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Racial right

WNsts’ reluctance to change their OS

Editor’s note: Many times I have compared Christianity with a malware installed in the white psyche. Most American white nationalists, even young revolutionaries like John Earnest, have been so infected with this malware that it is impossible, for the moment, to have an honest discussion about the sacrosanct religion of our parents. Otherwise, this site would be flooded with comments by WNsts trying to rebut what we have been saying about the axiology of the Christian.

In 2017 Anthony Collins posted a comment after a National Vanguard article that deserves to be reproduced here:


______ 卐 ______


“The Jews’ brilliant coup was in hijacking the Stoic’s animus mundi and saying that the force behind the universe was really Yahweh all along.” In other words, the Jews identified the animus mundi (i.e., mind of the universe) of Stoicism with the animus (i.e., spiteful or malevolent ill will) of Judaism.

Christianity might be regarded as a kind of rootkit infection, one in which Jewish ideas have been implanted into the kernel of the White mind, and have been made extremely difficult to remove. To quote the Wikipedia entry on rootkits… [wiki quote removed for this WDH post].

Christianity has given the Jews “administrator access” to the White mind, allowing the Jews to cripple and pervert the identity, morality, and religiosity of their White hosts, and to ensure that Whites cannot free themselves from the Jews. I think a new operating system is needed.

37 replies on “WNsts’ reluctance to change their OS”

I really like your analogy of referring to Christianity as malware for Whites, because that is exactly how it is.

Most Whites and others in general who I’ve ever known who allegedly claims to have detached themselves from Christianity, still seems to show an inclination or leaning towards it and are almost never fully deprogrammed.

Christianity is problematic because it’s so impressionable, particularly with the fact that we are born into a world of confusion and that mankind has an inclination to imagine and create a religion based on the premise of a higher being. Then declaring that religion to be official word of the divine.

Although I believe in the Divine myself, I honestly believe that anyone with sincere beliefs and their spirituality in the Divine feels reluctant to discuss such matters so openly with anyone and everyone, with the way that for example the Church loves to prostitute itself and their own false notion of “love” and “peace”.

The fact is that anything which is truly of value and divine is so subject to being exploited and tainted by our enemies, there are so many who love to bastardize, exploit and water down anything that is sacred.

This is why I believe the future religion of National Socialism, that its most sacred esoteric knowledge and teachings must be preserved carefully and delivered to those who have demonstrated the highest responsibility and respect for attaining such knowledge, as was the case in the Thule Society and SS Elite Forces.

Humans are largely conditioned to believe that what is popular is indeed truth because it’s commonly acceptable, rarely questioning further. Even if questioning further, they still “default” a lot of times back into their former shell of it because it’s comfortable or what they grew up with.

Even when it comes to the whole “FAKE JEW” vs “REAL JEW” which is a false narrative that comes from Christ / Bible Believers who fell for the myth that there is a real lineage of jews, and false impersonating jews.

What they don’t understand is that the so-called “real jews” which they like to speak of, are not actually jews, but Divine beings, the “Aryans”.

On another note, in my youth I struggled to comprehend all the inconsistencies and controversies within religions but especially regarding Christ and whether or not he existed and whether or not he was a jew, and why there is this belief about him being “God” in the human form.

Under the assumption that he had lived, or if he ever existed in some type of form, it absolutely turns out that Christ is Lucifer’s brother and rival, an alter-ego if you will. Thus, Christ was a major hypocrite and deceiver who pretended to be a redeemer and opponent of Lucifer and of Evil. But it was over a rivalry. Christ, apparently belongs to the tribe of “Esau” which the tribe of “Jacob / Israel” had jealousy issues between each other and saw each other as rivals. Esau was more of the “caveman” type, and so the persecution of Christ was not based on this mythical Christ that some of these Trad Cuck WN’s love to claim erroneously was “fighting the jews in the lord’s temple” but any perceived nobility in Christ’s actions were done more as a rivalry between two jewish tribes.

I’ll leave it at that. EVERY SINGLE PERSON in my life, whomever and however I have met them who has believed in Christ, was always possessed and a liar, deceiver. Without exception.

