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Feminism in Game of Thrones

‘8 damn seasons of build up and the White Walkers lose on their first battle past the Wall? And no major [human] characters even die in the biggest battle, how? —disillusioned Game of Thronesfan.

Today Counter-Currentspublished ‘Women & Game of Thrones’which contains a phrase pronounced by the actor who plays the role of Jon Snow (now, aspiring to the throne): ‘the show is feminist’. Yesterday HBO released the third episode of season 8, and the feminism of Game of Thrones has reached its zenith.

Throughout eight seasons the audience was patiently prepared for a final confrontation between the Night King and the forces of Good. To begin with, this betrays the claim of the author of the novels: that unlike The Lord of the RingGame of Thrones would not be Manichaean.

Very independently of the idea that George R. R. Martin may have to finish his final novel of the series, what ‘Jon Snow’ said is absolutely true: the series is feminist.

In 2017 I spoke on this site about the teenager Arya Stark as ‘capable of wiping out an entire House (in the previous season she killed the Feudal Lord)’. Yesterday, this girl did what LOTR’s Frodo achieved by destroying the One Ring: she alone, not a male warrior, killed the Night King(thus automatically destroying his whole army)!

It is useless to argue with a normie that we males have more agility and strength in sports than women, not to mention in hand-to-hand combat. Feminism has been so malicious cancer to the West that even in his final novel of the saga on the creation of a White Republic, the novelist Harold Covington puts a woman murdering the president of the United States at the climax that would define whether the White Republic would survive or not.

I repeat, it is not clear what George R. R. Martin has in mind for the outcome of his novel series. But the fact that the Game of Thrones writers have spoiled the tension accumulated in eight seasons with this scene of the girl Arya making her Frodo, reminds me that LOTR itself does not end with the destruction of the One Ring. It ends with a chapter on a final battle in the Shire that Peter Jackson did not film—the anticlimax.

Either way, the culmination of the TV series Game of Thrones happened yesterday. We were led to believe that the Night King, who had prepared for eight thousand years to invade the south, was surprised by a young Ninja female who, for some reason, appeared out of nowhere even though the Night King was surrounded by the Army of the Dead and the White Walkers (a sort of Praetorian guard for the Night King).

Yes: it can be argued that the final season ended yesterday in terms of climax, despite the fact that three more episodes remain for the next Sundays. In those episodes we will probably watch intrigues between the two houses about who will stay in the iron throne: Queen Cersei or Queen Daenerys.

If Germany had won the war, the feminist crap written by Jewish screenwriters to demoralize the Aryan male would never have reached Western television.