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Further to my previous post. Today that my memories about the premiere of the vocal-symphonic opus [1] are still fresh, I’ll be working for the relevant section of my book ¿Me Ayudarás?

If I finish tonight, tomorrow I will be able to resume the Kriminalgeschichte series.
[1] La Santa Furia is a hybrid genre between oratorio, opera, and cantata. In addition to the common section of strings, it includes woodwind instruments, six horns, three trumpets, four trombones and tuba, two harps, piano and timpani, other percussion instruments as well as a quartet vocal soloist, a sextet of men, and a mixed choir with four voices (115 choir singers in total): more than 200 artists on stage.

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It does mean that, but the spin I give in the book on these very words is completely unexpected (& I am not the person to be helped posthumously, by the way).

I don’t want to gossip like a schoolgirl. It’s just that I like to look at older posts of yours occasionally. Vikingbitch would seem to comment almost exclusively on your posts about women. I have always been awestruck at why she was even commenting here when it was clear what your position was. Her counterarguments were “anyone who thinks this is a repressed homosexual.” Why was this single mother with IVF children on this site in the first place?

“Women were created to love..” Full quote “A man is given the choice of loving women or understanding them” Ninon de L’Enclos (female)

@ Owl of Minerva & C.T.
Don’t take perfunctory words of the emancipated courtesan and the faggish dandy seriously. Listen to Nietzsche: “Man shall be trained for war, and woman for the recreation of the warrior: all else is folly.”

It seems that I will be busy longer than expected, but I would like to say that a DVD of La Santa Furia will be released. At the moment I have no way to transmit here the music or the scenery images of La Santa Furia, which lasts more than an hour. But I can embed a clip from La Espada, my father’s previous symphonic cantata also premiered in Bellas Artes, although only for the first ten minutes and without any image:

Listening to the Berlin Philharmonic play Götterdämmerung by Richard Wagner the past few days. Such beautiful and emotional music.
Soon some cretin will drive past playing some (c)rap but it won’t drown out this great European culture.

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