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Very busy

Christians can think of themselves as anti-Jewish without understanding that they are the ultimate conclusion of Judaism. —Nietzsche

Further to what I said in my February entries ‘La Santa Furia’ and ‘Working’. I am now reviewing the 730 pages of my second and last book, in which I analyse my father as the central figure among those who destroyed my life; besides analysing my mother and other victims of them, like my sister and a cousin. My philosophy of the four words appears in the final section.
What I write in my mother tongue is as important, or more important, than what I write in English. But except for a Swede who became disenchanted with me when he learned about my political ideas, nobody in the world has fully appreciated the work in my native language. And it’s striking that someone who processes, over the decades, the pain of the crime that he was the object as a minor is able to see the world so differently that it would seem the mind of an extraterrestrial.
For example, in recent times a certain Ciaran, the same Irishman who complained about destroying the churches (quoted in an entry linked above), has been sending me copies of his correspondence with Alex Linder and others. Although Ciaran confesses to me that he has suffered a mental disorder, he has not paid attention to me in that the only way to heal is to process the pain. (Something I compare with an oil refinery in the sense that crude oil is the unprocessed early traumas that got to be processed.)
Instead, in his letter to Linder today (electronic copy to me), this traditionalist Christian starts talking about the ‘fact’ that the condemned are burning in hell without even knowing who he’s is sending a copy. (At the end of my first book, Hojas Susurrantes, I recount the unspeakable experiences I suffered in San Rafael, California, for having introjected the doctrine of the eternal damnation of my abusive father.) And today, in my previous entry of the Kriminalgeschichte series, another idiot posts again a comment mentioning such doctrine. (Take into account that of this Dutchman I have been deleting several other comments over the years in which he had written stupid things like, ‘hell is eternal’, ‘my religion’, etc.).
Christians or neo-Christians who believe they are helping their race with their twisted minds are, in fact, contributing to the white race dying. The reason for this is not only guessed in the essay ‘Rome vs. Judea’, but in the Kriminalgeschichte series that I translate little by little.
Little by little I say because, although now I am so busy that I will reduce my work on this site to the minimum until I finish the review of my second book, even after I finish I don’t think I’ll continue to translate the Kriminalgeschichte articles daily, as I did in the past. I will translate them, yes, but in a more spaced way. It is not an issue that attracts much attention because white nationalists believe that Jews, not Christians, are the primary cause of Aryan decline.
For an autobiographer who has processed his traumas inflicted at home, it is incredible the level of dissociation and madness that the movement suffers: a movement that presumes to defend the Aryan race and remains addicted to the millennial Jewish drug. And with this I also mean those English Christians who spoke in a podcast about the article by Hunter Wallace that I mentioned at an entry a couple of days ago. Manu Rodríguez wrote:

We are not ourselves; we cannot speak out as long as we try to speak from that space: the Jewish-Christian-Muslim milieu. Within these traditions we are not ourselves, we disappear.

Like Evropa Soberana, Rodríguez is Spanish. I translated the above quote from the language of Cervantes. Isn’t it funny that this pair of Spanish speakers have a better grasp of how to defend their race than the English speakers of the Alt-Right?

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Last week, on Radio Aryan, I linked you pdf of Rome vs Judea, with a comment “the white person who worships the god of the Jews is, ultimately, ethnosuicidal”. Sven left 3 pissy comments, and I told him that if he cared about the truth he would try to engage me properly. He said that every time I linked an article he would call it “fake news”. I told him that he would have to delete my comments because his fans could still see them, as they have a right to know the truth. I thought that perhaps the pdf was too long-winded, so left your Apocalypse For Whites article about Hypatia (to pull on peoples heartstrings, like showing them the victims of Hellstorm). He then said “Jack Halliday was asked to provide an explanation. He can’t. All he can do is link the same crap, so now he is banned”.
Funnily enough, I was still able to post comments, so I decided to comment on the Orthodox Nationalist’s podcast about Bela Kun. I said “where was your god when 10 million Russian Christians were slaughtered by the Bolshevik Jews?” Then I left a comment on another one of Sven’s shows where he says that old tired rubbish about evolution only being a “theory”. Of course, I stated the definition of “theory” when used in science is different to when it is used in other circumstances. I looked at the comments sections that I had posted on the next day, and found all my comments deleted. I still don’t feel quite done with him yet, however.
On the one hand I am surprised that the maniac you mention is Dutch rather than American, but I also think of the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch, another Dutchman. William Pierce made a small speech about him and stated that he would love to see what he would be painting if he were in America today. It is clear that he puts to canvas all the horrors that a child must feel when being raised into Christianity. But do you know why it might be that the smartest are Spanish racists? Coincidence?
And why does this McArdle show you his talks with Alex Linder?

