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Day of Wrath, 14



Lloyd deMause has written that his scholarly life brought him to one conclusion: the history of mankind is founded in the abuse of children. His greater finding is that the central force of change in history is not the economy, but the psychogenic changes that occur due to the parental-filial interactions in successive generations. These changes are the result of the parents’ capabilities, especially the mothers, to experience inwardly previous traumas and sparing the next generation of children. The process ensues in an evolutive mutation of the inner space of human groups. DeMause goes as far as claiming that most forms of violence, from crime to mental disorders, are ultimately the consequence of abuses during childhood. In the article “The evolution of childhood reconsidered” Henry Ebel wrote:

DeMause’s argument had a breath-taking sweep and grandeur such as we associate with the work of Hegel, Darwin and Marx. Moreover, it seemed to be a valid response and interpretation of a series of gruesome facts that had been consistently understated or suppressed by conventional historians… “The Evolution of Childhood” has proved a morsel too large, too complete, too assertive, and in many ways too grim for the historical profession to digest… Since adult styles and roles, including the academic and professional, are mainly denial-systems erected against those early needs and terrors, the academic consideration of deMause’s argument has been, understandably enough, of less than earthshaking intelligence.

As terrible as being prisoner in a concentration camp may be, it cannot be compared to seeing that our parents themselves, with whom we are infinitely attached, destroy the head of one of our siblings, as did the tribes of the Canary Islands before they were conquered (as we will see). Throughout prehistory and history parents have committed more injurious crimes for the health of the human soul than the crimes committed during the genocides of the 20th century. But the current zeitgeist only allows us to judge the West. In a TV documentary I watched how a black tribesman grabbed a boy to sacrifice him. The anthropologist that studied the tribe did not intervene. Had this happened in the West, it would have raised indignation. For example, a pervert that was about to rape a little girl before his internet audience was detected through his I.P. address and the police rescued the girl. On the other hand, in the case of the tribes the anthropologists never rescue the children during passage rituals such as the Sambia, where New Guinea boys have to fellate the adults.
When we think about the implications of psychohistory we should bear in mind that the cannibalism of the bone and stone ages was much more common than previously thought. Also, from 3000 to 2500 B.C., before the psychogenic mutation that gradually left bicameralism behind, the people of the Mediterranean Basin and of Finland ate the flesh of the deceased. Moreover, the Mesoamerican mythology of the great transgression by some gods to create life without parental consent exemplifies what Ivan Strenski has pointed out in his book Contesting Sacrifice: originally all cultures had at its basis universal guilt, and thus require of purification rituals to repair the broken bond with the divinity.
For identical psychological impairments of the Amerindians, a huge quantity of human sacrifices was perpetrated at the other side of the Atlantic: in China, Chad, Egypt, Tahiti and even in the Greco-Roman world. Diverse societies in India, Indonesia, Melanesia, Filipinas, the Amazons and many others continued with their terrible practices before they were colonized. During the pre-classic times of Mesoamerica the ancient Spartans offered sacrifices to Agrotera. Rome practiced several forms of human sacrifice until they were abolished by senatorial decree. The circus races of the Coliseum represented a less barbarous form of sacrifice since, unlike their neighbors, it was not done with one’s own children. The Romans spearheaded the most advanced psychoclass of their times. When Scipio Africanus took Numantia, the Romans found mothers with half-devoured bodies of their children. Celts and Druids also practiced human sacrifices. The Gauls built hollow figures that, with people alive, were burnt. Gaul was conquered by Caesar. Rome’s victory over the Carthaginians in the Punic Wars was a milestone of a superior psychoclass over the inferior one. The sacrifices to the Phrygian god Attis consisted in choosing a young man who was treated like a king for a year only to be sacrificed. Were it not for the fact that the Mexica sacrifice was so splendorous, I would say that the young man who immolated himself for Tezcatlipoca was identical to the Phrygian sacrifice. In our times, among the forms that arguably could be described as sacrificial we could include rituals such as Cuban santería or Indian tantrism. More shocking is the sacrifice known as sati in the most retrograde areas of India, where the custom dictates that the widow throws herself to the funeral pyre of her deceased husband. At the moment of writing, the last of these cases was reported in October of 2008 in Kasdol in the district of Raipur.
The culture that the Europeans brought included family violence. But unlike them, in the conquered people the anxieties that the children arose, based in turn on the abuses the natives had suffered as children, were enough to kill the source that triggered the anxiety. Children have been the garbage bin where the adults dump the unrecognized parts of their psyches. It is expected that the child bin will absorb the ill moods of his custodians to prevent that the adult feels overwhelmed by her anxieties. If I kill the soul of my daughter I thus kill the naughty girl that once inhabited me.
It is interesting to note that according to deMause it is the mother, with her own hands, the perpetrator of most cases of infanticide: be by strangulation or by physical punishment. In this book I wrote about my female ancestors [omitted in this translation]. For deMause the crucial relationship in psychogenic evolution is the relationship between mother and daughter. If the girls are abused without helping witnesses, they will grow as adults incapable of feeling their pain. Since trauma demands repetition, they will traumatize the next generation, stalling all potential for psychogenic growth. DeMause exemplifies it with the mistreatment of women in Islamic countries and in China.
Since 1974, the year of deMause’s seminal essay, a fair amount of academic material about infanticide has been published. According to Larry Milner, since pre-history thousands of millions of infants have been killed by their parents (the bibliographical references on these incredible claims appear by the end of this chapter). Likewise, Joseph B. Birdsell estimates infanticidal rates between 15-50 percent of the total number of children born since prehistoric times. Laila Williamson’s estimates are lower: 15-20 percent. As we shall see, this kind of statistics appears time and again in the writings of other researchers. Although Milner is not a psycho-historian, he wonders why such data have not received its due place in the departments of history, anthropology and sociology.
This is a blindspot that will be studied in the rest of the book.
The objective of Day of Wrath is to present to the racialist community my philosophy of The Four Words on how to eliminate all unnecessary suffering. If life allows, next month I will reproduce another chapter. Day of Wrath is available: here.