Christianity and the Church are a crutch and emotional coping agency, for many Whites, and especially those who harbor the most guilt because it gives them a sense that they can be bailed out or seek God’s assistance for self-development or “trying to be good” which is a total delusion and falsehood, because people are what they are innately and cannot try to be good. If they aren’t good to begin with, it’s not part of them.

It seems very difficult to get any points across to Whites in any rational sense about these facts. But then again, I never found Christianity to resonate on any level with me in earlier years, but I always saw something about is which seemed utterly convincing but still saw something “off” about it.

Aryan Values and our Beliefs come across as bombastic and erratic in comparison to these programmed beliefs about Christian values and Tradition (which are really a farce), and it seems so difficult for people to see or imagine a worldview outside of this oppressive mindset due to the fear and familiarity that it imposes on their minds.

“its most sacred esoteric knowledge and teachings must be preserved carefully and delivered to those who have demonstrated the highest responsibility and respect for attaining such knowledge, as was the case in the Thule Society and SS Elite Forces.”

And I believe that the most sacred teachings should be propagated in public schools.

There is an abyss between me and you. Americans are so averse to knowledge and propaganda, “public school” is a curse word for them. Whereas in Russia, there is a saying, “haven’t you studied in school?”

@AdunaiLeVierte, yeah when it comes to Racial and Esoteric / Natural knowledge, but I was referring more to Divine knowledge.

Some knowledge can be taught generally to Aryan Students, but there has to be some which is preserved for the highest in the caste. Those who would want to seek after it would have to do so on the basis of demonstration and with a mentor.

I agree that Americans are very averse to knowledge because they are conditioned and grow up in all their beliefs based on fear. None of it is Natural.

Americans are also not known for having any love for nostalgia or nostalgic things or anything out of what is commonly discussed in public. They are still locked in Puritans.

I have a Nazi document by Goebbels who even spoke of the disturbing lockstep mentality in the daily belief of Americans which is produced from how powerful the Propaganda is here.

Not a day goes by that I don’t witness it in one form or another in every American. They hate the truth about anything.

Jews historically destroy the minds of Gentiles, and especially Whites, as if they put them under their spell. Whites do not engage in Jewish Blood Libel, except for a select few engaged in secret societies with them. For you to suggest Jewish crimes ,whether directly or indirectly pale in comparison to the crimes of Whites is absolutely a lie and a subversive tactic you are using to instill more white guilt.

I think that even MacDonald doesn’t believe in Jewish Blood Libel, in the sense that they sacrificed whites. Have you read his trilogy (I’ll soon criticize his 2nd book)?

@C.T., I wouldn’t be surprised. If it has an Irish or Norman sounding surname and it’s associated with any kind of White Resistance, it’s never to be trusted. Even Stormfront with Don Black is run by the Feds but they are completely in denial of this. They like to hide that they have Jewish ancestry. I haven’t read MacDonald’s trilogy, but I’ll be looking into that. The thing is most whites in the Anglosphere anyway, after 1950 have especially been compromised more and more with Jewish admixtures.

@CT, well with the exception that I don’t look at it from the perspective of referring to the victims as “Christians”. I have known a couple of instances of Jews personally who have been engaged in carrying out these kind of acts, and they also do this sort of stuff in Salem, MA (the witch city). Many Greek and Roman historians documented it and that it was a major practice of the Gauls and Picts especially after they slaughtered an enemy. I also have known someone who belongs to a Thelemic Order who is Jewish and they practice this sort of stuff.

I am talking specifically of the claim that kikes abducted white babies for ritual sacrifice in Spain: that’s a myth (though a good one because of what I said in the linked article).

The belief in the supernatural is the main enemy of the White race, the biggest obstacle to the realistic thinking of eternal struggle of Darwinism-Nietzscheanism-Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism.

@César Can you explain to me the difference between Classicism and Romanticism? Which of the two was the base for National Socialist Germany? Do you know what prevented the classicist thinkers of the 18th century from gathering folk tales and creating myths? How exactly does Romanticism contradict the mechanistic view of the Universe?

Both are legit forms of art. Mozart was classic. Beethoven after the 3rd symphony was romantic. The best way to understand the difference is through painting. I have a book on the subject but would have to reproduce lots of paintings to get the picture.

Today is the day 74 years ago the Coryphaeus of the German Nation perished. And what is it to us?

