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Vig’s epistle

Hi Cesar,

I wanted to write a comment relating to your post of “MacDonald the lapsed Catholic”, but as usual the text became too long so I decided like last time to mail it to you first. You have my permission to use it for WDH under the name Vig if you want.

Yes, as I said before your site is as far as I know the only site where the core question as to what causes the decline and the looming extinction of the white race or Aryans if you want, is being discussed in a consequent way. Again, this is beyond praise because there is no other way to initiate awareness about it.

Personally I have reached a saturation with the format of blogging and want to move to more practical ways to live up to my insights. What I see as a disadvantage of blogging is that one does not see the face of contributors and that most of them have a short breath as far as tackling the depth of a presented issue. Posting a comment as I saw on other blogs soon descends into a tit for tat of arguments that is more like a mental combat to show tactical superiority instead of slowly carving ones way to the depth of an issue.

Anyway reminding commentators not to digress, is very important.

Inspired by all the posts that I read on WDH the last year I have spiralled my way into an understanding of things that I want to share here. It relates especially to the MacDonald posts and might be interesting for commentators.

I saw two long interviews that Kyle Hunt had with Dr. MacDonald and I have to say that I was not impressed. I am sure that the answer for us will not come through the academic approaches of Dr. MacDonald because he has not wholeheartedly delved into the roots of Christianity.

I demand from every text in this situation that it must be obvious that it comes from a genuine life experience which includes experiences of suffering and does not purely arise out of a speculative philosophising.

My study on the core question has led me to see the connection between a few things.

Inspired by Nietzsche’s remarkable analysis of Socrates I concluded that the fall from grace for the European culture started already around 400 B.C. with the verbal firework of Socrates and Plato, and that these thinkers themselves are just the symptoms of a degeneration of instinctive health of the Greeks of that time. Their culture fell apart and lost its vital centre.

In a psychological sense the dominance that the spoken word had acquired by the values that Socrates and Plato had created, was not compensated by a cultural mechanism that could have kept the balance of the right and the left brain halves, which, as I understand it, is absolutely needed for real creativity to happen.

It is a historical fact that Greek society shortly after this development started to become instable and that its brilliant culture stifled up into Hellenism which was characterized by mannerism and the lack of true innovation.

What the influence of Socrates and Plato indicated was the need for an analytical and rational use of the mind of which the tactical use of speech and the ability of calculation was just an extension. The whole culture of debate in the Greek agora (a public place for “mental duelling”), as was sophistry, was rooted in this.

My insight is that it was not like Socrates and Plato inventing this and the Greeks following them. Especially Plato was just expressing the collective Greek mind because that collective mind needed that aggressive faculty of speech to be able to organise their growing technology, which they needed to win the war against the Persians. Think of the technology you need to build warships and weapons fortifications and temples in a relatively short time. This is really underestimated by all historians because they are academicians who never worked with their hands. This is shown by the fundamental changes these days in the understanding of the pyramid builders. Historians have usually not the slightest understanding of technology and its requirements and therefore a great deal of history has to be rewritten.

The essence of my view is that the very quick development of this faculty (on the level of the collective mind) threw the Greeks off balance and so they lost their creative power.

In the time of Socrates started already the weakening of the instinctive intelligence in favour of an aggressive and philosophising intellect.

Actually it was a neurological instead of a cultural issue. In this process of lateralisation of mental faculties the integration of the soul got lost. The Greeks one could say got stuck in one dimension of their expressive abilities because of the tremendous success of that ability. A contemporary German brain specialist Professor Manfred Spitzer confirms this by saying that the brain reinforces every nervous track every time that one uses it till it becomes a nervous “highway” so to say. The only way to escape out of this is conscious adventurism, but that I am sure is prevented by human laziness.

That white Europeans in the last two thousand years have been so creative in spite of Christ-insanity is only thanks to an inborn and Aryan (genetic as they prefer it these days) devotion to the higher states of mind, which one could define as the essence of aesthetic awareness. But now bleeding themselves hollow in this process of serving Mammon emotional schizophrenia is the result.