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“More shocking is the sacrifice known as sati in the most retrograde areas of India, where the custom dictates that the widow throws herself to the funeral pyre of her deceased husband.”
This is interesting, as I am reminded of History class, I was perhaps 14 years old, and learning about the British Empire. Supposedly, one of the reasons for the Indian revolt was because the British outlawed all sati, rightfully finding it to be disgusting. What was really disturbing was that my class, White teacher included, thought that the British had no right to impose upon Indian customs. It is just as you say at the beginning of this chapter, “But the current zeitgeist only allows us to judge the West.”
“Celts and Druids also practiced human sacrifices. The Gauls built hollow figures that, with people alive, were burnt.”
I knew that the pre-Homeric Greeks sacrificed children, but I had no clue it was inherently within Gallic culture. Unfortunately, racist Christians use this information to “prove” that Christianity was a good thing, and stopped people from suffering. This reminds me of when you spoke about Vercingetorix and how he sent is own people out to die. You concluded that the Gauls were evidently of a lower psychoclass than the Romans. At least the Romans were murdering innocent Celts and Gauls, rather than their own, as horrible as the genocide of the Germanic tribes was. Vercingetorix was killing his own. The Germans under Hermann were of a higher psychoclass than the Romans of his time, and of the Gauls under Vercingetorix. But you can see that in the late Greco-Romans world, people were leaving human sacrifice for good before the arrival of Christianity.
The Third Reich was clearly a representation of the highest psychoclass that any people have ever gotten to in history. Compare their treatment of animals (and of German children) with Covington’s idea that people should be able to kill animals for sport in the NW ethno state.

“racist Christians use this information to “prove” that Christianity was a good thing, and stopped people from suffering.”
As I said before, exactly like the fans of bolsheviks use the increase in education as proof the USSR was superior to the monarchy.

To be off-topic: It was good seeing you talk to that Portuguese brat on TTD audiobook comments on YT. Linking this blog is a smart move, even if not many decide to actually read it.

In a later chapter, I debunk deMause’s claim that Xtian childrearing was better than what children experienced in Greece and Rome.

