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Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (book) Matt Koehl

Corollary pdf

Today I abridged the essay Faith of the Future that I had reproduced recently on this site: first published by Matt Koehl (pic above) in 1982. This abridged version will appear in the 2018 edition of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, and I highly recommend it to those in the Alt-Right who are saying that we must forget the figure of Hitler:


This PDF is a corollary to the one that I linked yesterday, ‘Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome’. It not only expands our explanation of the Christian problem but also explains what does the trans-valuation of all values really mean from a post-Nietzschean, Hitlerist point of view.

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Thanks to you. In DOW you will see an epilogue about a horrendous type of child sacrifice among the Hebrews that I’m sure will be of your interest.

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