You César once said long ago that you would prefer a consulate-like duumvirate to the Führerprinzip. And if I understand you correctly, you would rather exterminate Anglo-Saxon Christians than Russo-Polish Jews (or in that order, at least).

How can National Socialism ever be the answer if its form was only superficial, tangential to the real fight? All the planes and all the tanks, and Jews and Russians, and now Moslems – all are inconsequential.

Hitler helped Franco to protect the priests of Spain. That’s a Sin against the Holy Ghost of the Hakenkreuz if I’ve ever seen one!

Marcus Eli Ravage was solely right. And in that vein the struggle should be waged – to break the cross!

‘And if I understand you correctly, you would rather exterminate Anglo-Saxon Christians than Russo-Polish Jews…’

Never said such a thing (only that I hate more white traitors than the external enemy).

You say, Jews brought about Christianity.

I say, they did it once. Whereas Whites bring about Christianity every single generation.

Whites are a hundred times more guilty. The crimes of Jews pale in comparison.

P.S. Of course, I never meant that you’re against exterminating non-Whites. It’s just the difference between Jews and Pigmies is marginal. Germans set out on a race war without cleaning their own room (head) first.

@AdunaiLeVierte… Woah Nelly… What the fuck !?!? You are suggesting the crimes of Jews pale in comparison to Whites!? Either you have a serious short-term memory or you are peddling Jew nonsense. There is no way Whites are 100x more guilty. And counting Whites as enablers of the Jews also does not count for that.

I wouldn’t say 100 times guiltier.

But are you familiar with the POV of this site?: WNsts see the straw in the kike eye but not the beam in their own.

Certainly, Bill Clinton is far guiltier than George Soros.

On this site, I have dozens upon dozens of posts on that theme: whites far guiltier than kikes.

Have you read the recent posts quoting Robert Morgan?

Or my essays on monocausalism?

Or my essays on bicausalism?

Or my essays on why the Xtian problem dwarfs the JP (like a Megalodon dwarfs a white shark)?

@CT, I have seen some of your perspectives on that. But the main aspect of how I see it is that the Jews turn Whites into enablers and defenders of his cause without them realizing it. The reason the Jews are capable to do this is because Gentiles – especially Whites – are manipulated by causes like “morals and ethics” and the Jew manipulates the egos of Whites to believe they are fighting something worthy, especially when money is involved. But specific families were more invested towards indebting their lives to the Jews as loyal servants than others.

I have read your articles on Robert Morgan and essays about the Xtian problem.

That being said it is not deniable that there are Whites which conspire with Jews. But they most certainly will not escape justice when what needs to take place, manifests.

> “the Jews turn Whites into enablers…”

So everything boils down to what was first, chicken or egg?

I believe chicken was first (whites are guiltier).

WNsts believe egg was 1st (kikes are guiltier).

The best way to approach the issue is simply to read the two stories on the white race, by Pierce and Kemp.

Once you read, e.g., Pierce’s, you’ll see that, while Pierce appeared like a ‘bicausal A’ on his weekly speeches, he looks like a ‘bicausal B’ on his books, including his novels.

See also my article, ‘My own paradigm shift’.

@CT, I’ll have to check those out and get back to you, but I read about your paradigm shift and have no argument on that article. In a way yes it does become a chicken and egg argument, but it gets very complicated as the Jews descend from an alien species and does not have an evolutionary process. Human beings do have an evolutionary process and the way the Jew has present itself to Whites was by manipulative scheming that would be overlooked or that especially spirited people have not yet become evolved enough to perceive how evil works and to identify deception. The Jews always come as wolves in sheep clothing. In the long run both Jews and at this point a large amount of Whites have been guilty and should not escape justice either. But your statement is right about comforts throughout history being one of the constant downfalls of White Civilizations. Perhaps it’s because the less industrious races are content with having less and living more in a primitive manner that it doesn’t bother them the same.

Recently, in my post about Earnest shooting the synagogue, I said

Yes: Jews are as horrible as nationalists say, but our problem began when we accepted their psyop, Christianity, and even before: when the Roman Empire started to miscegenate. (emphasis added)

That’s the whole point.

Read at least the book by William Pierce.

