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Drastic measure?

“A country has the Jews it deserves.
Just as mosquitoes can thrive
and settle only in swamps,
likewise the former can only thrive
in the swamps of our sins” —Codreanu.

There are times when I want to close the comments section of this site. No matter how much I say again and again that this is not a site that promotes white nationalism, many who come to comment here do so assuming it is.

I recently linked Tom Sunic’s speech in Budapest. Let’s say that people like Sunic, who blames capitalism and Christianity for white decline, is more in line with what I say. While I am far harder on the Jews than Sunic, the Croatian intellectual is more in line with Hitler’s table talks or the SS pamphlets that, in addition to Jewry, also blamed the churches instead of the all-Jew paranoia that rules white nationalism.

In their forums careers, white nationalists have eaten too many Jews for breakfast, to the point that some among them believe that they are the alpha and the omega of Western malaise.

In other words, whites are completely innocent! No swamps. No sins. Mysteriously, the mosquitoes took over their societies…!

Today, for example, a relatively regular commenter of this site said that the Jewish quarter was behind this week’s US operation to kill a popular military man in Iran. In other discussion threads of such forums I also find preposterous claims, that every bad thing is brought about by the Jews: even when there is no substantial evidence of it (say, Jews behind the mass shootings of recent years).

Another regular commenter of this site recently said that he admired Stalin because he removed influential Jews from the party—as if that diminished Stalin’s role in the German Holocaust from 1945 to 1947 or even later (as many German zeks died in the labour and extermination camps of the Gulag)!

There are countless examples of this type throughout the life of this blog (e.g., this other recent comment). But it is useless to state and restate the POV of this site, which ideologically is closer to the leadership of the Third Reich than to what racialist Americans say in their forums.

Other comments have bothered me on other issues, such as the admiration for Charles Manson from three of the smartest commenters who used to come here. While they are not Judeo-reductionists, I never got to understand what they saw in Manson (compare the pointless murder of the beautiful Sharon Tate, which was not inspired by the 14 words, with what I say about the Red Wedding).

I have very little time to translate my books, and responding to these types of comments from people who don’t even read the most elementary stuff of this site (like this other commenter) only wastes my time.

Understand it once and for all: This is not a site that promotes white nationalism. It is a neo-Nazi site, although the term has lent to abuse in recent decades from leftists and rightists alike. Read The Fair Race—every page of it—before commenting here.

Thank you.

28 replies on “Drastic measure?”

The worst part of the age we live in is that we live in the “Information Age”, and Napoleon once put it that “Wars in the future will be fought with words”.

The one thing that I see many people in the movement or in general people who are quick to jump towards someone’s words, is that they forget to take a step back to ponder and remind themselves over again of the fact that “Talk is Cheap”. Anyone can Talk.

Many agendas throughout history are carried out simply by getting others to follow by words alone and not their actions and character, even by trying to show one silver lining about a particular person or subject.

In a time of scarcity and desperation we live, it’s become almost impossible to find others who mean what they say in entirety for no personal benefit and conveniences.

Everyone likes to use narratives, and few people tell of their beliefs from an “off the cuff” or unfolded perspective which accounts for all sides of things, without some type of ulterior motive, bias or personal issues lurking behind and influencing their words.

““A country has the Jews it deserves.
Just as mosquitoes can thrive and settle only in swamps,
likewise the former can only thrive
in the swamps of our sins” —Codreanu.”

I totally disagree. This is the (((catholic))) psyop jews use to blame goys instead of the jewsih subversions that created the “swamp”. Fact of the matter is the US is a naion of atomized individuals that have fallen prey to a systemic onslaught on cultural jewish psyops. Jews own hollywood and all the other mass media outlets for going on a century now, so what else do you expect? STOP BLAMING VICTIMS OF JEWISH PROPAGANDA FOR BEING VICTIMS OF JEWISH PROPAGANDA. We’re just a bunch of fish born in this poison lake and got poisoned. You think we :deserve this”???