I am looking forward to that, as I have not heard of the child treatment under Christianity, though we all know of the rapes of choir boys. I am just reading March of the Titans, Chapter 16: By Stealth and Steel-Christianity.
Neopagan “racists” like Varg Vikernes should be reading your posts of DOW and the rest of this blog. They will see that the European tribes were not as perfect as they believe (and perhaps they will see that the pre-Christian Europeans were not 3rd wave feminists like they seem to think). They would finally stop clinging blindly to the past. The Third Reich was a glimpse at what greatness we could achieve. We should be looking towards a future of NS, not wearing chain-mail, being “traditional” and praising autism.

You are spot on, as I have in my library one of those Time-Life collection books with quality photos of mummies of young, blond women ritually sacrificed in Scandinavia and preserved under the lake’s mud.
Pierce failed when once stating that Sparta should be the paradigm to follow. NS is the real paradigm, as the Nazis represented a more evolved psychoclass.
Most WNsts don’t even know about the existence of psychoclasses. Yes: I wish they read this site…

Context: Varg claims that autism is native among Europeans, and that autist are superior to non-autists. I would ignore this and walk away, but how many millions of others believe this sick shit?
It is not the fault of the autistic child that he is the way he is, the same way that Joseph Merrick was not responsible for his ailment, but I am pretty sure the Nazis euthanized autists when the symptoms came up. Is that Allied propaganda?
I think that the Third Reich was a cross between the Roman Republic and Ancient Sparta, but with a superior psychoclass.

Many psychiatric categories are bunk. Are you familiar with my criticism of psychiatric labeling?
And even if autism as a category is legit, western suckers that swallow biopsych propaganda don’t know anything about the trauma model of mental disorders. IMO intrusive mothering may cause autism in babies.

I know that you have stated before that schizophrenia is not genetic, but rather, a product of abuse. Nomadic tribes have a tendency towards schizophrenia.
Are you saying that autism doesn’t actually really exist as we perceive it, or that it is brought about by upbringing, or both?

Autistic behavior may exist, but the etiology is not sometogenic. Shrinks who literally shrink your brain with prolonged medication tell you that autism et al are not psychogenic, and in the process, Big Pharma does big business with such pseudoscience.

They did have a healthy policy to euthanize the retarded, just what the Spartans did with the defectives.
Trouble is, psychiatry has been around 300 years and in the brief period of NS regime, the Germans did not wrap their heads around how pseudoscientific psychiatry actually is. (Keep in mind that unlike psychiatry, which has no biomarkers, neurology is a real science.)

Dear Cesar,
You have induced what has been yet another paradigm shift in my consciousness. Thanks to your book, Day of Wrath, I have come to the conclusion you are correct about your idea of the true role of Jewish guilt in our demise.
I now understand that the white man is guilty, not because he is complicit with the Jews destruction, but because he is simply a lesser version of the psychopathic Jew. Jews are merely the most egregious reflection of man’s fundamental nature.
Jews are the cancerous infection of a Frankenstein body called “humanity,” a body that has been sick from the beginning of its existence. Like cancer, Jews are out of control cell growth, creating massive tumors in what is truly a monstrous body.
For this reason, I have come to appreciate the Jew’s monumental efforts to destroy the white man, for that effort brought about the development of nuclear weapons and that development will undoubtedly spell the end of mankind, if not most all life, on earth.
While Jews and their brain-dead, scientific sycophants have proven to themselves a nuclear war is both winnable and survivable by these tests, no doubt, in the end they will discover they misjudged the overall effect of an actual nuclear exchange. Yet this should come as no surprise, as they have typically misjudged the long-term effects of other scientific discoveries as well.
I now feel the planet owes a debt of gratitude to the Jews for their destructive efforts, for it heralds the end of human life on earth. We should be grateful to the Jews, for bringing about the technology to end man’s existence on this planet, as if ever there was a planet where life should disappear, it is this one.
Paradoxically, I do hope one form of life survives, the Jewish form, for if ever a race deserved to inherit this hell called earth, it is the Jews. May they live forever, scrabbling among the wreckage and desolation, feasting on each other so they might survive to live just one more day. Here is a graphic depiction of the future which humanity can anticipate.
Thank you again Caesar, for without your effort I would have never understood the wider picture. Now only the inexorable ticking of the clock remains until Trump starts the war that will exterminate mankind and I for one say – bring it on Jews, you destroyers of worlds! Bring it on orange clown! After all, what use are nuclear weapons if one does not use them?

