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La Santa Furia

Finally, La Santa Furia, the oratorio-opera of my late father, was premiered this Friday, and also today, at the Palacio de Bellas Artes.

La Santa Furia is a tribute to the Dominican Friar Bartolomé de Las Casas. One of the main prelates of the order of the Dominicans crossed the Atlantic, from Rome, to attend the premiere.

After today’s event, at the private banquet with over fifty select guests, I sat at a table with four Catholic priests who attended the opera. Never in my life had I shared the table with so many priests.

About La Santa Furia I have already written a bit on this blog (see e.g.: here) and will expand my criticism in a book. For the moment I would just like to respond to an email that came to me today from a most traditional Christian:


On your blog, you fantasise about burning all Churches to the ground. Did you ever hear Émile Zola’s quote on the issue? ‘Civilisation will not attain to its perfection until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest’.

Of course, I, as a pre-Conciliar Roman Catholic, disagree with you, here. Do we really want to burn down Saint Peter’s—designed by Freemasons Bernini and Michelangelo? Its Egyptian Obelisk? Domed Roof? Do we really want to burn down Pisa Cathedral and other sublime architectural triumphs?

The Notre Dame in Paris was built by Templars. It has the twin towers, of Joachim and Boaz, representing the balance of hatred and love; black and white. Again, this is architecture that contradicts the ‘love your enemies’ slave morality of the Gospels.

A ‘bonfire of the vanities’ would be welcomed by Biblicists and puritans. The Bible—promoting mediocrity in everything—wants you to pray in your closet/inner room. It’s funny that in the KJV, Jesus Christ tells you to go into the closet! The KJV was translated by homosexuals.

I follow the fundamentalist protestants quite closely, and a lot of them only believe in house churches: worshipping Adonai and Messiah at home. Burning a lot of these crypto-Masonic and crypto-druidic edifices would be to play into their hands.

I agree with you: everything derived from Judaism, in Catholicism, needs to be ruthlessly expunged. In the Marcionite version of the myth of Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, He shows up, miraculously; in Palestine, condemns Jews, calls for their extermination, and then ascends to Heaven. Crucifixion optional.

Unfortunately, the cause of Marcion did not prevail within the Catholic Church.

Playing into the hands of the Protestants? Hardly: In my little Utopia no Protestant would remain alive.

As to the buildings, even before receiving this letter I had thought about the subject. I would respect the cathedrals, although I would order not to repair them throughout the millenary Reich. With time they would collapse by themselves, in an era when there is no longer any Christian on the face of the Earth.

In the case of St. Peter’s Basilica things are very different. The third article of Nietzsche’s Law against Christianity must be fulfilled: ‘The execrable location where Christianity brooded over its basilisk eggs should be razed to the ground and, being the infamous spot on earth, it should be the horror of all posterity…’

At this point it is necessary to confess something to my readers.

Several times I have said on this site that Day of Wrath is just a selection of Hojas Susurrantes and ¿Me Ayudarás? What I have not clarified with enough emphasis is that these last two books are basically autobiographical, where I tell a family tragedy in which Christianity played a central role. From that family drama, the selection I made for Day of Wrath astutely eluded the tragic narrative. The internet is not the place to tell personal tragedies. (Incidentally, La Santa Furia translated into English reads Holy Wrath.)

The only thing I can say here is that I can only be vindicated with the absolute destruction of Christianity and those I call Neanderthals: something that could only happen posthumously, insofar as I do not have the philosopher’s stone.

But vindication is not only mine. The fate of the Aryan race is closely linked, in a negative way, to the religion of our parents.

Of the living men whose name every pro-white has heard, I only have met two of them personally, both in England. One of them, a traditional Catholic, was not long ago, along with other protesters, in the Jewish quarter of London to protest publicly.

I would never do such a thing. For me it is obvious that the white traitor is worse than the Jew, and that we should focus on the cause instead of the symptom. Without White betrayal there would be no Jews in power. This is even inferred from Rome vs. Judea, as well as in my comments on the Kriminalgeschichte translations. To paraphrase Codreanu, there would be no mosquitoes without the swamps of our sins. Superficially, white nationalists focus on mosquitoes. This site focuses on the swamp.

So instead of going to protest a kike neighbourhood, if I did activism I would do a demonstration never done before in the West. I would do picketing outside the Vatican, or the most important churches in Europe and America, with slogans like Nietzsche’s ‘Transvaluation of all values!’ Or Zola’s quoted above: ‘…until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest!’

No swamps, no mosquitoes. If whites abandoned Christian ethics the JQ would be resolved overnight. In other words: if the tens of thousands of white nationalists were not like Franklin Ryckaert but shared the santa furia of this blog, the non-gentiles would already be trembling.

Obviously I did not say any of these things during today’s meal sitting next to so many priests, including the Dominican who made a special trip from Rome.

I behaved like a saint.

16 replies on “La Santa Furia”

I have done this kind activism before.
last year my local church was having an event where government agencies, several churches and local law enforcement was having a ‘workshop roundtable’ open to the public where they discussed the best strategies for dumping muds into my white Arizona town.
A comrade and I attended, and when it was my turn to introduce myself I told the entire room of maybe 40-50 people that they were all criminals and traitors to the race. Then I sat down.
My buddy filmed it, and a day or so later it made it on daily stormer and was getting thousands of views. I was very proud.

