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Deadliest shooting in US history

The problem I see with today’s racists is that they are blind about the extremely toxic aspects of their culture. Gambling in Las Vegas or listening degenerate music are two sides of the same coin.

It’s a shame that a White guy snapped and killed a bunch of fellow Whites [in Las Vegas Strip shooting] who were enjoying a White oriented C&W music festival. But that’s the kind of stressed-out society we live in now. So I blame the jews and the niggers.

In a subsequent comment this Occidental Dissent commenter added: ‘This particular nut may have realized that killing a lot of innocent White people…’ (italics added).
I have also seen the article in The Daily Stormer on the massacre. Apparently the commenters ignore that Las Vegas is Gomorrah, and that no psychically healthy white should be around that place. This is analogous to what happened not long ago in a concert hall in Paris: the righteous Muslims massacred the Europeans who were listening degenerate music.

The abyss that separates me from the white nationalist can be conceived if imagining myself as a Lot trapped in a Gomorrah from which he cannot get out. Events like those in Las Vegas or Paris enter my mind in a radically different way as they enter the mind of the typical normie or white nationalist (compared to me, they’re the same).
For me, a few white degenerates have died; and my mind flies to the Norwegian violin we hear when we look at Edoras in the second LOTR film or my nostalgia for the films I saw as a child, like this one of a Julius Verne novel situated in nineteenth-century Scotland. Both scenes depict the antithesis of degeneracy: extremely healthy whites.
If there is one thing that white nationalists will never understand is that white Gomorrahites must die for the ethno-state to be born. Pierce saw that in The Turner Diaries but hardly anyone, as far as I know, has done a deep reading of the novel.

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We are broken men, Cesar. The modernity is a disease that has infected us all. Even if we recognize intuitively, consciously and intelectually the degeneracy of modern life, it has became part of us too. The cleansing of our souls will take the price. What does it take? If the knowledge of our mortal enemies, their taking advantage of our sins and knowing the destructive force of degeneracy itself does not suffice, what does? How do we heal ourselves?

Through the hard Roman ethos (severitas) and self-control (continentia and temperantia) that define the solemn character (gravitas) of our actions.

How do we heal ourselves?
well, we start — and even end — by committing to trying not to drink at the sloughs of degeneracy. brick the tee bee. don’t buy hollyworld products. don’t rent from the rentiers. of course, that life style puts us closer to the edge. i like the creative imagery that hebrews 11:38 uses. (an exer christian, i still like a few well-stated bible verses.)
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Your statements would have made much more sense in apropos to the Orlando event, but you must recognize that the choice of it being a Country concert was no coincidence. This was an attack on White right-wingers that most likely voted for President Trump. You cannot pessimistically write off these Whites so quickly for their guilty pleasures or leisures. It is unrealistic to think with such a mindset; even for the professed Hitlerian National Socialist. Voting for Trump and Civic Nationalism as a whole is a preliminary gateway drug to the remedy of Western malaise. First comes Civic Nationalism, then pro-White Nationalism, and then the slow process towards more aristocratic and hierarchal doctrines such as NS.

It is the Sin City of Las Vegas what I am reacting to. Those repulsive characters of the movie Casino—including Robert de Niro who plays Jew—are only possible because whites enable them with their degeneracy. As to your second comment, this includes all ‘music’ coming from electric guitar (see a 2013 post in this site: here).

Guitar itself is a Dionysian musical instrument par excellence, distortion and parody of Apollo’s lyre. That is evident even in its acoustic variation: compare medieval lute meditativeness and flamenco guitar agitation. Electric guitar is something more sinister, related to Titans and reign of infernal maternal goddesses, hence it follows the attention to destructive self-abandonment in repetitive riffs, to pure materia, “sound”, “vibe”, “groove”.
Yet electric guitar, like other electrified instruments (for example, keyboard synthesizers or theremin) is an invention created and sofisticated by Whites, even if it was initially intended for needs of non-white or half-white music styles like blues, jazz, soul, country etc. – in the 1930s those niggafils-entertainers wanted to make their indecent sounds louder and more striking in the noisy and fussy variety theatres and tasteless cabaret restaurants, and later in raving rock’n’roll dens.
Speaking without any “timbre prejudices” and personal taste predilections – electric guitar, as a special sound colour, is quite worthy of taking its place even in (neo-)classical European orchestra, but the place must be proper and appropriate. Here as elsewhere the problem is a tough proportion violation: instead of noblemen, the rabble is in modern politics; instead of harmony, the dissonances are in modern music.
Are we going to exterminate electric guitars then? I think a very limited using will be enough.
So under Apollonic forcible structuring, electric guitar must be a restricted and peripheral tool like timpani, celesta or triangle.

I would go further than this article and even argue that we national socialists have more in common with the radical Islamists and the more aggressive and militant Zionist Jews than we do with most other whites. That’s the way I see this conflict pivoting. I believe we are in a white civil war and although non-whites such as organised Jewry have had a role in causing and fomenting the various problems, the real fight is between whites, rather than whites versus non-whites.
As national-socialists (of various races and ethnicities), we are fighting for a ‘world of wolves’ (tribal, anarchistic national-socialisms) against the ‘world of sisters’ (socialism) or ‘world of brothers’ (anarcho-capitalism) that our various opponents want in different manifestations.
Once that war is won, then we may turn out attention to restoring white European domination, but first we have to deal with the genetic element within our own race that is self-destructive.

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