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WN is a club for women

Edited in September 2020

We live in the darkest hour for the white race since prehistory.

This means that almost one hundred percent of whites are degenerate, including those who should be the protectors of white women and children, Aryan men.

As David Lane said in his open letter to a dead race, if there are not 30,000 warriors hiding for some reason, the white race is lost. That means that our attitude must be Revolutionary, not reactionary. White nationalism and the Alt-Right are reactionary. It is a movement basically of women, not of men, in the sense of feminized western males, and therefore inefficient. If all WN forums we see today were actually run by women for women’s readership, I would not complain, but only males can actually defend them and their children.

That does not mean that, as men we are, we have to throw ourselves recklessly for the Revolution.

It just means that we should think like Revolutionaries.

If there were those 30,000 of whom Lane spoke, The Turner Diaries would have already replaced the Bible for these 30,000 men (similar to the 300 Spartans in real history).

But since the 30,000 are missing, the 3 warriors that want to take The Turner Diaries to the real world have to do some metapolitics to convince the other 29,997 to join the Revolution. And the best way to do that is to attack the Alt-Right as I’ve been doing in my latest articles, ‘Fuck white nationalism!’ and ‘On picketing WN meetings’.

Didn’t Norman Spear say that a Revolution needs only 3 percent of Aryan males convinced of the cause? So the job is to convince them by making fun of the Club for Women.

Johnson’s mistake is the mistake of all the degenerate bourgeois of the Alt-Right who believe that it is possible to save the race without endangering their lives.

But the trick is to tell the potential Revolutionaries that it is not yet time for fighting in the real world, as Revolutionaries are far from reaching 3 percent of Aryans.

The work of these cultured thugs that still can’t get out of the trenches is to channel our hatred for the ethnocidal System in unmasking these feminized bourgeois so that the young may join ranks with the Revolutionary cause, far from the forums for women.

It may seem unlikely what I am going to say, but if I had a way to contact these would-be Revolutionaries, I would say the same thing that William Pierce told Bob Mathews: that his plans for immediate action are premature.

We have to wait for the dollar to tank. These experts recognise that we live in an economic bubble that will soon ‘pop’, as can be heard from their lips at the end of the video.

Even after the American dollar tanks we have to wait a while until we reach 3% of Aryan males who are willing to fight.

Meanwhile, as I said, the task is to convince young people that white nationalism is a Club for Women, as it is impossible to seize power without a fight in a West that doesn’t even allow us to speak in public. Only the United States has the First Amendment, but even that country has an extralegal system of penalties to silence the dissident, as seen in Silicon Valley, ADL, SPLC and let’s not talk about what happened on my birthday in Charlottesville.

Yes, ‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable’ (John F. Kennedy) but today’s warriors must hold their fire because of what happened to Mathews. But the spirit of Mathews, not Johnson’s, is the one that will eventually save the race.

It is curious that the best author of original texts that Johnson has published, Michael O’Meara, finishes his book—the first book that Counter-Currents has published—with a call to arms.

Although O’Meara has not rushed like Mathews, in a discussion forum before retiring from white nationalism he said he would prepare for Revolutionary action.

That is the correct attitude.

It is time to troll the Club for Women called white nationalism in order to recruit the real men from its ranks.

Remember: the goal is three percent among the Aryan males of a nation. Some would say that one percent is enough, insofar the other two percent are blind followers of hardcore leaders.

19 replies on “WN is a club for women”

After revolution – what? I’m not defending white nationalism, just opining that you have to have a plan for the society you want to see after the dead are buried and the enemy disarmed. The bolsheviks knew what they wanted, they’d be planning it almost since the dawn of time and that is why they succeeded. If we don’t even know exactly what we want, how can we know what to fight for.

I’ll bet that you want to go back to Tradition, with a noble aristocracy ruling the rest of the population with a firm hand, as in the past. I am sorry, but that won’t wash. Those days are gone. They can’t be resuscitated.

