model is going to have dire consequences for the existing power structure.

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