First it was the Roman sin, then the kikes took advantage of it.

No Roman sin (again, read Who We Are) no miscegenation, and therefore no kike infection.

I excerpted Who We Are for The Fair Race by the way.

I am talking of TD passages such as these:

But ignorance of that sort is no more excusable than the bleating, sheep-like liberalism of the pseudo-intellectuals who have smugly promoted Jewish ideology for so many years; or than the selfishness and cowardice of the great American middle class who went along for the ride, complaining only when their pocketbooks suffered.

No, talk of “innocents” has no meaning. We must look at our situation collectively, in a race-wide sense. We must understand that our race is like a cancer patient undergoing drastic surgery in order to save his life. There is no sense in asking whether the tissue being cut out now is “innocent” or not. That is no more reasonable than trying to distinguish the “good” Jews from the bad ones—or, as some of our thicker-skulled “good ol’ boys” still insist on trying, separating the “good niggers” from the rest of their race.

The fact is that we are all responsible, as individuals, for the morals and the behavior of our race as a whole. There is no evading that responsibility, in the long run, any more for the members of our own race than for those of other races, and each of us individually must be prepared to be called to account for that responsibility at any time. In these days many are being called.

While those passages have valid points, the key issue comes back to Anglosphere politics and racial issues. But the likes of Pierce as well as figures like George Lincoln Rockwell, as you know my feelings on the Scots-Irish, they have a monopoly and cornered the market on White Nationalism which is why they are of the most recognized figures among many. I just take their information as useful information and knowledge that are essential reads for many.

In hindsight, the Jew knows best how to exploit the Altruistic gene of Aryans. And they do this with Whites more than any other people, hence the Jew has discovered a way to exploit niceness of Aryans to the point of allowing it to cause Self-destruction.

Couple that with Christian Moralism and Egalitarian values, Whites have gone to believe that because we are the best that somehow this means we should give indiscriminately to anyone and everyone, ignoring our own well-being and Sovereignty, and even at the cost of selling out our people and Nations.

Jews have a psuedo-intellectual appeal in their way of speaking and how they bring up points, and this also exploits the nice gene in Aryans to be used against them without realizing it. The more racially mixed Whites are even far more duped in it.

But again you are blaming Jews more than whites.

Since we are discussing before you read, say, Kemp’s March of the Titans, perhaps the best way is to refer to personal anecdotes.

When my father lived I always wondered where did he get the anti-Spanish, pro-Indian bias.

Was it TV? No, because after he died I read his correspondence of the 1940s, long before he became an addict to TV (and in Franco’s Spain the media did not buy the Black Legend).

It was his Catholicism or rather a version of it.

I have written a book on the snares of faith in my father, including his admiration of pre-Columbian Indians. After decades of observing him, I concluded that Christian ethics was the real culprit in his embracing the so-called Black Legend against Spain.

In later years kike TV only reinforced what he wrote in those 1940s letters, written in Spain.

If you do something similar with your father or grandfather (assuming you have the proper information) you may reach an identical conclusion: a white problem is enabling the JP.

@C.T. Yes, you are correct about that, I am blaming Jews more than Whites. In particular because my own family for centuries has had to flee from place to place to escape either being intermixed or murdered by these bastards. Most White Families today have some sort of affiliation with Jews at least working or collaborating with them on some level. My family does not.

But still, Clinton, who is glad that whites will be a minority in the US, is worse than Soros. And thousands of Clintons, if not hundreds of thousands and more, are the ones who are enabling the Soros.

No Clintons no Soros. The traitor is worse than the Jew.

@CT, to me it is all Semantics, subject to interpretation. Whites are also far larger in numbers. But the Jews specifically maintain themselves as a minority and maintain more either Half Jews and White Gentiles to do their bidding so as to not draw attention. The thing is the Elite leaders of this world like Clintons, Soros and them belong to a common Bloodline that Aryans don’t share. Unless they are half-breeds. If we didn’t have Jews, we wouldn’t have such traitors. The jews usurped the Palestinians in a similar manner in which they duped them into a scheme of land agreement which allowed the Jews to steal their land from them. A whole other story, but the Jew has taken advantage of Humans who have not evolved enough to recognize the mastermind level of evil that Jews are capable of.