The white man is the most domesticated animal on earth, he will not revolt, but if he does revolt ,that revolution will always meet the fate of WW2, as the instincts of his race have been corrupted for far too long.

One should accept the fate that there is nothing worthy exists anymore to preserve, we can always spend the remaining time in taking care of animals and living with what ever we have.

World does indeed belong to untermenschen and their Yid masters, christianity and islam are the professed faiths of these untermensch, one can always blame civilization or christianity but the reality is the subhumans are far too many in numbers.

I don’t agree with Devan’s absolute pessimism as I believe there is a small chance for our race to continue to survive, but I do like reading his comments as they provide an insight into what the truth will be if Nordics/Aryans are fully submerged or mongrelized in this gigantic population of untermensch and become extinct.

I’m of the opinion that western Europe (excluding Germany, as they seem to be declining at a slower rate than their surrounding states) along with the Aryan diaspora is totally lost. At this point, I believe that the only “white’ nations that will be around long enough for reaction to occur are those situated in the least hospitable of places-Norway, Iceland and perhaps some other parts of far northern Europe.

“One should accept the fate that there is nothing worthy exists anymore to preserve, we can always spend the remaining time in taking care of animals and living with what ever we have.”


You agree but I strongly disagree.

The goal of the soldier is to make the System suffer.

Hate of the System must be greater than love for one’s life.

If thousands hated as much as I do, on both sides of the Atlantic, the world would be ours, since the bloodiest Revolution in history would be a fact, not a hope.

A revolution for what? Let’s say we kill overnight all jews, blacks, all mixed people etc. After that, what? Then Hitler should have allowed the construction of the bomb, but he didn’t because he wanted to preserve, to build!

This is the account of the man in 1923:

“The man who has lost his instincts and does not recognize the obligation Nature has given him cannot hope for any corrective action on Nature’s part until he restores his lost instincts by clear intellectual awareness. Once he understands, then he must face the task of making the necessary amends by bringing back what was lost. There is a great danger that once a man no longer sees his duty clearly, he will continue to tear down the racial barriers until the last remaining shred of his best part is finally lost. Then there would be nothing left but a uniform racial mush, which appears to be the ideal sought by our “wonderful world-reformers” today. However this puree mix would soon drive all ideals from the world. True, a group of great size might be formed in that way because a herd animal can be unnaturally combined, but no such mixture can ever produce a man who can carry a culture or a man who can be a cultural founder and creator. The mission of mankind could then be considered at an end.
Anyone who does not want the earth to approach that condition must accept that it is the task, especially of the German State, to be sure, above everything, that all further bastardization is stopped.”

And what was WW2 fought for? To destroy New Germany, the last chance of Aryan humanity of creating a higher order on Earth, yes, in the long run, to the benefit of all races!

The mission of mankind is indeed at its end. 1945 or 2019, not much difference for those who can think. Human race (aryan, black, japanese, chinese etc.) has become a plaything for the Jew, it will continue to be so until its extinction.

“bread and circus” “shake off the software (Xtianity)” someone’s been borrowing from the peanut gallery. Trolling the alt is good but you need to provide more or youll be left with stranded individualists. It’s not enough to mock a sports fan. You need to explain why you’re mocking them. “You spent a month pay to watch an ‘athlete’…who wants your daughter?”

@Samia, you sound like remnants of butthurt defeatism like that of Kaiser Wilhelm II! Tradition is meaningless when it lacks esoteric backing of why we practice and follow Traditions. Some old ones may remain, but new Traditions will be started to replace those which are obsolete or irrelevant. Many people in our era fail to recognize that the old Europe we knew was long decaying even into the 20th century. Christianity is a Cancer for Europe, and we need a new fabric of spirituality woven into our individual cultures.

What comes after the revolution? A timelessness and sense of tranquility where we can rebuild a society in an order that is meaningful and relates to our senses in our given Nations without being strangled on one hand by Jewish finance, and on the other hand being strangled by inferior racial elements which lower cultural, spiritual and working standards of Aryan society.