I don’t find it currently necessary to destroy the Human species, but we are close. If Whites die, then there is no point.
P.S I would prefer if Humanity could die without having to take out all other life.

The psychoclass here is, well, not like my own or like those who recently I saw at the Palacio de Bellas Artes:

Major Mexican Drug Cartel now promotes CANNIBALISM, has new recruits; torture and murder man, then cut off his limbs and eat them.

Link: here. And you guys want to grant amnesty to these chicks in the US?

I caught this in that same article. The Aryan race is the only hope we have of stopping this for good. If we die then what is the point of the rest of our species?
That reminds me, I was reading HG Wells’ War of the Worlds recently. Early in the novel, when the Martians are inside a capsule on a beach in England, people gather round in a crowd. The aliens attack some of the Humans with the heat-ray, and the rest of them run for their lives. By doing this, they knock over and trample to death 3 innocent bystanders out of pure selfishness. Compare the humans who would kill their own without care to the Martians who seek to exterminate the Human race in order to procure the survival of their species.

I agree Jack, if Whites go extinct I couldn’t give a fuck about humanity after that. Earth without human beings is preferable to an Earth where the dominant species is several non-white human races. Whites are the only element of mankind that has potential to redeem our cursed species and even then it’s not certain Whites will ever achieve this potential.
Bring on the Aryan Ubermensch and if he fails to emerge, unleash the mushroom clouds!

Rosemary Kennedy was lobotomized by her family in her 20s and regressed to the IQ of a 2 year old and spend the rest of her days institutionalized. That is similar to human sacrifice. This was a Kennedy from the famous Kennedy family. The lobotomist had her say the lords prayer when he began the lobotomy and when she started garbling the words he knew the lobotomy was complete. Its possible the mass psychiatric drugging of the youth relates to the present support for mass migration into the west.

Patrick: I talk about all these issues you mention (the incredible crimes in psychiatry) in a blog in Spanish. If you want to run an online translator I’ll add the link here.

Thanks Cesar, and I just want to be clear I do think white people have a right to survive as a people and I think whites should survive. But just like other races whites have to face the psychological meaning of their history and process it. I agree with your brilliant analysis that history is best explained by analyzing child raising practices. We all have to process what has happened and learn to love our families.

I didn’t create psychohistory, but IMO it should be merged with the POV of Evropa Soberana’s essay on Judea and Rome. That, together with the knowledge of the Hellstrom Holocaust, can liberate whites from the narrative that’s killing them

It’s funny that when Jack Halliday mentioned “flesh trade” in the Middle East a week ago, I didn’t immediately get it was sex slave trade. And now cannibalism is finally mentioned. Oh well.
@Cesar What do you think about the large amount of Latin words in English, especially in more educated speech? Do you think in the ethnostate it could change to a purer Germanic vocabulary? I for one would consider calling non-Jews “Gentiles” similar to how National Socialists are called “Nazis”.
@Arch Stanton Coincidentally, on 2018-03-01, Putin has announced that Russia is developing nuclear engine-powered nuclear cruise missiles and underwater nuclear drones, among other things…
Have the Northwest Front supporters ever talked about employing the latest high-tech stuff?

@Jack Halliday
You know Varg is going to say it was all just Christian propaganda, or symbolic, or because they were civilized or what have you. He’s invented himself the perfect circular logic that can’t be refuted. The only people who disagree with him on his channel are those who sound like total morons or those who write things like, “I disagree with Varg about a lot of things but he’s just so smart and logical and oh, by the way, right about everything.”
He seems to want to believe that the pre-Christian, pre-civilization man was perfect – but then, I suppose all men quest for their utopia.
My apologies for interjecting, César. This is my first time commenting on your blog, and I’m unsure if I’ll comment again. Still, I wanted to thank you for your work. I bought Day of Wrath, thanks to the excerpts you’ve posted, and hopefully the book will arrive soon.

