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James Mason

Siege, 20

The Three R’s

No matter how one cuts it, there are but three steps which must be followed toward revolution—successful revolution. These are RESIST, REVOLT and RULE. In the first, one finds oneself disillusioned, alienated; then becoming more aware and intelligent of his circumstances, he enters the Movement and perhaps becomes further alienated, but—if he has the stuff within him—he becomes hardened and agile; he gains instinct; and he begins the course of “educate, agitate, and organize”.
In the second step he has learned that he must strike quickly, hard, and decisively; he takes care to see that there can be no turning back. Compromise has long since been discarded; he has in the forefront of his thoughts the awareness that only the most determined and the most radical can hope to master the situation ultimately.
In the final step, he harbors no regrets; he puts and end to his opposition; he sees that the drastic measures called for will, for a time, result in a more simplistic society but one vastly more just and healthy than before; he joyfully accepts the task. He establishes the New Order.
White Men will never rule their own lives and destinies again without a successful revolt, and no revolt can materialize without the intensive period of resistance—the basic preparatory stage of the Revolutionary Movement’s development. Attempting to revolt now would be suicidal while attempting to “rule” at present through “compromise” by trying to win a local election is rather a whimsical dream.
We must first successfully RESIST, which entails pulling ourselves together, getting up on our feet, and ceasing to roll with the blows. It means having enough organization to be able to call a number of shots—felt directly on a national, if not worldwide, scale—on our own. It means mounting a series of National Socialist—or White—VICTORIES. It amounts to a coming of age and becoming truly THE Movement to do THE job.
The trick or the key to this is nothing so new. Off and on in the recent past we’ve seen it almost done by one or another Movement grouping or leader. But what has been missing and what now must be fulfilled is a Movement functioning and acting in UNISON, maintaining, increasing, bringing into focus, and bearing its FULL STRENGTH as it is called for. A team, a network, a syndicate, an effective political entity.
To become functional and effective is the phase we must achieve. There are no others. Never have I been a user of Commander Rockwell’s “Four Phases” because I am sure that the concept became obsolete soon after his death. I would rather give it a decent burial as a good idea that might have worked in its time instead of going on like others abusing it as a double-talk term, as an excuse for introversion and wheel-spinning.
The fakers are stuck in “Phase Two”—right where Commander Rockwell died—and there they shall always remain. The NSLF will not subscribe to out-dated strategy. Rather, we must come to realize that the only correct strategy is that which is dictated to us by reality. It may sound easy but the proviso is: have we got the will, determination, and the COURAGE to selflessly follow these sometimes harsh dictates?
Vol. XI, #5 – May, 1982

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