They have finally lost this costly thin thread (Das Goldene Band by Miguel Serrano) that connects them to their spiritual dimension as is demonstrated by the degeneration of European contemporary art after WWII, and the absolute collapse of real creativity we can witness in European art.

I don’t equate real creativity with technological smartness here.

The white European as the inventor of science, got “lobotomised” so to say, not being able to express and live his emotional dimension because of his inner distortion that the victory of his beloved science has cost him. Since the end of the 19th century and the ascent of technology the costly thin thread (Das Goldene Band) has been cut off and the desire to live and to reproduce are vanishing as we witness.

Is it not so that white Europeans have lost completely the dimension of celebration and the ability to have festivities of a joyous and emotional nature without the help of alcohol or designer drugs?

What one can measure in PET and MRI scans is that Chinese and Japanese have a much more efficient use of their brain than westerners when they calculate and think. There must be a connection with them using pictograms instead of ideograms as we do in Indo Germanic language.

I have a suspicion that exactly because of this weakening of instinctual health, that means the ability to defend your own interests, in Roman times already, the white Europeans could not resist the mental pestilence that was being spread by Christians and through the backdoor also by Jews. No historian has realised the immense weight that the keeping up of an imperium lays on the rational faculties of a ruling class like the Romans.

Miscegenation of the Romans was an indication of a weakened awareness of one’s own interest, an extreme rational mentality interfering with an autonomous vital biological process which was basically derailed by this aggressive rationality. The Roman pantheon notwithstanding its pagan nature was not really an authentic happening, their real thing was building aquaducts, temples and roads and have standing armies.

As I see it European man did not create a mechanism that would bring back the balance in his mind by keeping conscious connection to emotional and instinctive expressions. This is the basic mechanism that stifles all cultures that don’t renew themselves consciously but keep hanging on to old traumata or mechanisms that were once successful but now fill up their minds and prevent them from experiencing reality.

Our “Institutions” have to go.

Remains to clarify the connection between Christians and Jews and the degeneration as such.

To put it in the simplest and crudest form of explanation: The Aryan, sacrificing his integrity by creating and then by hanging on too long to a frenetic use of science and technology, finally has reached a state of being that is cut of from his spiritual dimension, being emotionally “lobotomised”, that means he does not know what his feelings are and when he knows them he cannot express them authentically.

This makes him depraved, spiritually incapacitated so to say, but he is still longing for the higher states of being. If one listens carefully to the great European thinkers like all the great German philosophers all they are after is the kick of attaining a higher state of mind. One could say that it is a masturbatory activity.

Philosophy is a complete waste of time because it is an illusion that actually separates one from reality. The only one not falling in this category is Nietzsche.

In short the white man has become needy and insecure.

The Jew has because of his circumcision trip landed up in the same boat. Since a few thousand years he has an unnatural mind and his costly thin thread (Das Goldene Band) is also cut off. His depravity is essentially on the instinctive and the heart level but therefore the more potent. At least he has power and money and is emotionally more integrated than the Christian.

His addiction is not philosophy as with the Germans and is therefore also not so serious as the Germans, but his addiction is status and power. That is why his mind is urging him to do business by delivering seductive illusions to the unhappy Christians like Paul of Tarsus was doing. He has created communism, psycho-analysis, all kinds of suddho religions that seems to relieve suffering.

The interaction between Jews and Christians is an involuntary one indeed, and it is not strange that since a few thousand years they have become intertwined in a sort of parasitic symbiosis, rooted in a mutually dependant spiritual depravity. In a very blunt way one could say that this symbiosis is of the nature of the relation between a prostitute and a pimp.

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Powerful paintings indeed!

What touches me the most besides the uncanny melancholic atmosphere is the absence of any living organic form in the paintings of de Chirico if one forgets the human/ant like creatures here and there.

It seems as if life on the planet has been squeezed dry completely.

