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Racial right

Victim mentality

by Mike

One of the reasons I stepped away from the “white nationalist community” is that there is a victim mentality that pervades it. Jews have gotten the best of us, and now we are their victims. “Victims” of these powerful creatures who always hand us our asses.

It’s the same dynamics of blacks who are always complaining how they are being “victimized” or oppressed by whites. But complaining about how mean the Jews are to us changes nothing.

Can’t win much of anything, or even become un-paralyzed, with a “victim mentality.” It only reinforces a feeling of powerlessness.

But by naming the “Christian problem” at least reveals how they got the best of us. And perhaps, gives us a better map on how to now proceed.

6 replies on “Victim mentality”

In other words, white nationalists are self-righteous. They see nothing wrong with a nation founded on Christianity and capitalism. They ignore that they must repudiate Jesus, the (fictional) Big Jew before they can annihilate the biological Jew on the physical level.

See the quotation by Walsh on the sidebar.

I’m saying the same thing as Walsh and you, C.T. about Christianity, but in my own words.. It’s nothing new or original, although it happens to be new to me, personally.

A very succinct perusal of the matter at hand!
Same as with addicts, WN’s must first admit that Christinsanity is a self-perpetuating affliction in order to start moving in the right direction.
However, same as with addicts, WN’s are weak- willed people who find staying in denial to be the easiest road to travel, voluntarily ceeding control of their own vehicles to jewish chauffeurs.
The best course of action for us is to give them the finger as they drive over the cliff.

White Nationalists confirm Saul Alinsky’s Rule 1 in Rules for Radicals (Rule 1: Power is not only what you have but what the enemy thinks you have). White Nationalists that are always barking about “Jews” tend to be the ones most inebriated by the Nazarene malware.

“For 5,000 years, and no doubt more—only a second on the scale of living things—a pitiless combat has been waged between the Jewish people and the stupid Aryans for the conquest of the world. The Jews … advance with a firm step on the road that they chose once and for all, without ever betraying their original intention, because they have Tables of the Law. The Aryans lost theirs, i.e., the Grail … which gave them their line of historical continuity: whence their chaotic gait, these contradictory actions, these hesitations to choose between the law of the spirit and that of matter, the impossibility of a true affirmation. When they crushed the Jews, barring to them the road to ‘world’ domination for several centuries, it was never in full knowledge of the cause. Simply animal instinct … The danger isolated for a while, they returned to their vomit. They lost their guide of awareness, their Grail, whereas the Jews saved theirs…” – Saint-Loup

Indeed, this world is nothing but the battle of the Aryan against the Jew & his ever growing goyim hordes.

But what is the goyim? Isn’t it base human nature? Isn’t it ignorance, complacency, cowardice, weakness?

” The Jew wins with the lie and dies with the truth.” – Adolf Hitler

But is there any hope left for the goyim? Was it ever? Does all time Hitler-like human greatness imply unavoidable tragedy?

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