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‘I am less free in the US than in Tito’s Yugoslavia’

Dr. Srdja Trifković (a.k.a., Serge Trifkovic)

Today a commenter said:

Years ago, when Communism collapsed many people left Eastern Europe and moved to America. Someone asked one of these people what was the biggest difference they noticed when moving to the U.S. I found the reply interesting and unexpected. They said that the level of propaganda in the U.S. was so incredibly high and so ubiquitous that they were shocked. In the communist countries they had propaganda, but nowhere near this level.

This reminded me of Srdja Trifkovic’s interview, where he said: ‘Today in the postmodern West, it is very hard… to exchange any meaningful thoughts on race, on immigration… without encountering some seriously strained looks! and even stunned and uncomfortable reactions from friends and neighbours, and that is why you avoid these conversations’.

Today’s West is far more totalitarian than the communist countries of the Eastern Bloc when I was also a teenager, as political correctness has possessed the soul of the man of the street, not only of the commie elites, as in my youth.

Watch Trifkovic’s interview: here. In the process of unplugging myself from the Matrix, years ago this was the most didactic interview I had ever seen.

21 replies on “‘I am less free in the US than in Tito’s Yugoslavia’”

This would pretty much explain the extreme mental illness that is pervasive throughout America. Back in the 1930’s even Dr. Goebbels had much to say about this sort of “lock-step” uniformity in thought process that was observed in the American character back in those times.

The hyper-materialism of the West is the only driving force that would prevent any average person or otherwise seeing the mountains of propaganda and lies we receive as being “totalitarian”. Seems people don’t mind being dished out controlled choices, just so long as they have endless choices to pick from, but they ignore quality of those choices and the severe decline in quality of life.

Serge (who like me also lived in Gran Canaria) is so absolutely right… Remember what I said recently in ‘Christmas alone’? I cannot be with my family as they behave like the elites in the old commie countries. Serge and others could talk freely among family and circles of friends in Eastern Europe. In today’s West, that’s no longer possible.

You’re in good company C.T.

Charles Darwin delayed his publication of the Theory of Evolution for almost twenty years out of fear of the reaction of the Church and almost all of Christian society.

In fact, I think he intended to publish posthumously, until he received a paper from Alfred Russel Wallace in 1858 titled “On the Tendency of Species to form Varieties; and on the Perpetuation of Varieties and Species by Natural Means of Selection”.

But then again, maybe you have more in common with your fellow Latin Giordano Bruno, who spoke out in favor of the Copernician theory of the Universe, instead of that conglomeration of superstition mysticism and Satanism called the Bible that the Catholic Church demands be taken as the word of God.

Giordano Bruno was turned over to the secular authorities. On Ash Wednesday, 17 February 1600, in the Campo de’ Fiori (a central Roman market square), with his “tongue imprisoned because of his wicked words”, he was hung upside down naked before finally being burned at the stake. His ashes were thrown into the Tiber river. All of Bruno’s works were placed on the Index Librorum Prohibitorum in 1603.

Hopefully you’ll be as successful in transforming the world with your revolutionary ideas as was Charles Darwin. After all, unless the white race survives, nothing else matters.

And hopefully you (we) don’t pay such a high price for speaking the truth as did Giordano Bruno.

You are against viewing the Jew as an all-powerful Satan, Angra Mainyu, a “covert elite pulling the strings from the shadows”. In a way, you, César, subscribe to the dialectical view of history – just not economic, but psychic. The current Zeitgeist is indeed nothing more than the internal logic of Christianity being fulfilled. Any life that persisted in the Christian Europe of old contradicted its message uttered for millennia – now that life is snuffed out.

I wonder, however, how that understanding gels with the role you give to individuals. I can understand Hitler – he was the scion of Germany, and those processes could have crystallized in another man had he failed. But is America finished because of Rockwell’s demise? Or was his work only to make ground for when the time is right because the soil is so barren, Rockwell himself was a fluke?

