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Correspondents are telling me horror stories about PayPal. I am just curious: Any of you has sent me any money this January or February? I have one registered donation—back in December (see also what happened to Kevin MacDonald’s PayPal account a few days ago)!
An overseas correspondent is urging me to change my donation service to a crypto-currency. But first I need to check and see if any donation, after December 10, has been mischievously vaporised or sent elsewhere by a Gremlin…
Thank you for the information—and thanks again for all those who donated the last year.

4 replies on “Gremlins?”

Viewing your blog my cellphone, when I click ‘Donate’ on the ‘We need your support’ I was sent to mobile.paypal.com, and given the choice to donate via a Paypal account or use credit card.
I don’t have a PaypaI account, and I never pay through cellphones; so I decided to access it on my laptop instead, using anti-malware and script-blocking programs.
However, on the laptop browser, there was no such choice, there is only the Paypal account method. (?)
I will give this a try and create a Paypal account, then send you 1 US dollar. Let me know if it ends up in your account or gets lost in the ether…

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