Thanks for getting a copy, and you’re welcome anytime.
The best way to reply to Varg’s POV is simply studying my approach to psychohistory. It’s clear that whites treated women and children in less horrible ways than what the other groups did.
Ancient Semites were the worst. You will see in the appendix to DOW that their type of child sacrifice was even worse than what the Amerinds did!

I used to be a fan of Varg, and yes, believed everything he said. It is not just his belief in the perfection of the ‘pagans’ that is silly, but his arguments about pretty much everything else boil down to “I have either no evidence for this whatsoever, or if I do, I have an old, obsolete, biased news article”.
“Now believe everything I say. The red hair gene originated in Egypt,” (an actual belief of his, and his fanboys/girls say nothing) “autistic people are genetically superior to non-autistic people. Shield maidens didn’t exist but you are a beta male loser if you believe that women should do what they were genetically destined to do – having children and cooking dinner, you are just a faggot, what about Athena, she was a woman! Now there are idiots out there who believe that chemtrails exist. They are idiots because they have no evidence, haha, they are dumb… Reincarnation exists by the way, of course I have no evidence, but just trust me on this one. By the way, National Socialism was an indirect cause of all the bad that is happening in Europe today. Don’t be NS, they were but hurt losers who didn’t like that they were capitalist slaves their whole lives. Just dress up in chainmail and believe whatever I say.”
Yes, this is the same Varg that recorded Burzum, and still thinks to this day that this was a good idea. Varg is another pseudo apostate. His axiology is clearly Christian, which is clear in, among other things, his preaching about “there is no racial superiority. Every race is adapted to its own environment. It is wrong to be a racist. Of course, I understand that Niggers need vitamin D in our countries, but Aryans in Africa need no medication whatsoever. I also understand that Blacks have their relatives for Sunday barbeque, but still, we are not superior to them.” I would put all his beliefs down to spending too much time in solitary confinement.
Varg is just a pagan version of Sven Longshanks. They are as schizophrenic as each other. And the belief that civilisation is all evil because it leads to race-mixing is silly, because going by that logic, all Aryans are evil, as we naturally lead up to civilisation.

Thank you, César. Some of the first things I liked about your blog were your refutations of white nationalism and psychiatry. I even looked up some of the names you have mentioned, like deMause, but unfortunately his books are either hardly available anywhere or they cost too much for me to acquire them. However, I am very excited to read your book.
@Jack Halliday
I like Varg but I don’t worship him. I like(d) his interpretation of pagan myths (until he and his wife said they are just symbolic of female reproductive system and pregnancy), I like his videos about simple living, and I like his kids. I sincerely hope they will grow up well.
What I find the funniest of Varg’s arguments is that he seems to think Europeans were dropped out of the sky as blonde, white and blue-eyed as they are. I don’t know if it’s his aversion to think we evolved from Negroids (which Pierce already refuted as false) or that we evolved from apes.
As for red hair I’ve read it was predominant among Neanderthals but admittedly I don’t know much about the subject.
To be honest, I don’t believe in European superiority either. It’s hard to believe in the superiority of a people who have time and again drowned in the mud of their surroundings through their own decadence and greed, who not only replaced their native gods with an alien creed but invented something similar in the East, who would gleefully rape and murder and sell out their brethren while crying over every dead non-white, and who would rather sacrifice their own children to be raped and murdered by said non-whites than be called racist.
Likewise, people in the Alt-Right or white nationalist branches smugly cite how Jews have been kicked out of over a hundred nations but none of them ask who let them in over a hundred times. I have also been told that Europeans are morally superior to non-whites, and yet these people with the means and the supposed moral superiority haven’t put an end to the systematic torture of animals and children worldwide. No, instead some of them praise the little orcs for abusing their children and even help them breed infinitely more and busily import said practises into their ancestral lands.
Unfortunately, all of this hindsight points to the fact that Europeans are as dumb as rocks. That said, I do believe in the potential of European superiority as they are the most beautiful humans on Earth.