We must remind our fellow comrades as well, that the Non-White racial elements hinder our Civilization in so many ways that few people recognize. In fact, in America at least, Feminism, Fat Acceptance, Degenerate Music, Drug Tolerance and the #MeToo Campaign, things like this would have never reached the apex that they have in America, without the American Negro. Negroes have instilled so many degenerate activities and ideas due to their effeminate and simpy nature to them, which is another reason we cannot have them living among us in a White ethno-state. They will always drag the culture down and their lower forms of character begin to impose themselves on our way of life.

@C.T. I understand your view too and I feel this hate almost everyday (some days I feel nothing) but I do not know what I hate anymore. Whom to kill? I can kill 10, 20, say 50 people. But it’s all so random. Just killing doesn’t help. My life is irrelevant. I would gladly die next second were it for an ideal. The whites I see around me are so judaized that I know it wouldn’t change shit. That I would die for idiots who would spit on my sacrifice. Why do you think a few thousands would change something when there is a mass of millions, perhaps billions of enemies? Those who died in WW2 were much more luckier than us, it was worth it if only for the combat itself. I’m too dispossessed, I was born without a nation, without a people, without a faith. I prefer to live for nothing. I also know there is nothing honourable in this way of life. Maybe all human beings should be exterminated.

The human being is only a microbe, nothing at all, it’s all about ideology, about how you raise it. Germany was the last chance to put a stop to lies and start building something beautiful on this earth. Why even survive? When there is no culture, nothing at all? It’s over.

I agree to the sentiments of this article that we are not yet painted close enough into a corner.
But I do react on the use of the phrase ‘Club of Women’. Why use ‘women’ to describe them? The Gods know we will need the women in the future, so why use the word describing their sex as an abusive term? I encountered that usage often during my stays in the US as well. I found them rather pitiful.
Why not something like ‘Club of Cowards’ or ‘The emasculated gang’ or whatever you chose.
A future where the word describing the sex of the valkyries is looked upon as a synonym for weakness is a bleak future indeed.

I’m not saying i am battle hardened nor fully “prepared” for what i know must be done so as to achieve *Victory* myself, b/c i am not; but I agree wholeheartedly with the article above.

Long story, but i greatly admired the Nazis growing up without knowing why, all while believing the narrative established by our literal Demonic/Djinn/Archontic/Vampiric/Satanic humanoids in the flesh colleagues, the Jews.

I grew up in an abominable, totally inverted family in an equally abominable, depraved Jewish paradise, Jew Orleans, Louisiana. A true to life Babylonian hellhole equal in filth to none thus far in my experience having travelled through a big chunk of America.

The relentless abuse & trauma inflicted upon me by my shallow, clinically narcissistic, materialistic Boomer parents helped to free me from much of the Jewish indoctrination to which i had been subjected since birth, but i did embrace drug addiction degeneracy to try to soothe the pain from both the abuse & my first large exposure to this Jewish world.

I realized as a 14 yr old boy that i would never realistically find an average but good looking trustworthy feminine woman of the quality i & other white men deserve with whom to start/sustain a family. It devastated me, because I had always wanted that most basic of things.

I realized our women are now only good for pumping & dumping “casual” sex, with few exceptions. Though I was “lucky” compared to many white guys nowadays insofar as these whores have generally consistently naturally liked me since i first began dating, i never pursued casual sex in earnest. I wanted it on a base level, but the thought also disgusted me to the point i consciously went MGTOW after i broke up with my second (pretty, hb8, but a head case) girlfriend.

Survived being strung out & spun out on hero-in (as in heroin, the Boogeyman of drugs, especially to non-users) for approximately 10 yrs without killing myself or anyone else.

I am not making any apologies for it either, nor will i speak with hatred towards myself about my past behaviors as many “recovering” hardcore addicts do. I’ve survived a few serious near death experiences thus far. Was robbed at gunpoint when i was 17 by 3 niggers who held a gun to the back of my head for about 30 mins.

Survived a crash that should have killed me a few months later after having passed out at the wheel, missed a concrete light pole speeding along at about 70 mph by about 6 inches according to the badge nigger cops but stumbled out unscathed of the totaled car.