Codreanu was a catholic romanian who believed hitting your knees and fondling worry beads was the solution to the jewish problem. No wonder they’re a third world nation today


So in other words a gentile buying pederast porn from a Jewish pornography business is innocent? So-and-such should not be tossed alive into the flames of an incendiary bomb with the porn he craves because he is “a victim of Jewish propaganda”?

The Jew at large is a merchant. A merchant can only exist when someone is there to buy his merchandise. If gullible and/or degenerate gentiles would stop buying Jewish goods then what is the Jew other than a powerless flea? Are the degenerates and complete idiots who buy into Xtianity really “victims” or are they simply human rubbish?

@Krist Krusher
“The Jew at large is a merchant.”
I disagree. And even if I completely agree on your assessment of the white people’s gullibility, I still must disagree to the above statement. It is too inaccurate, to the point of creating misconceptions, and giving these vultures a varnish of something legitimate.

The Jew at large is a completely amoral merchant.

That is the kind of words we will have to use. Every time.To mistrust them must become second nature.
I write this reply just as much to remind myself as to try to correct anything. They are our enemies, and we must try to understand their behaviour even if we do not understand their lack of morals.

@Vespasian, I noticed you are using the parenthesis ((( ))) which is a technique of the Alt Right… Which shows me that you have been clearly influenced somehow by them.

Now, to address this issue you are arguing. Some things in life exist in a grey area.

Who’s to blame, the Jews or Christians / Aryans? It’s a double edged sword.

But the statement is that it is the fault of both parties, but the problem is that Aryans or especially in the case of Christians, they have been allowed themselves to be duped or manipulated by their egos and longings, and the Jew has been able to exploit this attribute by bribery and offerings.

But Codreanu’s statement was technically true.

The thing is, the majority of the White Race will not survive the upcoming crisis because they consented to the manipulation of the Jew, knowingly or not.

This is also a reason I disassociate with the term “White Nationalist” because it almost even implies by the title that we blindly and indiscriminately support Whites, even when wrong… And the Christian WN’s hate us because they know that those of us who are old school National Socialists will show completely cold calculation and indifference on the white masses which have been complicit to the Jew. I refuse to defend white women simply on the basis of their white skin, if they have been complicit in the destruction of those of us not friendly with the Jew…

The Christians however, including “Conservatives” are interested to preserve and protect everyone even if they were in the wrong. Thus, perpetuating injustices.

Nature must run its course and issue the Justice that must inevitably come.

Any White person who has a true conscious, even before becoming aware of the Jew, would obviously sense very negative energies and a discomfort / intuitively bad vibes having to interact or be around Jews or even to work for them. The Whites who have shown loyalty and dedication to Jews clearly lack this intuition and do not deserve to share in the fruits of our resistance movement to combat the enemy itself and their Propaganda.

“In other words, whites are completely innocent! No swamps. No sins. Mysteriously, the mosquitoes took over their societies…!

One of the reasons I stepped away from the “white nationalist community” is that there is a “victim mentality” that pervades it. Jews have gotten the best of us, and now we are their “victims”. “Victims” of these powerful creatures who always hand us our asses.

It’s the same dynamics of blacks who are always complaining how they are being “victimized” or oppressed by whites. .

But complaining about how mean the Jews are to us changes nothing.
Can’t win much of anything, or even become un-paralyzed, with a “victim mentality.” It only reinforces a feeling of powerlessness.

But by “naming” the “Christian problem,” AT LEAST, reveals HOW they got the best of us. And perhaps, gives us a better map on how to now proceed.

Oh, and from my noobie point of view, I HOPE you don’t close off the comments, C.T. I enjoy a lot of the comments. I’ve been all over the archives reading this site for the last month or so.

@vespasian You sound like an idiot! Christians are worse than Jews! Gold over blood & Christianity made those americand sell their race to kikes and niggers. Stop attributing supernatural powers to those fucking neanderthalian kikes! The Aryans of yore exterminated thousands of tons of chosenites with no problem.

It’s not the Jew whom we have to hate, he should be dead anyway. We must hate our race and our nations for rising arms against Hitlerian Germany, we have to hate Paulus, the German POWs and the Stauffenbergs and we have to hate the homosexualized ‘men’ of today who allowed their women to become whores.

