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Deranged altruism Hate Jesus

Yin empire

According to the vlogger Black Pigeon Speaks, Way of the World is one of the finest channels in YouTube. But neither has revalued his values back to pre-Christian standards. This for example is a statement from the latter to collect donations:

Our movement, the alt-right, is a vibrant and growing one. We are driven by our love for our people and way of life—we do NOT hate anyone else. But we recognise that, if we do nothing to steer away from the multicultural nightmare playing out right now in our towns and cities, Western civilisation is in grave danger.

What is wrong with this statement is that only hate will save the white race from extinction. Forbidding a natural emotion is one of the features of the malware that has infected the Aryan psyche since a Levantine cult took over the Roman Empire.
A few years ago a Catholic priest mocked, before the faithful, the pictures that reproduce Jesus as an extremely androgynous male (“un Jesús bobalicón” were his words in Spanish), as if to say that the good Christian male must be ultra-feminine.
The candour of the Alt-Righters I have seen in YouTube and elsewhere moves me to get rude and ask them: Are you really gonna fuck the kike cunt with that feminine pecker? In addition to the jews there are many other non-whites that want your kind extinct—and you continue to use the Jesus archetype?

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They can fool each other that they don’t need hate to survive, but they can’t fool Nature. If they don’t hate and kill their enemies their precious little race will go extinct.

Disgusting. He’s a prime example of how the White Man’s compassion is killing his own race. He can’t face the harshness of Nature, that the Muslim woman is an enemy of his race by being a member of a competing species and as such deserves no mercy. White women are not receiving mercy from Muslim men in England.
It is wrong to say, as he does, that we mustn’t lose our humanity. We need to reserve perfect love for our own race, and for enemy species have only perfect hate. Having love for other races that are not our own is a big part of how we got into this mess we are currently in the first place.
I’ve started to care less about the extinction of the White race. If there’s going to be a non-white planet then it will be. Nature’s law of Survival of the Fittest shall weigh the White race in the balance, and Nature makes no false judgements. If the White race deserves to survive it will, if it goes extinct it is justice.
If white males have become too timid to hate, too cowardly to kill their enemies and too weak to dominate their women as their forefathers did then their race will vanish from the earth and be replaced by the colored races who have remained true to Nature.

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