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Jesus Transvaluation of all values

The uniqueness of this site

‘Christian anti-semites, evidently too stupid to know that the man they are worshiping is a Jew, have got to be some of the stupidest people ever to contaminate the face of the Earth’.

—Robert Morgan

In my last posts I have been mentioning Level 6 of a metric. But as I dislike the Matrix metaphor that I used as an image in that post, as the creators of that movie are a couple of Jews, I prefer an Aryan metaphor: what we have been calling ‘the psychological Rubicon’.

Starting from the Aryan metaphor, we have said that white nationalists are stuck in the middle of the river. It is true that on the other side of the Rubicon is the land of National Socialism. But even Hitler didn’t know some things, as evidenced in his after-dinner talks in which he believed in the existence of a non-divine but merely human Jesus. What makes this site unique is a point of view that results from the amalgam of three fundamental premises:

• Jesus of Nazareth never existed. He is a character of pure literary fiction, out of the pen of the evangelist Mark (see the entries about Carrier’s work);

• Catholicism was imposed on the white race not through the peaceful message of the fictional Jesus, but through anti-white holocausts (see the previous entry of this day) and all the barbarism that we have been translating from the books of Deschner;

• Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the inversion of Aryan values into Semitic values for white consumption—Christian ethics—has been the primary cause of the white man’s ethno-suicidal behaviour. (See the text I recently put on the sidebar: ‘The deep-seated death-wish that seems to have taken hold of the collective subconscious psyche of the Aryan race after Hitler’s death…’)

Although on the other side of the river is German National Socialism, it flourished at a time when the scholarly current called Jesus ahistoricity theory had not yet matured at the level of the treatise On the Historicity of Jesus. But even white nationalists who doubt the existence of Jesus cling to the dragon’s tail, as they are unable to abandon Christian ethics (see, e.g., what I say about Greg Johnson in ‘Dies irae’, before the pic of Hitler contemplating a bust of Nietzsche).

Since neither the Nazis of the last century nor the Alt-Right folks have integrated into their minds an amalgam of the three bulleted paragraphs in red above, we can say that this site is the first of its kind. It presents a guide, for those stagnated at the middle of the river, on how to finish crossing the Rubicon (cf. the sticky post).

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Hey Caesar, I’m a newcomer to the blog and have been lurking for a few months. I just wanted to make you aware of a website called HistoryForAtheists.com that addresses the Jesus mysticism of Carrier and others, and even did a lengthy review of Nixey’s book.

The owner/author/historian of this website is an atheist himself, who is seeks to correct perceived “bad history” New Atheists supposedly espouse. He has no dog in this fight so I figured this would be a good opportunity for you to get a differing viewpoint from an unbiased source.


For many years in the past I followed the content of Skeptical Inquirer and Free Inquiry, magazines started by a secular humanist together with Prometheus Books (Carrier also started publishing an article there).

But as I told one of Carrier’s pals, now I consider them semi-apostates. See for example how in this debate Carrier fails to notice that out-group altruism, in the sense of Social Justice, is just a secular offshoot of Christianity:


In other words, the group you mention is probably unaware of our third bulleted point: the most important of all.

Yesterday I finished reading Rockwell’s White Power. I particularly liked the chapter Fifty Years of Failure, and I was amazed that already in the 60s he was criticising what white nationalists are still doing today. The same waffling, the same bourgeois materialistic cowardice, the same capitulation to Jews, and the same playing by the rules and “virtues” their enemies have set.

And this had already been going on for fifty years before Rockwell’s time. I must admit, I got a dark laugh out of it.

It’s chapter twelve and it starts at page 280. At least in the version I have. I think most of it is very quote worthy.

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