Personally, I can’t stand him, although his videos on living a simple life and survivalism are extremely informative. Whites are not perfect, but compared to the history of the Negro, our history is that of angels. But that is not what Varg uses as his position. He uses environment to help his position of “we are all perfect for our environments”. Varg ignores that Aryans have been outside of Europe for millennia, if we follow the history of the Indo-Europeans, and have managed to adapt, whether it is South Africa, Polynesia, North Africa, China, the Steppes ETC. Negroes, on the other hand need to take pills to survive in our countries. Varg, in a recent video, was saying that Stefan Molyneux is wrong to criticise African culture – Is he? I think we, as Whites, have the moral high ground to spit on an obsolete race of cannibals, though Stefan is a Jew.
As for red hair, what is so ridiculous about claiming that it originates from Egypt, and that all red heads today are descended from Egyptian royalty is as follows:
1) The Indo-Europeans were not in Egypt long enough for their hair to mutate into a read colour. This would take many millennia, if not just over a million years.
2) Varg never states what the hair colour was before it went red. Was it blond?
3) Why would the Egyptian climate cause a red hair mutation?
4) If Egypt causes red hair, then why do Semites have black or dark brown hair, and have been in Egypt far longer than the Indo-Europeans?
Anyway, this blog has an article from a website called Europa Soberana. The article is called the New Racial Classification. According to the article, red hair originates from a proto-Nordic Siberian race called the Red Nordid.
I don’t understand Varg’s view on women at all, so perhaps you can explain it to me. When I watched his video “about women”, it was the video which made apparent to me all the other ridiculous things he believed. It is quite sad actually. He claims that women are perfect, innocent little fairies who can do no wrong, and that women are having sex with black men because of… guess what… CONTRACEPTIVE PILLS! Him and his fans are so autistic (I guess that makes them genetically superior to me) that they think White Sharia is literally advocating for sharia law, because they don’t understand how jokes and sarcasm works. Instead of actually trying to research the concept of White Sharia, they just believe whatever they want to believe. So, what is Varg’s point in this pathetic attempt at white knighting? On the one hand he claims that Viking women didn’t fight, but is claiming on the other hand that they are smart… what is the point in this? Is Varg saying that women should be astrophysicists? What is a smart woman anyway? He claims he has given evidence of smart women in his comments section of that video, but the only evidence he gave was Athena, the oracles, and basically these 3 women in the Greco-Roman world who were the goddesses of childbirth (don’t know their names). So, basically, Varg’s “evidence” is people that never existed and schizophrenic women.
He also claims that Germanic tribes never escorted their women all the time. The Greco-Romans only escorted their women because they were afraid that the non-White slaves would rape them for no reason. Again, what is his point? Am I insecure for caring for my wife/girlfriend’s safety in the streets of London? Am I a beta male loser, like he thinks that everyone who is not a feminist is? What is his evidence that the Greco-Romans were afraid some Helot would rape their wives for no reason? He does not link it, but thinks that I have to believe it because he says it. I have every right to be protective of my mate. It does not make me a repressed homosexual for caring.
As for contraceptive pills: are the White sluts I see in London with mongrel infants on contraceptive pills? What about Athenian or Roman women? What about the White Portuguese women who married their Negro slaves?
Varg also has a sick view that a woman who has an abortion is just a form of eugenics, and that these women were never meant to have kids. He states, and I quote “they are low IQ sluts”. What does that even mean? What is a low IQ woman, does that even exist? What is the use of a woman having a higher IQ than another, if their purpose is to be an incubator? He also claims that White women with non-White partners is another form of eugenics. He states that the White women in question have bad genes and are ugly. Again, a sick view. I see thousands of Nordish women with good genes every week who have non-White partners. Varg lives in the middle of nowhere in France, and has spent most of his life in prison. He knows nothing of the cesspools of the cities. I live right in the middle of a cesspool. Plus, what if one of his daughters grew up and fucked a black guy, what would he say then? I highly doubt he would say: “oh, it is eugenics though”.
Then there is the lambasting of Hitler and the Third Reich. He lies, saying that they fought capitalism with capitalism (NS was not capitalist). Apparently it is Hitler’s fault that we are in the shitter, and that Germany was bombed. He shows a photo of a destroyed Berlin, saying “this is what National Socialism causes”. In one video, he shows a photo of a Communist rally, and says that “they are upset that they have been capitalist slaves their whole lives”. Then a caption on the photo says “or maybe if they were waving different flags”. This was the last of his videos that I have watched to this day. Anyone who attacks NS is my enemy, among many others. Honestly, I think he hates Hitler because his wife has high functioning autism, and NS was not too friendly to autists. Seriously, who the fuck white-knights for their own wife?
Having said all that, he is nowhere near as mentally ill as his own fans.

