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KD Rebel, 1


When the laws of men decree the death of one’s race, then the laws of nature demand rebellion.

The 10th Rejoinder

The life of a race is in the wombs of its women. A race whose males will not fight to keep its women will perish.

The Precepts

From time immemorial, those out of power have raised armies with promises of plunder, revenge, and the seizing of women.

—David Lane

The time is early in the 21st century, within the borders of the former United States. Generations of “dark is handsome” propaganda, unceasing promotion of inter-racial mating, open borders, anti-White programs, combined with unending demonization of the “evil White male”, has accomplished its intended effect. Less than one percent of earth’s population were White women of child-bearing age or younger, and not mated with non-Whites.
For many decades, America had denied the White race its own nations, schools, organizations, and everything necessary for racial survival, while at the same time race-mixing was promoted and enforced with fanatic fervor.
Passage of the “Harmony Laws”, giving large cash grants to all inter-racial couples involving a White woman were the last straw for many disenfranchised White males. Several thousand of them, mostly young, migrated to the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
At the time of the events chronicled here, these rebels had established tenuous control over portions of Western Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. They call this Kinsland, and they use the initials KD as a short appellation for a guerrilla army of Kinsland Defenders.
Futilely they had pleaded with the dwindling number of young White women to join them, but with only a few exceptions their anguished pleas were scornfully rejected with the System’s mindless buzzwords, like racist, sexist and bigot. So, since the first two prerequisites for the survival of a race are territory and breeding stock, history repeated itself.
Over twelve hundred years earlier, some Aryan folk migrated to Scandinavia to escape the race-denying, universalist, alien tyrannical religion from Rome and Judea. Only thus could they keep their race alive. From Scandinavia they went “a-viking”, raiding occupied Europe for mates and for the necessities of life. Kinslanders of the 21st century followed the example of heroic ancestors.
Most Kinslanders are Wotanists (Odinists), whose speech reflect the indigenous religion of the White race. With words like Midgard (earth), Valhalla (hall of heroes), Norns (goddesses of fate), Sons of Muspell (the racial-religious tribe that rules the world and sentenced the White race to death), and Skraelings (non-Whites).
This account relates a period in the life of some Kinsland folk.


KD Rebel is now available from Daybreak Press: here.

7 replies on “KD Rebel, 1”

With all due deference to Lane’s political activism and journalism, it should be noted that the circumstances described in “KD Rebel” are so far away from something exciting. There is a solitary NS/Odinist settlement of the last white guerillas, and there is an anti-white government which allows them to make escapades for some reason: the abduction of the “Sabines” and the playing “Robin Hood”. No hope to reverse the situation, because honestly their case is quite deplorable. They are driven into a corner, they live like thieves in the night. And only deus ex machina, I mean the white racial revolution (actually improbable) in Russia from the ending of the story, suddenly moves the narrative to a “happy end”. In reality such White “reservations” can well become definitive graves of the fair race.

KD Rebel suffers exactly from the same unreal expectancy of Covington’s quintet, but I use Lane’s novel just as an inspiration for the future abduction of the Sabine women.

Alas, we have no racial prosaists of considerable talent. The point is not only their “unreal expectancy” (utopias are important marks of the future), the point is a one-dimensionality, a groundlessness and a weakness of their literary style. I think you don’t mind – Lane’s, Pierce’s and Covington’s novels are like nazi-rock “musick” in some ways. Gods, where are our modern Wagners and Bachs in epic belles-lettres?!

I see no objection at all in The Turner Diaries. Why should I? Unlike Covington and Lane, in The Turner Diaries it’s obvious that the only way to win is through taking over the Enemy’s nukes and use them, even if billions die.

That’s about much of “Hunter”, not of “Diaries”. All that simple stuff is kinda the straightforward Pierce’s The Saga of White Will. The comix-like genre enjoys its right to existence, and there are amusing authors in the niche. But we also need Olympian men of letters, nordicist Nietzsches and racialist Tolkiens.

I read LOTR in a deluxe edition. It’s for kids, and the idea of a land of immortality at the other side of the sea is toxic for white survival.
The Diaries novel on the other hand has almost nothing toxic: it’s 99% pure.
KD Rebel will be useful not in a future with the US government still in power, but in a collapsed American state. Abduction of white women in chaotic zones will be the royal road to assure racial continuity.

Well, in any case LOTR is a Christan writer’s view on non-Christian myth in the most correct way, it’s something at least. Huh, concerning the transcendental immortality, then Julius Evola, if he wrote novels, could be a racialist Tolkien with his harmful “spiritual racism”.
I must re-read the “Diaries”, definitely.
Though the System will scarcely collapse soon.
Whites have swallowed this: link
Whites have swallowed that: link
The present status quo is of course a collapsing system – but, speaking in physical terms, with multiple half-decay periods. How far it will go? And how far we will go?

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