Worked out on the Mississippi River, got hit head on on a towboat in the middle of night by a weak tornado.

A few months later, i fell overboard off the bow of a tier of seven 200ft long grain barges {i recklessly went out on a barge niggers who had unloaded it via a crane barge outside of a ship at a grain elevator had lazily failed to clean in any way whatsoever full of slicker than witch shit powders working at a company wherein we were expected to cut corners with our safety to save time}, and got swept underneath the barge in the middle of the night.

Fought for my life as i never had before, but still objectively speaking should not have survived. So many improbable factors perfectly aligned that allowed for me to live.

Long story, but right as my life had finished “flashing” before my eyes underneath the barge as my air supply ran out and i made my peace with my pathetic ultimate fate, i emerged from underneath & tasted air again. Short lived was my respite though, because I was swept underneath a second 200ft long barge.

Anyway, i am not sharing these details to try to impress anyone, at all. Nor to make myself into some sort of exemplary National Socialist Totenkopf veteran warrior, b/c i am not.

My point is, all that suffering i inflicted upon myself did largely help me overcome the extremely effeminate programming i received all my life. My parents were anti role models, along with the Jewish “culture.” I thought i was possessed when i decided to rebel against my weak yet still tyrannical boomer parents, (who in spite of their numerous faults & failings i nonetheless still love but strongly dislike, its fubar), i felt this overwhelming intuition telling me i must toughen myself up & i did it the only way i knew how, though there surely could have been “better” ways, had i had someone in my life to guide me.

It wasn’t totally straightforward, but to shorten this post, it was when i discovered the Red Pill & learned the truth i resolved to stop doing illegal drugs and I’ve been free for almost 5 years now.

I had devolved into a true to life poster boy of the “heroin epidemic” (which is actually the “fentanyl epidemic,” a mere symptom of a much deeper plethora of issues) insofar as the intensity of my addiction. It was my cause de celebre because i saw no thing worth dying for, nor living for either.

Since discovering the RP and learning about the Jews, i have wanted no thing more than to do all in my power to destroy the system. The Jews must be exterminated, no mercy! I feel such an intense hatred for what was robbed from me my since birth.

I’ve been on the forums at the Daily Stormer since almost the beginning of that site. There are some true potential warriors there, but they are the minority. I mean (apparent) white European men who are genuinely itching to do something. To fight, in real life.

However, i now know with certainty that the majority of bro’s there are larping. Meaning, that is *why* they are there. They want to larp, and *only* to larp.

Since 2017, when i realized that “Glorious Leader Mr. President Donald J. Trump” as a lot of guys there said, barely able to conceal their unrelenting massive penile erection due to their delusional “damsel in distress” fantasies of being rescued by the “good guys” within the (((US government)))..when i realized Trump was actually what he had very obviously been from the beginning, i began warning the guys there, & continuously advocated that we begin linking up in real life to form a de facto ethnostate.

Not necessarily within ZOG’s non-existent borders, but possibly. To accept that we will never vote our way out of this mess, and that we begin preparing to take matters into our own hands while at least living as we all supposedly wished.

My warnings fell almost totally on deaf ears. Many guys there are indeed so dominated by their emotions, so frail from coming up in “upbringings” similar to mine & damaged by this world, that they may as well be women. I was attacked as a “traitor,” but mostly just ignored.

Even now, now that Trump has been formally denounced there and recognized more for who he truly has always been, there is only minor interest in the idea of breaking the status quo there.

Many guys there (not all, once more) idolize Andrew, which i understand b/c whatever the whole “truth” is about him, he has helped a lot of white guys in massive ways, he’s helped & inspired me massively, but the effect is many of the regulars there blindly follow him at his word.

To wrap this tdlr post up, there indeed are a minority of regulars there on the bbs who seem very serious and enthusiastic about taking actions. About revolutionary actions. Several i have encountered have been bitterly disillusioned by the way Andrew refused to stop shilling for Trump even as there was overwhelming evidence that President Trump was not /ourguy/ at all well before Trump signed the budget without funding for the wall.