I wonder whether Savitri Devi is right and Germany can be reborn. I only think of an afterlife when I watch Star Wars, but I would like to know what her “Force ghost” would say about this blog…


In that future scenario you prophecise when Christianity is discredited, America will be forced to revaluate its values much more than Europe. Purely on that, the potential for our revolution is greater in America. I doubt any development in Europe can be more radical than Nick Fuentes or Viktor Orbán (maybe in Germany; or maybe when an African is elected Pope).

Weren’t Croats wrong when they destroyed the 23 mil.-strong atheist Yugoslavia in the 1990s? I could forgive them if they had been Nazis, but no, they are your typical Christian faggots…

By the way, the decade starts in 2021 (Wikipedia is a mirror to idiocracy), and thus the crash of the US Dollar may still happen this decade!

Communism in wiping away christianity revealed the true Aryan spirit, a spirit that blends the spirit of love with the spirit of hate. And it is this spirit that rose up in the form of Joseph Stalin and drove the jews out of power in the Soviet Union, naming them rootless cosmopolitans and having them put in gulags.

Stalin was mad that Jews were more enthusiastic about Israel than the Soviet Union, and so this made him go from being pro-Jewish to anti-Jewish. The Jews thought he would be their pet because he was georgian and Georgians hated Russians, but he flipped and became pro-Russian after he witnessed their devotion to him.

To get the jews out of power he names jews in the communist party rootless cosmopolitans, and he sent them to prison, but as he was doing this he would give country bumpkin jews, who had no political power, public awards. He gave country bumpkin jews awards to deflect accusations of anti-semitism.

As he was purging the party of jews he was also sending people to prison for anti-semitism because anti-semitism was a crime in the soviet union. Eventually when he was sick he became convinced his jewish doctors were poisoning him in an episode that became known as the doctors plot. Stalin freed Russians of Jewish domination.

I am not sure modern leftism can be a vehicle to free Europe and The Americas of The Jews, but if leftism did take over, we would have to become like Joseph Stalin and be sneaky like he was.

I read until your phrase:

And it is this spirit that rose up in the form of Joseph Stalin…

Do you know that I banned Adunai permanently for admiring Stalin?

(By the way, have you read The Gulag Archipelago?)

What the admirers of Stalin shortsightedly ignore is that his country fell apart 45 years after winning the war for its existence.

“The ability to destroy a planet is insignificant next to the power of the Force”. – A New Hope.

Stalin was a very limited man. Geopolitics mean nothing when the axiology is suicidal. The 20th ct. looks like a bad movie plot.

Roosevelt was a madman. Even Stalin understood that the geopolitical interests of Russia were worth an ideological hit – that’s why he was ready to support Germany until she would bleed herself away in the fight against France.

But Roosevelt was a fanatic crusader. People say Americans never knew of the concentration camps. Well, they sure behaved as if they had. Even a selfish idea of Europe and Russia’s bleeding each other to mutual weakness would have sounded like anti-music to their ears! It was only the death of Germany and the NSDAP that they desired!

Stalin was a small man. Not able to hate the Aryan with pure, unprovoked hatred such as homines americani can. What is a Christian without Jesus? A Marxist.


I find your comment to be very bizarre. What is with the overstated praise of Stalin!? You do realize that a lot of what Stalin did was only obtained through some of the most cunning and duplicitous measures.

Stalin is not an ideal leader to idolize or look up too. The man lived a very paranoid life and slept on several different beds for fear of being assassinated.

The fact that Stalin became somewhat Jew-aware late in the game is of no real significant, considering he was a day late and a shekel short. The other fact too is that he was half-Jewish and half-Georgian. Look up about the name “Jughashvili” which is his real surname.

It is a preposterous claim to suggest that Stalin freed the Soviet Union of Jews. Many Jewish oligarchs have lived and conducted business there even up to just before the collapse of the USSR, when many key figures fled the country. But even when Putin came to power and up to today, he hasn’t done anything specific with the Jews, there are many Jewish Oligarchs still alive and doing their money-grabs on Putin’s watch.

“You do realize that a lot of what Stalin did was only obtained through some of the most cunning and duplicitous measures.”
I am aware of that. That is how statesmen should behave, read The Prince by Machiavelli, a work of Aryan intellect.

“The fact that Stalin became somewhat Jew-aware late in the game is of no real significant, considering he was a day late and a shekel short.”
Today Jews have influence in Russia but not control. That is better than your society being controlled by Jews.