If a Jew offers you a billion dollars you put a bullet in his head, that’s how you deal with them.

Yes, Codreanu was no NS, no real warrrior, but he said many things that are true. Romania is ‘third world’ today because it allowed so many kikes to get out of the country between 1939-1944, because it betrayed mother Germania in 1944. But what are the others? What is USA? England? France? Russia? The whole planet is a shithole (minus the DPR of Korea).

Your mentality is the problem, muh jews superpowers, muh invincible kikes, muh evil mastermind kikes. With your mentality whites will never break out of this jewish prison.

Wake up or die!

My points were well made, and name calling in online forums is a hasbara troll tactic. That said, I’ll reinterate. The US is a land of atomized individuals and there is no shared worldview among the 330 million people here. Because we are competative, there are no shared goals either. It’s just a nihilistic, every man for himself, winner take all social system, which means there is no such thing as America. It is just a chaotic bunch of people all looking to secure their own ends without regard for the larger picture. As such, this has left the system open to attack by the collective jew, who works in unison, as a team, to enrich themselves by exploiting us. Individuals are powerless against this jewish army. As far as white nationalism goes, this country, which has traditionally been white, is being invaded by tens of millions of third world latinos. What the fuck do you expect to happen?

> “hasbara troll tactic”


If this isn’t madness, what is it? The Jew can exploit only stupidity and weakness. What can the Jew do against Einsatzgruppen men?

“The US is a land of atomized individuals and there is no shared worldview among the 330 million people here. Because we are competative, there are no shared goals either. It’s just a nihilistic, every man for himself, winner take all social system, which means there is no such thing as America. It is just a chaotic bunch of people all looking to secure their own ends without regard for the larger picture.”

Fair enough, but here’s the key question: who founded America? Was it the Jew? And who do you expect to give you a Weltanschauung? A Führer?

Salvation will come only when you will understand that America is the greatest cancer of human world history with and without the Jew.

“The USA, Russia and France are the original anti-White melting pots, chimaeras united not by blood but founded upon a mad idea. All must burn for a revival to take place.” – Adûnâi

“… I am Romanian.”
Ahh, a country man og Codreanu!
I like this quote of him even better:
“If I had but one bullet and were faced by both an enemy and a traitor, I would let the traitor have it.”

@vespasian Watch Jud Süß (1940) !

Hitler said in Table Talk:

“I’ve always said, the Jews are the most diabolic creatures in existence, and at the same time the stupidest. They can’t produce a musician, or a thinker. No art, nothing, less than nothing. They’re liars, forgers, crooks. They owe their success only to the stupidity of their victims.
If the Jew weren’t kept presentable by the Aryan, he’d be so dirty he couldn’t open his eyes. We can live without the Jews, but they couldn’t live without us. When the Europeans realise that, they’ll all become simultaneously aware of the solidarity that binds them together. The Jew prevents this solidarity. He owes his livelihood to the fact that this solidarity does not exist.”

@ghostman Stop quoting Adunai so excessively, or Cesar will ban you.

About the assignment of supernatural powers to the Jew.

I could say many things – that such disgusting suicidal tendencies as those exhibited by most Westerners can hardly be put on the account of some mysterious elite pulling the strings. They are far more probable as a result of the dialectic of psychohistory of lies and betrayal (although where these greed and imperial delusions ultimately stem from we do not know).

But maybe a clear example might convince the doubters? Take a look at the greatest most recent marvel of the Judeo-Christian propaganda machine – The Rise of Skywalker film (2019)! Isn’t it such a huge trainwreck, it is rendered totally ineffective and harmless? And they had had absolute control since the purchase of LucasFilm in 2012!

I wouldn’t want to appear too hopeful, but if the Federal Reserve are as incompetent as Disney, there may be huge trash fires in the future.