Whites are also far larger in numbers.

Which is why whites are guiltier than the Jews.

But the Jews specifically maintain themselves as a minority and maintain more either Half Jews and White Gentiles to do their bidding so as to not draw attention.

Have you paid due attention to Robert Morgan’s comments? Jews don’t force Whites to do their bidding: it’s whites themselves perpetrating self-harming behaviour even before the Jews had power either in the US and Canada or Latin America.

If we didn’t have Jews, we wouldn’t have such traitors.

Again, you really have to read the two histories by Kemp and Pierce. The historical fact tells us it’s the other way around: If we didn’t have traitors, we wouldn’t have such Jews. To paraphrase Codreanu, there would be no mosquitoes without the swamps of our sins.

the Jew has taken advantage of Humans who have not evolved enough to recognize the mastermind level of evil that Jews are capable of.

And this is exactly monocausalism or projecting all Evil to the kikes, which is why Who We Are and March of the Titans are must-reads before we continue this conversation. If that’s too much for the moment, take a good look at Morgan’s comments on Unz Review.

@C.T., well I don’t have much more to argue on it really, but it’s just that the Jews even know themselves the statistics and fact about how much Whites are sold hook, line and sinker to defending the Jews and protecting them, and they boast about it to a point where it gives them more fuel for their fire.

In any case, I have something I would like to also mention. I am an activate Public National Socialist who dresses in uniform regalia and swastikas.

And from my years of witnessing responses and reactions, it is quite interesting but disturbing to note, that the majority of people who take offense to my Swastikas and Uniform tend to be White people and Homeless Schizoids. Almost never any other races take offense, unless they are like the Black Hebrew Israelites or Puerto Rican Jews especially.

White people almost never approach or ever discuss anything, but Jews who pretend to be Whites have commonly approached me either trying to “befriend a Nazi” and they have no shame or worries about approaching me. I’ve also had jewish girls approach me in coffee shops which say out right “OMG, is that a Swastika you are wearing? Are you serious!?” And I’m like “yes, what if you offend me!? Let’s talk…” And she rushes out the door with her friends and says “No I don’t think so!”

Most reactions from girls are either repulsed by my regalia, but some will smile. But it’s an interesting observation to see how the jews will make their voices heard.

Anyway, make of it what you may. But it truly is a telling sign…

The whole point is that our swamps are causing the mosquitoes to thrive; not the mosquitoes the ones who are creating the swamps. (See for example the latest sin of Alt-Rightists in my post today, ‘Ethnosuicidal GoT fans’.)

@C.T. That sure is a good way to put it… Yeah that sums it up. You would think at this point that more Whites would approach me and want to collaborate, but even as desperate as things are they do not. Generally the only European peoples that ever know the truth or ever can have a conversation about it are either the Polish or Albanians. But a lot of the Albanians who know the truth were spies who know the history. But I get a serious thrill too from the disgust and fear that some Whites and Jews have when they see me. Afterall, as Goebbels said, you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide.

The “Blood Libel” is real. I refer you to Ariel Toaff’s ”
Bloody Passover”. He oughta know.

Earnest is a JEW. His Mommy is a JEW. Look it up. She’s hideous. She looks like Ron Perleman’s twin sister. Earnest did not write that manifest. Stop deceiving yourself.

@Devan, that’s still technically incorrect. How can that statement be construed other than you having an ill will towards the White Race?

Yes, many whites are mixed with Jews, and yes many Whites behave Jewwy. But the origins of the White Race, or Aryans in particular is absolutely not Jewish in origins.

The intention behind your statements speak much greater than the words for what they describe itself…

Devan says he’s an Aryan. But his extreme pessimism is so bothering that some commenters have speculated he might be something else.

@C.T., yeah I’d say that’s a given… Because such comments as these are designed to appeal in a super twisted way to twist Aryans into self-hate and guilt / self-reflection, the same way that was done to the Germans after the war.

He’s hoping that we consent to the idea, and I’ve found that the jew always looks to make consent even if due to innocent ignorance or something swift on the behalf of the Aryan.

Proverbially, when one endorses the Jew’s statement, the Jew can always come back later and appear blameless but the Aryan takes the blame because he endorsed it.

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