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Game of Thrones

Ethnosuicidal GoT fans

Further to my Monday post ‘Feminism in Game of Thrones’.

For those who believe that Jewish subversion is the primary cause of white decline and poor little whites their blameless victims, see what one of the main webzines of white nationalism, Counter-Currents, just published: ‘Guide to Kulchur, Episode 17: Game of Thrones Seen from the Right [sic!]. The Return of Good & Evil to Westeros’.

From the right? Really?

I stopped listening to the first audio right after minute seven when Fróði Midjord and John Morgan agreed they weren’t bothered with the (Jewish script) placing the girl Arya as the New Frodo. This tolerance of feminism reminds me very strongly what I said about Harold Covington in my ‘Feminism in Game of Thrones’.

With these brilliant commentators from the right, who needs the Jews? Haven’t they heard that feminism has been a weapon of mass destruction directed against whites? Are we living in parallel universes?