Best part was that when I said ‘traitor’ some old man at my table laughed for a second, but then shut the fuck up when he realized I was serious and then there was dead silence in the room.
I left a few minutes later, and some cuck came running after me. He wanted to explain that most refugees are good people. I told him I didn’t care and that I was a racist and a nationalist and I wanted them all gone. That shut him up. Then some old church lady called the “security” (an old fat nigger) but by then we were already driving off laughing.

What would be completely new are the Nietzschean slogans, as well as re-focusing the JP to the Xtian problem.
It reminds me the protesters at Wall Street a few years ago. They missed the real target: the Federal Reserve edifice. (The Fed was the bartender who provided cheap money; Wall Street merely got drunk with that.)

It got taken down after my friend ended his Youtube account and that particular iteration of the Daily stormer got shut down. I still have the video myself however.

Churches/cathedrals built by Masons and Templars? Say no more – bulldoze them to the ground. Grind them to dust. They are a edifices of most foul and malevolent sickness. Erase them from existence!

c.t., thx for saying it loud and clear, here and now,
Nietzsche’s ‘Transvaluation of all values!’ Or Zola’s quoted above: ‘…until the last stone from the last church falls on the last priest!’
the metaphor of the mosquitos in the swamps, picture perfect.
blake, you’ve got guts i aint had yet. although, the air is heavy with pregnant/ repugnant silence at the voicing of either nazi or hitler [or both] in respectful terms. and so i usually steer clear, knowing to a 99% certainty those words wreck whatever socializing is taking place.

I don’t understand why you didn’t “say any of these things” to the priests. You had the perfect opportunity to speak your mind as you normally like to do, the perfect opportunity to speak your mind to Catholic priests and let them know what you think and present them with the truth as you see it and give them a piece of your mind. You “behaved like a saint”.
Did you at least tell the Catholic priests you are the webmaster of a website and at least suggest they read The West’s Darkest Hour? Or would that have been TOO unsaintly, it would not have been “nice”, to tell the Catholic priests about The West’s Darkest Hour and suggest they read your website?
At your website here you use your words as a sword to strike down your enemies, or who you perceive to be your enemies. In real life you have the perfect opportunity to use your words as a sword against your enemies [real enemies or perceived enemies] and you all-of-a-sudden “behave like a saint”?

On the subject of “burning all Churches to the ground”.
Initially it seems like a barbarous deed. It is obvious many churches and Gothic cathedrals especially are created by Aryan genius and Nordic spirit in defiance of Christian Zeitgeist. So let’s replace crosses with swastikas on the domes. Let’s throw crucifixes and statues of the saints out to replace them with Greek or Germanic gods and runes.
But do you remember a thing almost like that in Soviet Russia? After the Bolshevik revolution the churches was turned into museums, cinemas, warehouses or recreation centers. And clergymen waited in the wings. After Soviet collapse the churches came to spread their religious plague again.
Undoubtedly, Aryan genius and Nordic spirit will build new beautiful and splendid temples. Like bombed and destroyed Berlin could have became a World Capital Germania, if Third Reich won the war.

I would very much like to see all of those great halls (primarily forged by Nordic blood and genius) again dedicated to our gods. Like another commenter said, it would be a wonderful thing for the Swastika to sit atop those domes.

I think you all are barking up the wrong trees.
The problem isn’t liturgy, the problem is moral axiology. It would be enough to desecrate the churches by shedding “innocent” (i.e. according to Christian morality) blood on the altar, or use this blood instead of wine in a (Un-)Holy Mass.
Regular Satanists use sex, we use violence.
Also, Thomas Hobbes explained in Leviathan that the origin of the Golden Rule (i.e. Christian axiology) is social control. People do not like it if someone claims to be the only one who is e.g. allowed to kill other people. They will take care of you quickly. That explains the stark difference in moral axiology between religions that allow authorative translations of their holy texts and those that don’t.

Yes, but destroying the churches is destroying the products of Christianity, rather than just destroying the Bibles and the malware in Aryan minds. The physical destruction of the churches will be revenge against the physical destruction of the temples.

Have you changed your stance on destroying the churches since last year? I do not like destroying. I like preserving every piece of information and art – to know better.
Sure, the hypothetical Aryan awakening could lead to unimaginable destruction. A nuclear war could do that, too. But aiming to avenge the temples of antiquity? Metaphorically, you can avenge without demolishing cathedrals. 6 billion dead would already be almost enough.
I could see, however, how destroying every church would be great for America as the continent is quite young.
What do you think of the Palacio de Bellas Artes as a building?

I am not for destroying art (cf what I said above about the cathedrals), but most churches in the USA are unartistic.
The 6 billion figure sounds great; I’d go for 7 billion, as only angelic Aryans with a good heart for the animals ought to survive.

I think we need to popularize the reasonable Aryan idea of “six billions” as a kind of an Internet meme, for a start. Perhaps it’ll have to obscure the morbid “six millions” cliché.

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