P.S. Return of the Jedi’s ending was incredibly Christian. Even in lore the [flawed] Jedi do not throw their light sabers away refusing to fight. (The Last Jedi corrected this, honestly.) And Lucas originally wanted to have Luke kill both his evil father and the Emperor! Imagine how powerful that could have been…

*I don’t know how to post website URLs on my phone as anything other than copying & pasting the entire url address*

“Christians are worse than Jews!”
-I totally agree

“Gold over blood..”
-This is apparently an inherent shortcoming of our race, christ-cuckoldry made it infinitely worse & we stand no possibility of manifesting The 14 Words so long as masses of Aryan men are under it’s curse.

-That said, Julius Caesar wasn’t a Christian and apparently he was “….a great friend/proponent of the Jews…”(at the natural expense of the Aryan Roman folk).

-How sweet of Tsar Kaiser himself….! “setting right ‘abuses’ Pompey had done unto ‘The Chosen’…” (we all know if a Jew suddenly starts stabbing you trying to sever your arteries the only “appropriate” thing for a subhuman Goy to do is to thank him! To do anything else is “antisemitic hatred,” or something…)


**withdrawing direct url links, found tons of results just for the example of Julius Caesar betraying his people for the Jews benefit

-Inducting Jews into the Aryan Roman priesthood…

(Jewish Encyclopedia, Julius Caesar)

-Restoring their formal legitimacy, among other gold/power over blood treasons…

(Romanjews.com, found via “Julius Caesar+Jews” search on duckduckgo, lots of damning stuff about this one pre-christ goy, & again,Christ-cuckoldry makes even worse traitors of our men)

Seems like it’s been kosher-ized since I read it a couple of years ago (claims the Jews faced “more ‘restrictions’ due to Christianity…lol..also seems to no longer contain as much info about how deeply entrenched with the Jewish diaspora lobby Kaiser Julius apparently was but still has relevant info)…

“History of Jews in the Roman Empire” on wikipedia

-finally, brother, let’s speak the entire truth based upon the evidence available to us & be aware of Cognitive Dissonance…pretty much all the great pre-Roman empires of the Mediterranean were apparently founded & ruled by white Aryan Indo-Europeans, our ancestors. Egypt, Greece, Sumeria, and I have seen evidence of even the old school original Persian Empire also having been at least *ruled by* a white European Aryan aristocracy (“Our Subverted History” series documentaries on YT channel “@Asha Logos”…think it’s either part I or II of those awesome vids, you welcome!)

-Point being, the ancient Persian Empire has examples of leaders betraying their folk for the damn Jews…if the kings were truly white Europeans then they constitute additional examples of pre-christ-cuckoldry white rulers betraying blood for gold & power on behalf of the Jews.

-finally, I do not consider myself to be a white nationalist. Talk is cheap, as I commented just a few articles ago, and I find their victimhood masochism distasteful as well. They tend to preach extremely demoralizing nonsense. If they spent as much energy thinking about what could be *done* then whites would finally be defending ourselves.

-That said, I believe that the real Reality, Truth To Power is that the truth is towards the middle of blaming Aryan men and blaming the Jews monocausalism. To solely blame the Jews and absolve ourselves entirely doesn’t resonate as Truth, yet to take a hardcore self-blame is imo simply not true.

-Would porn even exist if there were no Jews alive?…don’t mistake me, it may well be that in a Jew free world our men would indeed take the time to enterprise to create porn. On one hand I really do understand the “…they are merchants, providing a *desired/in demand* commodity…” maybe that is truly True at face value..(I really don’t know, I think it may be, but i also think it *may* instead be true that Aryan men wouldn’t create/consume something like porn if the Jews did not exist…never forget the Jews create things designed to harm us yet appeal/exploit to our base animal instincts…for example, feminism, which exploits the female sexual instinct to have freedom to ride the Cock Carousel so their Hypergamous urges to at least have a perceived possibility to find & seduce Alpha males …also to denounce & blame our men for consuming porn when it is approximately 98% of us who have at least once consumed it is just logically ridiculous…go on & say “… degenerate! You just want to ‘justify/excuse’ your supposed moral ‘weakness’…” right…porn is a WEAPON used against us like how the Israelis broadcast it during the Palestinian Intifada, if you had only 15% of men consuming something you could make a *logical* argument of it being a “moral weakness, but when you have basically 100% of white men consuming porn the idea of it Truly meaning 98% of men are to the core rotten bastards who just “choose” to “do wrong” is laughable..

