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Ancient Rome Evropa Soberana (webzine) Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book) Judea v. Rome Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

PDF is available!

The improved Spanish-English translation of Evropa Soberana’s essay about why Christianity is ‘Semitic malware’ destined to subvert Ancient Rome (in the previous months published here under the title ‘Apocalypse for whites’), is finally available:


Save it in your hard disks just in case that the thoughtpolice decides to deplatform us. Extreme precautions aside, this PDF will appear linked in the hatnote of every future article translation of an encyclopaedia written by a single man: Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums.
If the reader detects a syntactic oddity, let me know so that a PDF that will be linked in countless of future posts may be in top shape rhetorically.
Enjoy the real redpill!

15 replies on “PDF is available!”

After minute 8 of this podcast Richard Spencer says that there was a time when Christianity was ‘identitarian’, referring to whites.
He’s hallucinating, as Hannibal Bateman hallucinates too: around minute 11 Bateman said that, unlike Islam, Xtianity more or less respected the temples and the statues of Greece and Rome!

Excellent. Reading this stuff was like the “Hellstorm” of Antiquity, if others haven’t noted. Well, it was. Ultimately the same (((people))) behind it. Same gut wrenching response, almost. The massive assault on the Aryan spirit by this mental-spiritual syphilis as a result of the wholesale physical destruction of Beauty.

Indeed. And on another level of interpretation, the late Matt Koehl wrote something that must be pondered about:

As we have seen, the ultimate source of the decline of the West lies in the failure of the polar ideology, or mythos, which has formed its foundation. Once the dogmas of the dominant faith were effectively called into question and challenged… it was only a matter of time before the entire cultural order which rested upon it was itself called into doubt.

Thank you for this Cesar, and thank you for all your great work in general. You are one of the greatest assets our race has in ‘the West’s darkest hour’.
Also thanks for including my quote about how 1945 was the year in which Christian morailty triumphed completely over Aryan morality.

While some can grasp the fateful meaning of 1945, according to Koehl the outcome was almost inevitable due to the cultural sickness of having accepted an alien creed.
The roots of all the mess are to be found in the 4th-10th centuries that almost destroyed all Aryan culture. So when Charlemagne tried to become the heir of the Roman Empire he… massacred pagan Saxons and his favorite book was Augustine’s Civitas Dei!
WNsts ignore that values have to be revalued not only before the French Revolution but all the way back since Constantine’s hostile takeover of the classical world!

If our race had not become afflicted with an alien creed National Socialist Germany would not have occured. It would not have been necessary for a nation to attempt to return to the noble values of pre-Christian Antiquity. I suspect that if our race did not have the poisonous influence of the Jews and their numerous alien belief systems bearing down on us then our race would have always resmebled healthy National Socialist Germany throughout the two millennia down to the present. But it is impossible to know which path history would have taken had an event been different in the historical timeline.

We can imagine a parallel universe where the Bering Strait was permanently closed and the Vikings had conquered the whole American continent…
In that universe, if the 16th century English and Spanish ‘discovered’ America (actually, New Scandinavia), would the American-Scandinavians, with zero Xtian malware, become ethno-suicidal as those of today?
I doubt it.

Civitas Dei paved the way for Theodosius. Theodosius may have been cucked on race, he certainly wasn’t cucked on violence. He ruled by Old Testament law, except for ritual circumcision, pork etc. He was a forerunner of Gary North.
OTOH, pagan Roman law allowed men to have sex with slaves, which could create mixed-race babies as well. Pagan Brasil would be very different socially, but look the same. If the Aztecs were to discover Europe, and convert US to Huitzilopochtli, Tlaloc, Xipe Totec, and Texcatlipoca, we would NOT turn the other cheek to non-Aztec invaders.
It is the New Testament, not the Old Testament, that is completely unacceptable. If Theodosius could impose his religion on pagan Romans, someone else could impose this religion on present day Americans.

Did I deny that they persecuted White pagans in the most cruel ways imaginable? No.
There are two dimensions. The racial dimension and the violence dimension.
Leon Trotsky was wrong on the racial dimension, but he wasn’t burdened by Christian moral axiology, he was very capable AND WILLING to use extreme violence. So he was right on the violence dimension.
The average American WN, in contrast, is right about race, but wrong on violence.
There is a third dimension, the fertility dimension. Pagan Romans were wrong on fertility, Christians were right on fertility, but so are Muslims and Orthodox Jews.

> ‘Pagan Romans were wrong on fertility’
What do you mean by that? Are you talking about the late, decadent Roman Empire or about the healthy Roman Republic?

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