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Karlheinz Deschner Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books) Richard Wagner St Paul

Kriminalgeschichte, 11

Saul of Tarsus, later known as Paul, who in his epistles claims to be Jewish was the true creator of Christianity. In his book Deschner discusses how Paul strongly criticised his co-religionists and then writes:

Unsurprisingly, the Jews counterattacked. This fact was very prominent by German Catholics in Hitler’s time, for example in Heilige deutsche Heimat, with ecclesiastical censorship, which continually recalls how the Jews ‘calumniated, cursed and persecuted’ Paul, that ‘wonder of the Spirit and of Grace’, how they conspired against him for being ‘a friend of the Gentiles’, how they ‘planned to kill him’ and ‘organised various attacks against him’, ‘expelled him from the synagogues as though he was a stench or a leper’, they banished him ‘to the most inhospitable places under the sky, to the forests and to the deserts where only the beasts live’, etcetera.

In one of the thousands of endnotes in Deschner’s ten-volume work, he cites his source (Walterscheid, J., pp. 1139f, II pp. 40f, Heilige Deutsche Heimat. Das deutsche Kirchenjahr mit seinen Festen, Seinem Volksbrauch, den Volksheiligen, religiöser Literatur und religiöser Kunst, 1,1936). Deschner adds:

This educational inspector from Bonn cites on the first page of his huge text in two volumes (prologue p. XIII) the work Die deutsche Volkskunde of the Nazi Reichsleiter Adolf Spamer and glorifies militarism, e.g. pp. 1128ff esp., 133ff and other pages, where he alludes for example to the old Nazi abbot Ildefons Herwegen ‘during the days with the Führer at Maria Laach’, where the Grand Brotherhood of St Sebastian ‘has found an indispensable help in the ideas of the new State’ since it ‘goes back to the same old roots of the German force’; celebrates in addition ‘the thunder of the canyon’ and ‘the perfect parades’. The pious Catholic author dreams of no less pious Catholic squads armed with ‘real shotguns’ and so on. The fact is that the Bible and the gunpowder go together the whole history of Catholicism… under ecclesiastical imprimatur.

All this would seem wonderful to people like Andrew Anglin, whose The Daily Stormer can now be seen in Tor. As a title for a periodical, The Daily Stormer is inspired by a German newspaper of the 1930s. (And let’s not talk about how the pious Christian Vox Day, who sounds like Sean Hannity, recently debated Anglin on National Socialism.)
But what Deschner writes is misleading in many ways. The faction of Christianity that would finally prevail in Christendom is not, say, that of a Richard Wagner whose operas fascinate me, including the Christian ones Tannhäuser and Parsifal (Parsifal is my favourite opera). It was its antithesis: the Calvinist faction of Christianity that restored the Old Testament in what became the most powerful country in the West, the United States. As to Catholicism, in the times when the Nazi abbot Herwegen wrote the above a more powerful figure, Pope Pius XI, stated on 29 July 1938: ‘One forgets today that the human race is a single, large and catholic [universal] race’.
The last political attempts to harmonize Christianity with racialism died in Nazi Germany. Now we have to question the Galilean cult from its root—and to question also the silliness of what Vox Day and many others are trying to do: harmonise Christianity with Aryan preservation.

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You can harmonize christian writings with National Socialism. In fact, it is a psychological/propagandistic necessity to gain a foothold in the american psyche.
The keys are the recognition that Paul misrepresented J.C. as a universal ‘saviour’ with the concept of Christian Identity, the interpretation of Genesis that the Devil fostered Cain, the patriarch of today’s Ashkenazi/Sephardics.
Jesus plainly said he had come to ‘liberate’ his people. Those people were the remnants of Judah returned from Babylon who had fallen under Roman occupation, sadly mixed with Edomites in contemporary Israel that ran the Sanhedrin, who were the forbears of today’s Sephardics.
After Jesus’s death, Paul, contrary to the wish’s of Jesus’s brother James, became the enemy of the Jerusalem church, and was known so in the Dead Seas Scrolls. His universalist concept became Catholicism.
Catholicism is the lead element in the creation of the New World Order that is destroying the White Race. Inhibiting its doctrinal assertions with the above two facts, Cain as the child of the devil creating the Sephardics, and Jesus as a saviour for the White Race, are the means to defeat it.

“Jesus plainly said…”

I am sorry, but there’s no historical evidence about what ‘Jesus’ (a semi-fictional character?, a fully fictional character?) really said.
Since Reimarus and Strauss scholars know that there’s a difference between the Christ of dogma and the historical Jesus, if even a thoroughly human Jesus existed.
The oldest papyri fragment is a tiny fragment of the gospel of John. It dates from the second century. Complete New Testaments, only from the 4th century.
Impossible to know what a ‘historical Jesus’ really said.

Its absolutely true that scholars can claim the ‘Bible’ is insufficient to ‘prove’ the existence of Christ. But from the sociopolitical standpoint that is immaterial because it is undeniably the reining religious ideology.
Consequently, denying the ‘faith’ inhibits any movement, while identifying with the faith creates opportunity.

C.T. –
I don’t know who Rudolf Bultman is/was … but his church’s progenitor freed Germany and created the Protestanism that saved Europe from Roman Catholic tyranny, because of the understanding that the Catholic hierarchy’s proclamations had no certitude of coming from Christ.
Now Uncle Adolf plainly said that National Socialism was a Christian movement … neither was this merely political platitude …
Hitler, without knowing Christian Identity, instinctly knew that J.C. was central to White consciousness, IMHO.
So how much stronger would National Socialism be if we recognized that God created Adam, a White man, and that Jesus as his White ancestor came to rectify the wrongs done by the Devil in creating Cain who propagated the Jews?
The psychologic/propagandistic value of switching a plurality of the Christian world to such a proposition would insure the success of National Socialism. And it is as easily defended as ‘normative’ Christianity.

You are talking to yourself, not to us.
If you were really talking to us you’d have digested what we’ve written about Xtianity.
From the wiki:

“Bultmann relied on demythologization, an approach interpreting the mythological elements in the New Testament existentially. Bultmann contended that only faith in the kerygma, or proclamation, of the New Testament was necessary for Christian faith, not any particular facts regarding the historical Jesus.”

Sounds pretty idiotic to me.

Looking forward to further Deschner excerpts including on (((early Christians))) wailing about persecution as they murdered Hypatia and burnt the Library of Alexandria amongst other atrocities.

Christian Identity White Men are lower than Niggers claiming they’re Ancient Egyptians or Hebrews. You see, it’s not surprising for Niggers to claim Ancient Egypt since Niggers have never had any traditions or civilizations remotely worthy of respect without imitating their betters (as done by Nubia). A White Man has no such excuse. He has over a millennia of traditions to study instead of clinging to a Semitic Death Cult founded by a rogue rabbi.

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