Again, have you read the Archipelago? Also, do you realise that Stalin was not ethnically Aryan? Just see the visual gulf between him and a portrait of the assassinated Tzar (and his assassinated family).


I have flipped through Gulag Archipelago. I am familiar with stories about the inhumanity of the gulags, some of the worst stories are found in Under The Sign of The Scorpion by Juri Lina. In it it mentions that attractive youths were sometimes taken to gulags because attractiveness was seen as a sign of aristocracy.

That book also goes into details about the tortures experienced by those in the gulags, one of which was called removing the glove where they would place a persons forearm in boiling oil for a bit and then pull it out and remove their skin from their forearm and hands.

I am not a fan of the soviet union, I wouldn’t even call myself a communist. On economics I believe in tariffs to protect native industries and I believe in a living wage offered for all jobs, that’s about it though.

The only reason I said good things about Stalin was because he made it so the Jews no longer had complete control on Russia. They still had influence but he counteracted much of there control. As for Stalin not being Aryan, certainly he was not phenotypically Aryan, but we don’t know who is ancestors were, he could have had Aryan ancestors.

I am not as enthusiastic about Stalin as it may seem, I simply like the idea of gentiles having some control over their societies, and I do abhor the gulags. My hatred of the soviet gulags is precisely why I admire stalin. The gulag system was designed by jews and Stalin simply played the game within the system he found himself in and he eventually betrayed his jewish masters, like the story of the golem.

Maybe he went too far in playing the game, I will concede that.

My hatred of the soviet gulags is precisely why I admire stalin.

I would recommend reading the abridged version of the Archipelago before you comment here again.

“I would recommend reading the abridged version of the Archipelago before you comment here again.”
I might take a look at it, can probably order it through the library.

Very good interview with Trifkovic!

Back in the day I remember reading Orwell’s ‘Nineteen Eighty Four’ and ‘Huxley’s Brave New World’.
Beginning around the late 80’s, there was renewed debate as to which book most accurately described the growing dystopia here in Murka.
Almost everyone, oblivious to their increasing soft bread-and-circuses enslavement, chose Orwell’s hands down even though there were still no overt signs of aggressive government/corporate overreach.
I was always the ‘loser’ in said debates because I postulated that Huxley’s was the current unmistakable paradigm but would pave the way for Orwell’s.
I believe there is no doubt that today the two have merged and by doing so will become twice as virulent!

(First edition of Huxley’s novel.)

Do you know that Huxley told Orwell before the latter died that the future wouldn’t be a boot on the face, but soft totalitarianism?

Today’s West resembles more the brave new world than Stalinist dystopias. I for example get exasperated when racialists swallow the psychiatrists’ claims that psychiatric drugs are good for your mental health. I link to my writings against psychiatry to no avail.

Psychiatric drugs = the soma in Huxley’s novel, and the trick is that people take them voluntarily. In the Soviet Union the involuntary administration of so-called anti-psychotics was mandatory for dissidents. But here in the brave new American continent the proles are taking their ‘medication’ willingly.

As the guy quoted above said, ‘the level of propaganda in the US was so incredibly high and so ubiquitous that they were shocked’!

It was precisely the boot versus the soft that was being debated, with the latter being much more apparent however, I believe that evidence shows the former is now more primed than ever to permanently take over the reins, especially as the west slides further towards collapse.

Remember, in order to surreptitiously maintain/restrain a population of contenful dullards you must have a stable economy – of which today’s is on the brink of disaster.

I am very aware of the scourge of psychiatry. It – including ECT – helped put the nails in my alcoholic mother’s coffin. It also exacerbated my drug addled (Vietnam) brother’s life – with even more drugs – to the point where he now sits totally unmotivated in a trailer park ‘waiting for Godot’.

Your writings are very good by the way.

As a continuation from my hitherto statements, the detached deontology and vociferous thumos of the Serbian militant during the Yugoslav Wars is an essential reference-point; an archetype to embody. A prerequisite to induce metamorphosis in the current postmodern Occident hegemony. Without those components, the aspiring kṣatriya ‘against Time’ is sterile.

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