I guess this pre-Vatican II Catholic has a mailing list to share his theological views, and never comments on the WN forums. After I posted the above, Ciaran sent me two emails requesting that I removed his name (I thought it was a penname!). But I won’t: the immense hatred that causes in me all those who preach the doctrine of eternal torture is beyond anything that you can imagine…
Sven believes in so-called ‘Christian Identity’. When he told me that the holy family (Mary, Joseph etc.) were whites I knew that it was a waste of time to discuss with him. But what worries me is that so many English-speaking racialists still consume the Jewish drug.
Why do Spaniards are more red-pilled regarding Xtianity? Maybe because of the long history of that religion in the Iberian Peninsula. The US is a fairly new nation. Spain is the oldest nation in Western Europe, and Spaniards have suffered Christianity from the 6th century. Once the pro-white advocate introduces the long history of Xtianity of his country into his intellectual life, it’s obvious that it has been rather poisonous for the race (something that people like Ciaran won’t see).

Nietzsche eschewed scholastic dialectics so I have to take his comment that Christianity is the ‘conclusion’ of Judaism as either facetious or incompetent. He cannot eschew (coherently) dialectics then present an anti-Christian message as the conclusion of dialectic reasoning.

You simply have not read the context. That’s the epigraph of the essay by Evropa Soberana that I edited, ‘Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome’. If you have not read that essay, you don’t know what are we talking about.

The Appeal to Context is the last (and only) defence of a postmodernist, inuring his sophistry against criticism while simultaneously reinforcing its unreliability.
You are the most articulate and most importantly, morally and intellectually consistent, contemporary defender of National Socialism that I have ever seen roaming the wilds of the Internet. But you’re making the same mistake Hesse and others made, in blaming Christianity for the actions of a Tribe intrinsically hostile to it. Repent; return to your Eastern Orthodox roots (the One True Branch of Christianity) and take solace in Christ’s intention to deify mankind.

The Jews are hostile to Christianity because they are smart enough not to be dragged into some egalitarian bullshit. Compare the Talmudic phrase “even the best of Goyim should be killed” with the Bible’s “there is no Greek, nor Jew” or “turn the other cheek”.
You think that by sacrificing what little self respect you have in order to “repent”, that you have the Zion poison right where you want it – You don’t. The Jews are a million steps ahead of you. And they always will be if you worship at the altar of a Trojan horse.
>”Repent; return to your Eastern Orthodox roots (the One True Branch of Christianity) and take solace in Christ’s intention to deify mankind.”
What are you even talking about, dude? What is it about the Orthodox church that I am supposed to admire? Is it their past persecution of rodnovery? Their uselessness in fighting the Turks, the Mongols and the Tartars? Is it the fact that they bed over for Putin?
There is nothing about the Eastern Orthodox church that can help us right now. And what about my roots? My roots are not in a Slavic branch of an oriental faith, and neither is Cesar’s. I am English with a good deal of Irish background if you go far enough, so my ancestors were either Anglo Saxons or Celts, but probably a mixture. The Celts were not Christians and the Anglo Saxons converted because the Saxon traitors who were in high positions of power told them to do so on pain of death. The same with their Germanic neighbours across the sea.
Christ had no intention to “deify mankind”. Men are considered inherently flawed by the Bible. Jesus came along to fill in the gaps. Of course, the Mohammedans believe the same about their prophet (that he was perfect). So, why should I take this Jesus, who was both a Jew and believed in the equality of peoples under his cult, over Mohammed, who may have been a sand nigger, but singlehandedly murdered Jews countless of times. For all his faults and perversions, this Arabian is much more of a man than this hippy from Bethlehem.
If you want us to go back to our roots, then why are you not advocating for us to go back to the Hellenic or Germanic religions? Why Christianity specifically? What is it about this particular religion that appeals to you so much? The deification of mankind that you refer to was a belief of the pre-Christian Europeans. They believed that man descended from God, and that man was destined to become Gods again one day. This was manifested in their racism, and the fact that they were not missionaries about their faiths. After all, why would they want to share their beliefs with Nubians or Semites, when it was Europeans who were of the Gods?
>”You are the most articulate and most importantly, morally and intellectually consistent, contemporary defender of National Socialism that I have ever seen roaming the wilds of the Internet.”
This is especially ludicrous, as Cesar not only makes it clear how anti-Christian he is, but has made it clear in the past that Hitler was anti-Christian. So you are just being conflicted here.
That is all…

I lived in Portugal for 20 years, and Christians there are mostly women. Portuguese men, close cousins to the Spaniards, in general don’t give a shit about churching and piety. The majority of the church-going men are married, and their wives pussy-whip them all the way to the Temple of the Coward and into the genuflector woodboards.
I’ve been living in Brazil for the past 6 years, and here, the blacker the person is, the more devout he is. For decades, this country has been wracked by single-motherism, and it’s obvious that these mobs of fatherless mulatto whoresons are compensating for their deficiency of paternal love by frequenting these cults. Jesus is their “mentor”, their daddy.
After having sullied their blood for so long, almost on the verge of de-Aryanising themselves forever, perhaps the Iberians are waking up to race realism. Like a student who leans back on his chair’s two legs too far, the loss of balance causes a reflex to quickly stamp your feet, and stop fooling around; Yes, time to get your shit together.
Dear Iberian White Nationalists (colonists included): Christianity is for frigid women and bastard niggers. Time has proven this to be true. We did not push back the Moroccan sand-nigger out of love for God, but out of love for our sons and daughters. The love of kith and kin is strength. The love of God is fear.

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