There have been whispers in the background, wondering why the DS should remain an only online propaganda platform squandering massive real world power potential. It is extremely unproductive to accuse anyone who claims to be pro white of being a secret Jewish shill, imo. We are already extremely divided, and the Jews have their throat on all of our necks as a result.

What matters is there are indeed white men aware of wtf is going on and who are itching to escalate our struggle.

As others have noted, there must be goals to work towards. Simply attacking white nationalists & Christians for that matter is stupid if there is nothing to offer them as an alternative. I agree that Christianity is the greatest long term threat to our peoples survival.

This is a spiritual struggle, at the end of the day.

Thanks for sharing.

DS is a stepping stone right in the middle of the psychological Rubicon.

We are on the other side already.

Read The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour and cross the remainder of the turbulent waters.

If you cannot obtain a copy, read the most important texts within The Fair Race, linked in the sticky post.

Good luck with your crossing it (I also had a hellish adolescence)!

Thank you, C.T.

More will come to “the other side,” many more.

Most guys are simply biological beta males awaiting permission from someone they admire/trust (about 70% of all males of all races are betas as I know you know). That latter element is the tricky part.

Finding a genuine 14 worder *ready* to take the type of horrific actions we must who isn’t secretly working on behalf the Jews as a gatekeeper or as controlled opposition.

I doubt we shall see a new Hitler this round. There seem to be so many aspects which “created” Hitler & his fellow legionaries of desperados totally lacking in today’s “climate.”

..i will at least read the sticky note link if not purchase your “Darkest Hour” book when i am better able to afford it.

I’m in my early 30’s, still working on getting my life together dealing with consequences of my earlier choices, but over the last year i have all but ignored the circus & been doing the “prepping” i am able to at the moment (still stuck in an urban area, for better & worse)

Definitely interested now in what “crossing over” the Rubicon is all about. I know only a revolution can break the (((patterns))). Hey, an unprecedented (in the modern era) percentage of young white men are totally sexless today, incels. That alone is a *strong* predictor of revolutionary activities.

If you haven’t seen these, you should check them out when you have time, unless you’re lead-ing it up or working on a high score count imminently, don’t let me distract. Very fascinating stuff, if nothing else.

“White Genocide & The Archontic Infection” (red ice tv):
“The Kalika War Party” (red ice again, John Lash declared holy war upon the Jews):

I dont remember if i shared it or not, but as for more of the spiritual aspect of this struggle, here are a few vids.

“Demons of the Goetia with Chris Everard” (3hrs long, he keeps on naming specific Jews being Kabbalists meddling with European royal families throughout history, he does some retard tier “muh Evil Nazis conspiracy” in his work, i bet to try to protect himself from being labelled an antisemite who must be de-platformed, immediately)

His two documentaries “Spirit Word Vol’s I & II: The Kabbalah” are full of very interesting things and he also keeps naming specific Jews as sorcerers & so forth. They’re both on JewTube.

I simply don’t believe that our elites, as in WASP’s/white royal families who aren’t Jewish (& who could topple the Jews themselves, if they wished), have formed a literal alliance with the exterminators of their own damned posterity merely because they’re afraid or bribed.

There must be something more substantial, and there *are* reasons, all apparently related to the Occult. Nothing else makes any sense. Not central banks, nor even in light of the fact the Jews destroyed our white aristocracies a long time ago. It all relates to the planet/deity Saturn, apparently. Star of Rempham.

@Psychelonb I wouldn’t like to scare off a César’s customer, but are you subscribing to that insane view that Jews are bad because they are racist?

Red Ice TV is normier than Euronews. Of course, a wise man’s place is in a trash can (see César sacrificing his sanity watching Star Wars and Game of Thrones to impart us a message), but Red Ice TV is just too much.

I think, it was @rhnegatives who too said that all races should try to fight the Jew? Hilarious! The reality is that weak Whitie = strong non-Whitie!

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