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Racial right

Las Vegas shooting update

Further to my yesterday’s post. Andrew Anglin wrote today: “These were our people who got shot up and it is someone’s fault.”
Do you see? White nationalists are completely clueless that Gomorrahites are not their people. It was precisely the Gomorrah-like NY what rolled the red-carpet for the Jews (i.e., the Aryan problem enabled the Jewish problem).
White nationalism is phony. NS is the real thing.

One reply on “Las Vegas shooting update”

At least half of whites are not on our side. Of those who profess nationalism most clutch their pearls when talk comes around to skin color, Jews, and Christianity. Supposedly clear minded whites are not clear at all when it comes to minorities and the problems to come. By saying to Christians that their religion has allowed many of the problems today to exist is to cause disbelief in them. Talking about low IQ minorities lowering standards in the U.S. sounds crazy to them.
As long as they can fill up the SUV and watch TV then everything is alright with their world, even as minorities have changed the electoral outcome in our county, from conservative white to mixed progressives. Hitler was right! America is full of people that are so dispossessed of real culture that they cling to football teams for identification. Too many skinheads listening to rap music and little to no education in classics. Thanks for the good work.

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