wow. pretty fuking depressing thread.
oh so simply clear and seemingly rationally true. so what fuking IQ simply refuses to “get it?” the picture of the little boy plugging his ears with his index fingers and screaming, “no! no! shut up!!” comes to mind.
@arch stanton, i like what you’ve so well stated,
I now understand that the white man is guilty, not because he is complicit with the Jews destruction, but because he is simply a lesser version of the psychopathic Jew. Jews are merely the most egregious reflection of man’s fundamental nature.
my epiphany, too.
what sane sincere hominid could not get this? so @joe walsh, i feel the same, I agree Jack, if Whites go extinct I couldn’t give a fuck about humanity after that.
again, this thread is so true and very sad.

@ Jack H.,
I didn’t know Varg was so screwed mentally.

Anyone who attacks NS is my enemy, among many others.

Me too.
@ Verdigris,

Unfortunately, all of this hindsight points to the fact that Europeans are as dumb as rocks.

Do you know this Andrew Hamilton article? I quote it almost at the beginning of the 2018 edition of FRDH. The crux of the article is the sentence ‘Obviously, if people are evil when evil people rule, and good only when good people rule, they are not really good’.
As I said, no swamps no mosquitoes. Nationalists are apparently incapable to see something so elemental.

@Jack Halliday
I suppose that is Varg’s own virtue signalling. It seems he’s trying to make the argument that all species, humans included, thrive in their own natural habitats – never mind that invasive species like the red king crabs in the North Sea, the blackberry in Hawaii, the white-tailed deer in Finland, or the various introduced species in Australia actually thrive in foreign habitats where they lack their natural predators and the native species are unadapted to dealing with them. Of course, in the long run those invasive species will likely destroy the biosphere of their new habitat and thus themselves.
The thought behind this seems to be that this will somehow make the Africans go back to Africa, the Asians back to Asia, and the Middle Easterners back to Middle East. Such magic thinking is prevalent in the movement and its various branches so I hardly pay attention to it anymore.
From what I remember of Varg’s views on red hair is that he seems to think it is a mutation of mixed blonde and black/brown hair (do not ask me how this work), and briefly thought that it is a mutation of blonde hair from the prevalent incest in Egypt (do not ask me how this works).
As for his view on women, I’m unsure if I can help you. Just recently I started reading William Pierce’s Who We Are (mind, I haven’t read it completely yet) and, ironically, Varg’s view on women seems to be based on the Ancient Mediterranean ideas – or some hybrid of Ancient Mediterranean and Nordic ideas. I tried to look up the part I have in mind but unfortunately I can’t find it at the moment.
I, too, have seen landwhales with little mongrels in tow and pretty blonde Swedes with little mongrels in tow, and I find them both equally repugnant. I suppose Varg’s view on it (and mind, I cannot speak for Varg) is that if such women are throwing three million years of evolution in the trash bin then obviously they couldn’t have been very good women in the first place.
I actually think it isn’t a very good idea to be a NS since reality is that NS Germany was bombed and raped to the ground. As such, before building another NS state, I think it’d be wiser to get rid of the traitors and the Jews worldwide first. I am fairly sure that none of us want a repeat of Hellstorm?
I have seen the quote on your blog but I hadn’t read the article until now. I actually quit reading most of the nationalist blogs a few years ago. Interestingly, though, this:
“William Pierce also taught that the vast majority of whites are neither good nor evil; they will think and behave in whatever manner the powers that be direct them to. Most people that is, will conform and obey, no matter what. (Pierce called them “lemmings.”)
Only a tiny handful, he said, are truly good or evil—he estimated 1 to 3 percent in either direction.”
has also been my view for years now. And I’m afraid most nationalists are incapable of seeing in the mirror let alone something elemental. It seems obvious to me that other people will only do unto you what you allow them to.