Blaming Christianity is also another way of blaming the Jews, yes, our leaders “should” have known & done better…I agree!!

Here is food for thought, ever heard of the parasites that literally take over their host’s minds & cause them to commit suicide? This is a real thing in nature…

Spinochordodes tellinii: causes a grasshopper to basically drown itself so it’s larvae can escape into water, part of the reproduction process

There are at least ten such mind controlling parasites throughout nature. Is it truly so far of a stretch to basically say that that is at least much of what is at work insofar as our people’s conflict with the Jews? The Jews most assuredly act as parasites…yes, with the “consent” of our people. Is it not possible that the majority of our people simply have no sort of immunity to the Jews, and that only a small minority of our people are capable of recognizing the fact Jews are our mortal enemies who we MUST protect ourselves from (like ourselves)? I am asking rhetorically, because I can see it several ways.

I am inclined to think Truth holds the Jew most responsible/to blame. I assign approximately 30% to our people…at the end of the debate,

**imagine if there were no Jews within Rome (nor any tribe with their precise characteristics/actions to take their place). Would Rome have collapsed? Would we be where we are today, The West’s Darkest Hour? If you say we would be, how would that *logically* be the case?*** I believe it is wrong to place the primary, penultimate blame upon ourselves, and also equally wrong to entirely absolve ourselves. Obviously the Jew would be powerless if there weren’t some “flaws” within us.

An interesting concept is “The Myth of Sanity,” and I absolutely agree with it’s basic premise. It is a STRUGGLE for most of us to learn to live our lives as anything resembling sober minded Sane rational actors.

Us humans are anything BUT coldly logical “sane” thinking actors who make our decisions/base our behaviors upon cold logic, ie that we *naturally/automatically* stop before acting, then we use solely our prefrontal cortexes & ponder what we wish to do with our resources with pure unadulterated logic, and then we take appropriate actions to execute our sober will. If that were remotely the norm, we wouldn’t have so many schools of thought/opinions of life. The sickness of our folk only heightens the insanity.

The only way out is for us to at least take “self-responsibility” insofar as our acknowledging only by our taking ruthless, merciless and decisive actions to manifest our will can be save ourselves.

if you get malaria from a mosquito bite, is it your fault for not being immune from malaria? Should you (a) berate yourself for lack of immunity or (b) kill all the mosquitoes?

maybe so, but it would be wise to kill all the mosquitoes, at the same time looking for a cure (not worshiping the mosquito god for example…)

How would Sharon Tate have fared on ‘The Day of the Rope’ in the ‘Turner Diaries’ universe?

Manson and his gang were mentally unstable wackos, but she was a Tinseltown liberal on par with the leftist Hollywood sleaze of today.

She actually used to go to Watts to try and help the “poor, oppressed” negros out after they threw their 1965 temper tantrum, and she worked on the campaign of who would become the first black mayor of Los Angeles (Tom Bradley).

Can’t say I have any tears to spare for Miss Polanski.

We live in different moral universes. In my book, every Aryan beauty like her must be spared (and used for Aryan breeding). Always keep in mind that what motivates me are the nymphs on the sidebar.

For the pre-Christian whites it would be unthinkable to take the life of someone like her because of her ‘sins’ (a Xtian concept that many secular nationalists still share).

Sharon Tate did commit the “sin against the Holy Ghost”, as you put it.

There is a certain irony that in tat particular movie she played the daughter of the Jewish inn-keeper; her lascivious father’s attention constantly focused on the buxom blue-eyed, blonde Aryan maid servant whom he ultimately destroyed.


You still don’t get it.

We need English roses for reproduction even after the day of the rope.

It would be a crime to terminate her in those glorious days as she would give birth to absolutely lovely creatures (after forcing someone like her into traditional marriage).

My ‘sin against…’ metaphor only applies to non-roses.

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