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Why non-whites must be exterminated

In one of his most recent comments, Robert Morgan said:

Experimentation on animals tends to get a blanket pass because it sometimes saves human lives. Perhaps this is the result of Christian culture, according to which man is the only creature with a soul, so the tacit assumption is it’s okay so long as it’s for a good cause, and in any case animals, being soulless, aren’t worth bothering about.

But only in the West, I think, do a fair number of people get irate about the cruelty. Is there a PETA in China or Vietnam, or in all of Africa? If there is, I’d wager that it was founded and is staffed by whites.

I’ve read, for example, that the Chinese, who also eat cats, will lower them into boiling water an inch at a time. Making the animal suffer excruciating pain is thought to make the meat taste better. The details of kosher slaughter are about as sadistic, although whether it’s done to improve the flavor, or simply out of sheer pleasure at being able to torture something that’s utterly helpless, I can’t say.

The biggest flaw in white nationalism is subscribing Christian morality in the sense that love for mankind is a commandment taken for granted. That this universalism didn’t exist before Christianity suggests to me it is a malware installed in the white psyche by our (((racial enemies))), the gospel authors.

If non-whites are not exterminated after a world-wide Revolution à la Turner Diaries, animals will continue to be tortured in hell by these little devils called humans. Always remember that the first steps the Nazis took after reaching power in the 1930s were laws forbidding the unnecessary torment of animals. Always remember that (see first comment below)!

Of course: I expand the axis of my philosophy—exterminationism—in the books I write in my native language. It is true that I suspended the writing of a long From St Francis to Himmler, but these days I finished the much shorter From Jesus to Hitler. I will choose a translated chapter from it for the 2020 edition of Day of Wrath.

The crux of my philosophy is that ninety-nine percent of humans must be wiped out in order to leave room to a compassionate white race: a Utopia that already can be seen in the image chosen for the bare backup of this site.

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• Goebbels mentions that Hitler planned to ban slaughterhouses in the German Reich following the conclusion of the Second World War.

• Support for animal welfare in Nazi Germany was common among the country’s leadership. Heinrich Himmler for one made an effort to ban the hunting of animals.

• After Hitler had ascended to the Chancellery and the Nazis had consolidated control of the Reichstag, the Nazis immediately held a meeting to enact the ban on vivisection. Göring announced an end to the “unbearable torture and suffering in animal experiments” and said that those who “still think they can continue to treat animals as inanimate property” will be sent to concentration camps.

• On April 21, 1933, almost immediately after the Nazis came to power, the parliament began to pass laws for the regulation of animal slaughter. On November 24, 1933, Nazi Germany enacted another law called Reichstierschutzgesetz, for protection of animals. This law listed many prohibitions against the use of animals, including their use for filmmaking and other public events causing pain or damage to health.

• In 1938, animal protection was accepted as a subject to be taught in public schools and universities in Germany.

After the Hellstorm Holocaust, the triumphant Dark Powers reversed these advances and imposed a regressive Diktat of cruelty toward our cousins, the animals.

The moment I discovered that the National Socialists had banned vivisection was the moment I became one.

soul: says who? prove such a construct exists. extract the goddamned thing from one body and place it in another body. more christinsanity nonsense. when one should express respect and thanks to nature for the plentiful resources it endowed each of us with to live our lives, and then get living our lives. not stewing about in paleologic thinking as we cower in fear thinking we’re born in “original sin” — says who and define that construct, too — and need to curry the favor of the super-jealous yahweh warrior for protection from our enemies. (i want to scream from the mountaintops, “utter nonsense!”

Why ecology is properly of the “right;” of “reality-orientation.” Father Dennis Fahey wrote ‘Money Manipulation and Social Order,’ which has a chapter on Ecology. Although Fahey was a blackguard for wanting to turn Ireland into a Vatican Vassal State, he is a “literal Hitler” to most Novus-Ordo “Catholics” for pointing out the odd Jewish conspiracy and mentioning the Jews behind it, and also mentioning that they were Jewish. The Aryan ecologist values the natural world above our racial competitors. Semitism does the opposite. It preaches “alle menschen werden bruder.” It is so anthropocentric. The natural world will be destroyed by Rabbi Yeshua’s second coming anyway when he dissolves the world into ashes. As Steven Anderson once quipped: “We only need to worry about the animals that taste good.” Christian contempt for the natural world is despicable.