I actually think it isn’t a very good idea to be a NS since reality is that NS Germany was bombed and raped to the ground… I am fairly sure that none of us want a repeat of Hellstorm?

This is an incredibly silly POV. It’s like saying in the 5th century CE: ‘I actually think it isn’t a very good idea to be an adept of the Greco-Roman old world, as it was raped to the ground… I am fairly sure that none of us want a repeat another “Apocalypse for Whites”? We’re now in the Christian Era. So let’s be pious Xtians instead.’

Fair enough 🙂
I still think the order should be 1. traitors, 2. Jews, 3. NS state. I’m worried it’ll just end up being destroyed again, otherwise.

It’s true that traitors deserve the maximum penalty: crucifixion. But here you will be surprised that I side the monocausalists.
I do believe, as blogger Svigor does (a Jew-wise who helped me to take the redpill on the JQ back in 2010) that the Jews must be handled first. It’s far easier to see reality as reality is, if you start by removing the cultural distorters and then deal with the mediocre normies, who have been addicted to their Semitic drug for millennia.

Mongolia is an extremely cold, dry environment, and the Asiatics have been there for Millennia. Think of the Mongols and the Huns, the weather and temperature did not seem to bother them. Thinking that the descendants of these very people are going to die from the moderate climate of London is parochial to say the least.
Let’s just leave the red hair stuff alone, though I will say that Varg is speaking from a laughable position. If you want the best piece of information we have on the evolution of the Aryan race, then read the New Racial Classification by Europa Soberana – Linked in this very blogsite.
We should not be basing our views on women on the Ancient Mediterranean. Though these people were healthier than we are today, the signs of degeneracy are apparent in their societies. I assume you are referring to non-Spartan city-states and other places like Minoa and the Etruscans. These were places that were rife with the worship of money and luxury, and there were clear signs of a Matriarchy. Ancient Sparta and NS Germany had the best societies for women. And I still don’t get his position in that sad little video. Am I beta male loser for not letting my wife pursue a career of quantum physics? Am I a loser for letting whatever delicious caperucita I have abducted receive a few slaps to her beautiful face if she shit-talks me? That’s another thing: I have not heard Varg’s position on this, but I don’t think he is in the mind-set of advocating for abducting Sabines when the rule of law collapses. He claims that women have to pick their husbands, as that is nature at work. Therefore, an arranged marriage, in his view, is unnatural.
Varg’s view on race-mixing sluts is that he is too weak minded to accept that everything happening now is fundamentally depraved and unnatural. It is easier to accept that it is all some big cosmic plan rather than accepting that we live in a sick world.
I did like, however, one of his videos where he is in an empty park with his kids. He says that the reason why it is empty is because “it is a little bit cold, and a little bit rainy”. I have never understood why people hide from the rain. In my view, the stormier the weather, the better.
P.S. Burzum sucks

She does not even have to be an abductee, either. Let’s say that I find myself a little girlfriend sometime soon – I am going to have to be prepared not only to protect her from external threats, but I also need her to know who is boss. Sure, I am not one to abuse a vulnerable person for no good reason like an actual wife-beater does, but any Aryan female who willingly falls into bed with me should either know how to respect me, or I will show her how first hand.

Of course, they will use nukes against the ethno state if we let the danger linger. Those at the Northwest Front have not stated this. They think they can take possession of a corner of North America, and that the Governments of the rest of the world are not going to immediately destroy it.
To counteract this, we require the extermination of the Jewish race and the dismantling of Jewish occupied Governments around the world (all of Europe, most of the Middle East, North America and Canada). Varg does not state this. He just hates NS because he is as much a slave to the current zeitgeist as every other White Nationalist.
The Turner Diaries was, I think, the first which ever included a nuclear fallout scenario, where half the world is subject to atomic weapons (I cannot remember which areas exactly) in order to consolidate a 4th Reich. A mucky job, but worth it. Look up “Atomwaffen Division”, they understand.
I think if we want to end all unnecessary suffering (of children and animals), then we might just have to exterminate all non-White races, and even most Whites.

You said what I wanted to say far better than me. Which is why I prefer reading instead of commenting 🙂

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