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Two novels

Yesterday I watched a popular video with Ben Shapiro sitting beside a trans-man who claims he’s a woman. Samantha Schacher, host of Pop Trigger, said that we should expand our inclusiveness and compassion to these machos that pose as women.
This morning I had to pick up a bill from a hospital. Since the parking lot is expensive I parked the car a few blocks away from the hospital and the walking gave me the opportunity for a little soliloquy about the video in which, by the way, the muscular tranny threatened skinny Shapiro with violence as the latter said that transgenderism is a mental disorder.
But what made me think was Samantha’s impassioned speech that we should start mainstreaming transgenderism.
This is the conclusion of my peripatetic self-conversation: Women are, biologically, sexual objects. Just look at the fairest specimens of Homo sapiens and it’s all-too clear that Nature wants that we impregnate them all. Their brain is hard-wired not only to have lots of babies, but to nurture and raise them with empathy.
Once we tell women that they are not objects but ‘souls’ in the Christian and Neo-Christian sense of the term, free-will entities that just happen to inhabit a woman’s body, little women will forfeit Mother Nature by not having babies.
The psychological toll of forfeiting motherhood is apocalyptic. Feminism becomes a weapon of mass destruction not only for the fair race, but for the fair sex as well. For the liberated woman, her hard-wired sense of compassion starts to be transferred onto apparently unprotected humans that are not her own babies. That’s how the Negro and the Homo and the Tranny became like the new babies for the childless woman or even those who, like Samantha, only have one child.
I call the process pathological transference of compassion and presently it is affecting almost all western women, including those feminised males and manly females in white nationalism that are scared of the humorous ‘white sharia’ meme.
The cure for the disease is simple. Forget the white sharia meme for the moment. Use a Western meme instead. Just wait until the convergence of catastrophes makes the holy racial wars possible and the founders of a New Rome will abduct and rape the fairest Sabines as described in David Lane’s novel KD Rebel. (By the way, wouldn’t it be nice if I start publishing Lane’s novel in this site?)
And believe it or not: the pretty Sabines will be the lucky ones. Those who are not fair, e.g. fat women well after their teens and early twenties like Heather Heyer will face justice in the Day of the Rope. To quote Pierce’s novel, ‘There are many thousands of hanging female corpses like that in this city tonight, all wearing identical placards around their necks. They are the White women who were married to or living with Blacks, with Jews, or with other non-White males’.
And thus the feminist problem is solved.

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It’s interesting that so many use David Lane’s 14 Words, yet most would probably be horrified to know Lane advocated the abduction and impregnation of white women and told white males to emulate Timothy McVeigh’s terrorism.
I believe the Third Reich was too civilized. Part of the reason why they lost. If we ever enter into a final decisive conflict with the Jew, then the new Aryan morality must prevail. Whatever enables the survival of our race is moral. And yes, if white women continue to refuse to do their duty then they must be forced to by white men like Lane advocated. It will be the only way to ensure survival of the species.
All species on this earth need to reproduce and kill their enemies in order to survive. White Men do the killing and White women bear the children. Those are the natural gender roles. If white males have become cowards, too timid to shed enemy blood and too weak to dominate their women then the extinction of the White race can be the only logical, just outcome. Nature will ensure this.

I don’t see the problem as ‘Team White vs. team Jew’ as Linder sees it.
I see it as a ‘devil brand’ psychotic breakdown among us so to speak, a folie en masse like the one of 1,600 years ago that destroyed civilisation (which is why novels like Julian are so important).
Unlike monocausalists and A-type bicausal WNsts, I believe that we are now living through the second psychotic, ‘devil brand’ breakdown of western History. (Lesser breakdowns, though psychotic nonetheless, were episodes such as the Children’s Crusade.)
The ‘devil brand’ psychotic crisis is capable of destroying a civilisation. And it is vital to point out that only whites have been prone to these devil-brand folies en masse. Asians may imitate the West’s suicidal capitalism but not to the point of importing masses of non-whites into their lands, or idealising transgenderism with zealotry.
You have not read my books in Spanish because you don’t know Spanish. There I analyse this problem in my own family, although Day of Wrath is a translation of some of my chapters about psychosis.

“I believe the Third Reich was too civilized. Part of the reason why they lost.”
Off point a bit, Savitri Devi said that Hitler had too much sunshine and not enough lightning. I think part of the reason why Cesar and other commenters want to believe in David Irving’s revised holohoax numbers is their dismay that Hitler wasn’t ruthless enough, at Dunkirk, responding more quickly to Churchill’s bombing of civilians. After the treachery and travesty of Versailles he should have known what enemy the Third Reich was fighting, and the same with all those who wouldn’t get behind the National Socialists in their hour of peril – Oswald Spengler, Ernst Junger (converted to Catholicism at the end of his life), Julius Evola. Savitri Devi and Revilo Oliver early post WWII just assumed the 6 million was correct. But for them, ‘so what?’

6 million holocausted jews is obviously a fabrication. Irving says only 300,000 died at Auschwitz but many of them were not even killed.

After the Christianity problem, the Feminist virus is the most virulent, destructive poison for Western Civilisation. Women have a stronger collective (gender) identity than men which is an interesting comparison with the Tribe’s stronger collective (racial) identity. Both are highly subjective when defending their collective interests – they are not fair, have no honour (a tendency not an absolute). Aryan man has always recognised the shared humanity of men and women, no Adam’s rib stuff. In the Ancient Greek pantheon there were just as many female gods as male, ok Zeus was number one. But the Ancients did not allow women to participate in public life – law courts and elective office. They understood the differences between men and women. “It is well that the law gave women too little power because Nature gave them too much”. Women’s greatest love is for their children, not for men. The Mother-Child bond is the most important for all life on earth. And for women’s own fundamental psychological health.
Excellent article. With the PC virus analogy we have an explanatory tool to broach these topics with White women and to expose the hidden agenda. 70% of White college women voted for Obama in 2008. Gulp.

