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A confession

by Mike

I am an American citizen, and I made the same error that “white nationalist Christians” do. And because of that mistake, I suffered and suffered and suffered to the point of suicidal despair.

But over time, I grasped that Christianity = the cause of white decline and the root cause of my own personal problems. I had to get the little jew out of my head, or I wasn’t going to make it. It’s a very personal issue for me. Then, grace, mercy and redemption started to filter into my life. How about that.

Thank you, dear Pagans on GAB, Alex Linder, and for sites like TWDH [The West’s Darkest Hour] for making me aware of “The Christian Question.” I couldn’t have done it without you!

I was blind, but now I see.

3 replies on “A confession”

Thanks for making this comment an entry, C.T. From my end, it’s a good way to start out the new year. Cheers!

It’s interesting: Many of the most outspoken, unbending anti-Christian voices in our little community are women these days. I suspect that Christianity hurts women in a bad way that I can’t really comprehend. Worse than men in general possibly.

As they say Mike: Welcome to the club!

Curious as to who the female anti-christian voices are.

Off the top of my head the only individuals in the movement that come close are Carolyn Yeager, Lana Lockteff, Sinead McCarthy and someone by the name of Urban Jungle Girl.

The first two are lukewarm.The third is suspect and may be acting the part. The fourth was bona fide but has disappeared.

The female voices I was referring to were a bunch of “pagan” women on GAB, Saoirse. Carolyn Emerick was the only one who is well known. The others were just ordinary women, but there were a bunch of them.

They were ferocious when it came to denouncing Christianity. There were men doing the same, but I was surprised by the number of women. I also stumbled across Seana Fenner,from Odinia International at the same time and it had an impact.

I was surprised as the anti-Christian militancy. I thought they were being “too extreme”, but now I can see the futility of “uniting” with “white nationalist Christians.”

This was all about a year ago, so my observation is a little old.
I haven’t been online much as I’ve been spending much more time in the real world.. But since re-engaging a little, I can see that the tension and gulf between Christians and non-Christians is increasing.

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