If we look more closely to de Chirico’s paintings on this site, with the exception of ‘La torre rossa’ and ‘Canto d’amore’ there are human figures in the far distance (‘human/ant-like creatures’ as you say). But yes: the power of these paintings is that they transport us to a dream-like world of gloomy solitude.

I have twenty private diaries. In the past I used to decorate the front cover of these notebooks with images of de Chirico, as a way of evoking my inner loneliness in the world.

It is clear to me that you settled with and delved into that inner loneliness, but it would surprise me very much if you had no desire to transcend at a certain point this state of mind to something socially interactive that is more uplifting.
Is it really necessary to stick to a martyrs role?
Truth once firmly expressed will find its own way.

There are no priests of the 14 words in Mexico City, thus I am not choosing solitude: there’s nobody out there to talk to.

If you read my latest comment on the other thread, you’ll see that this woman, precisely because she denied her pain, became disturbed.

In other words, in her case the path to healing the inner child was precisely to recognize what happened to her. Paradoxically, those who deny it and try to see only the positive side of life become disturbed. I guess you did read my ‘On the mental health of racists’?

P.S. I no longer use de Chirico’s poscards in my later diaries.

Like you I had to go through a lot of inner emotional suffering and I also was never hospitalized. My luck was that very early after getting my degree at 26 I understood that it was not worth it to make a career and opted for the freedom of an artists life to find out where the roots of my inner situation came from, even when it meant to give up money ,status and family.
Yes I read “on the mental health of racists ” and I totally share your insight with this difference that I see the roots in the involuntary deep structures of the human mind. So it is not in morals or lack of awareness to make the right choices , as if we had the possibility to make aware choices at all .
We are bio machines with a bio software and are basically mechanically reacting to all that happens, unless through a vast amount of suffering ( like Solzhenitshin in his prison , and most likely you in your family ) integration of the emotions take place , expansion of insight takes place and the Rubicon can be crossed. It is a blessing in disguise. Rubicon is a good metaphor.

But as you have seen this is a bridge too far for almost all WN ers.

The vast majority of WN activists is vast asleep spiritually seen, especially the intellectual ones.

Like you used Chirico s paintings as supportive symbols I used to like certain types of music for a certain time when I had to digest a lot of emotional stuff from my past.

Your latest comments on the woman who died are right on the spot and illustrate my comment here. Most people are too much afraid to descend into them selves and feel their misery. Therefore the continuous need for entertainment to not become aware. Silence is avoided at all costs. It is simply too scary and to admit that is even scary for them.
In my understanding all diseases of the body start in the mind as an unbalanced attitude which leads to emotional suffering which affects the body on the long term very much.

The West is emotionally and spiritually ill because our culture is ill for a long time already. Even Socrates knew that !
It is simply ridiculous that a lot of WN ers like David Duke and many others are singing praises of our white European culture. Why do we have so much degeneration if that culture was so good and beautiful?

It is SICK !

Wait a minute ! Yes, there is a big difference for you. We can give definitions as we want but the reality is what people have in their minds.
Of course I meant Western Christian Civilisation .
But how will you convince people that there has been a European culture independent and untouched by Christianity in lets say the last three centuries ?

White European culture as it is in peoples minds is synonymous with Western Christian Civilisation and that is the problem.

I am not going to defend even white European culture without Christianity because what we need is a totally renewed culture which will be anyway different from what white European culture should have been in the far past.

The crucial point comes when the masses are going to understand that their sexuality is completely corrupted and unnatural, and then only the younger generation will have a chance to change.

In my understanding the new religion or better the new spirituality that the Aryan man needs is a Tantric Religion without gods and dogmas which will be able to bring back the sexual union in the domain of the aesthetic and the divine.

I dont know what you know about Tantrism but what I know about National Socialism is that it incorporated an almost religious commitment to a sane body culture and an awareness of how to educate and take care of an optimal psycho-somatic health.

Well, that is a modern practical application of Tantrism.

As I have understood in Himmler was very much in favour of such an approach. He was treated with success by a well known Finnish healer for his stomach cramps by using his knowledge of old Tibetan healing techniques.

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