Imo, some of your most eloquent and weirdly “tactful” entries, bravo! But I enjoy your psychology-related stuff overall.
“I see it as a ‘devil brand’ psychotic breakdown among us so to speak, a folie en masse like the one of 1,600 years ago that destroyed civilisation”
But it’s not the second time civilisation collapses, it’s the third time. 1600 years before the fall of Rome, there had been the Bronze Age collapse when the Hittities, Hurrians, Minoans, Assyrians, Babylonians and Egyptians perished. If I remember correctly, a few years ago you had an entry about the Julian Jaynes’ idea that put the development of consciousness from the bicameral mind roughly to that period.
“And it is vital to point out that only whites have been prone to these devil-brand folies en masse.”
Well, East Asians introduced foot binding around 1000 CE, and enforced the isolationist policy around 1600 CE. These two events might have had quite a profound negative effect, almost ethnosuicidal. Only WW1 saved China from being turned into a full European colony. And then Americans saved them from the Japanese.

I din’t say that it is the 2nd time that civilisation collapses, but that it is the 2nd time that the West suffers from a folie en mass of astronomic (‘devil brand’) proportions.

As to foot binding, the mutilation which Europeans in the past imposed on their females was just as bad, if not even worse…at least that abomination practiced by the Chinese only targeted the extremities of the body.

The practice of corseting and especially it’s extreme form of tight-lacing. A disgustingly vile practice as bad as foot-binding and on a continuum with abominations such as Karen neck rings, African lip-plating, and numerous other atrocities practiced by various cultures. It seems that human societies everywhere have always had a penchant for disgusting physical mutilations, in my mind a facet of what you would call Neanderthalism; and Europeans have been no exception. This recent modern fetish for transgenderism is nothing new or especially revolting when considered in this context.
Corseting wasn’t just a fashion which a woman could choose to follow, the aggressive body distortion was imposed on young girls/teenagers by their parents as the case with foot-binding (which started in early childhood).

You do realize that men also wore corsets? This was really only a trend in the 18th and 19th centuries from the brief research I did. One source noted that this trend coincided with the large importation of sugar from the New World. I find that more than coincidental. Interestingly corsets were also used to help spinal deformity caused by TB, which was rampant during that time period in many industrialized areas.
Ever wonder about those historical photos where men have very thin waists? Now you know why.

The White Race suffers constant delusion because it is oriented towards idealism. Extreme idealism probably is a psychological deviation caused by a transition in consciousness in the brain as explained by Julian Jaynes in “The Formation of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bi-Cameral Brain”, written in Princeton in the ’70’s. I remember reading it. It was on my shelf with Conrad Lorenz’s “On Aggression”, as they seemed a natural combination expounding human orientation.
The White Race seeks the good but being immature falls prey to ‘cultural orientation’ because the survival instinct has been ruined by ‘consumerism’ or philosophical fads. Women, incensed by ‘compassion’, most readily fall prey to anything espousing empathy. Few can think beyond hard-wired mothering.
Every morning on my daily ‘march’ I see ridiculous old women pushing dogs in baby carriages. Only a useless society would permit such a waste of resource or allow such a pathetic infatuation. Clearly, female instinct must be directed towards what is beneficial.
YES! David Lane’s analysis of Feminism should be published. I congratulate you on an excellent article that reveals how sick our Kulture is C.T.

Women are fundamentally treacherous thanks to hypergamy. A woman past puberty rates the men not related to her as possible mates. They unconsciously recognize that as long they’re not menopausal and not too repugnant they won’t be killed as opposed to taken by the enemy.

CORRECTION: I’ve finished reading KD Rebel and there is NO RAPE of the three Sabines who were abducted to get married to the freedom fighters. (As a knight of the Order of the Dracul, I for one could not have resisted looking at her necks, Lol.)

Indeed, continuing your vampiric allusion, this little novel is quite toothless and bloodless. The violence is formal there, and the didactic conversations (no rape!) of the severe males with the none too clever damsels evoke a smile.

I confess that I did not expect this. It was a complete surprise (yesterday I did most of the reading; previously I had only read the first pages).
It is still a good novel—for little women! Especially those female WNsts who were complaining about the (now outdated) white sharia meme.
So I’ll continue to advertise some passages of the novel in the following weeks…

I firmly believe, this novel will be useful for some little women, maybe for some little men too. But I am also afraid that instead the thundering images of Blonde Beast and Spartaness this literary genre can increase partly degenerate influences and attract attention of a present-day immature mind on Survivalist/Tribalist/even Escapist characters – a cross between Henry David Thoreau, Che Guevara and Varg Vikernes in males and something like bitchy White Shari-Light in females. It may well be that I’m wrong, because this conclusion as such is not clear.

The normal Aryan male should cross through three stages: wolf cub, wolfie and wolf. Women on the other hand imagine they can always have us as puppies. Not too bad to behave like a wolfie after having eaten the little riding hood a thousand times, insofar as the beast—the “red flame” according to the poet Octavio Paz—is the prelude to the “blue flame” when forming a family.
This novella inverts the natural sequence of red flame/blue flame: it clearly puts us as wolfies in our dealings with the Sabines, not as adult wolves, although compared to the plush puppies that Western men have become today, the novella seems bold.
In my quotations of the following weeks I will try to omit the passages of wolfies and leave only what has hints of wolves:

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