As Richard Carrier once pointed out, the common pagan belief was that this earth was eternal. It had no beginning, and it will have no end.

That this earth is permanent; that this earth matters; this is Aryan thought. This is the thought of a deconverted mind.

Christianity teaches the opposite. This earth has a sell-by-date of 7,000 years, after which it will be destroyed.

We cannot overstate just how screwed-up Semitism has the European mind. In many respects the European values what ought to be despised, and despises what ought to be valued. It is Semitism that has us so.

After reading much about Europe and the surrounding continent, I have noticed something very surprising. It would appear that Nordics in the 11th century practiced a form of death growling [as in the vocal style of death metal]:

“They celebrate a feast, to which all of them come together in order to honor their god and to eat and drink. When a man kills a sacrificial animal, whether it be an ox, ram, goat, or pig, he hangs it on a pole outside his house so that people will know that he has made a sacrifice in honor of the god. The town is poor in goods and blessings. They mainly eat fish, which exists there in large quantities. If any of them gives birth to a child, they throw them into the ocean in order to diminish their expenses. He also says that it is the right of the women to divorce their husbands whenever they like. There is also an artificial eye makeup. When one uses it, the beauty of both men and women is enhanced, and it never disappears. And he says: I have never heard any more awful singing then the singing of the people in Schleswig. It is a groan that comes out of their throats, similar to the bark of the dogs but even more like a wild animal.”

What is to be made of this? Mere Muhammadan propaganda or actual account of authentic Nordic culture? Is it enough proof that classical music is an insult to the Nordic folk instead of their native songs? That groaning “out of their throats” “but even more like a wild animal” is the true Nordic musical tradition that must be revived for the sake of creating an new culture?

Where does this binary autism come from that animals don’t have souls? Everything that moves has a soul; it’s just a question of degree.
So is this autist saying it’s ok to torture animals, but because gooks do it more viciously they must be exterminated? His logic doesn’t track.
Aryans have the most highly evolved souls. But needlessly murdering and torturing other life forms is a surefire way to annihilate your own soul.
The Bhagavad Gita teaches that God permits you to kill evil people, so long as you do not passionately invest yourself in the deed and you act out of necessity, not desire or lust.
Which is why I believe any type of violence or genocide is justified in expelling non-whites from Europe. But beyond that I have no desire or bloodlust to exterminate non-whites. I just don’t want them in Europe.

Indeed, and this whole notion of the 99% which need to be culled has been a recurring thought in my mind, and one which I wake up to on a daily basis. It truthfully is the only way to solve problems and get things done.

The only problem is so many Aryans (what’s left) do not have the self-confidence to understand that we need to accomplish this goal, and that we are far more valuable than other people, and they also lack the moral courage required to believe in it for themselves.

But we live in a world hostile for the development of the Aryan and all his creative might. There can be no real sense of peace, tranquility and a semblance of freedom until the racial trash is eliminated, no matter what price we must pay otherwise for it. A desolate and war-torn world is more desirable so long as we have our valuable members and the will to rebuild.

I believe someone who is a True Aryan, in thought and character and all, can only feel outrage and utter disgust at this world we live in and burdened by the fact that our modern age is composed of nothing but people who wear 50 different masks at any given time.

There can be no such thing as human progress or evolution in any real sense, or prosperity with people who get by and live life by wearing 50 different masks, and whereby life is treated as nothing but a “game”.

The Illuminists built up the population of this world purposely to eventually cull it off anyway, the only difference is we must put our own twist on it, because they have been in a race to kill off all the valuable racial elements while preserving the hive mindset types (useful as slaves) and we are in a race to save our own kind and rid this world of the hive-minded.

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