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Jesus’ slaves

Further to my ‘Yin empire’ (pay special attention to the discussion with Joseph Walsh in the comments section of that post).
I cannot afford that luxury (cf. Walsh’s second comment in that thread), as whites are the only ones capable of making that my religion of the 4 words flies in the future. If they go extinct, the animals will be condemned to the continuing torture in the slaughterhouses and in the labs—precisely what the Nazis tried to prevent.
Instead, what I’ve started to care less are the classics of literature and philosophy, the ‘Wisdom of the West’ as Bertrand Russell put it. If none of the supposedly greatest writers and philosophers wrote about the importance of race, or the need to understand that the coloured races were a potential threat to Aryans, how can I have interest in a ‘wisdom’ that presently has proven so unwise?
The greatest paradox of history is that the compassion of whites is counter-productive, as it’s all too clear with what I said above about the fate of animals if they go extinct.
Recently I’ve thought about the left-right hemispheric segregation of brain function in the context of the political terms left and right. Let’s compare our political biases with left-handed or right-handed people always remembering that, in most people, as the left side of the brain controls speaking right-handedness predominates; and vice versa for left-handed people.
Could if be that leftists—predominately women but presently the feminized males of the West that are slaves of the Jesus archetype—are thinking predominately with the right hemisphere and we predominately with the left one? The trouble I see not only with normies but even with compassionate Alt-Righters is that emotional thinking predominates in counter-productive, even ethno-suicidal ways.
Take the Spartan example as a paradigm. Why women should never, ever be empowered in society is illustrated with the example of a defective baby in ancient Hellas. If Spartan women had the right to let him or her live, eugenics would have been impossible in her society. A Spartan husband on the other hand could handle the situation more coldly, even though he also suffered when sentencing his child to die.
Women think with their emotions. The feminized male in today’s West is totally incapable of thinking coldly; of using properly the left hemisphere of his brain to control the emotions of the right one. He is really living under the archetype of a lefty, androgynous Jesus: including the secular humanists and even, with a few exceptions, the white nationalists.
Only the pains of a societal collapse would make them awaken from the Empire of the Yin.

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Joseph Walsh said that Nature makes no faults. I see that you disagree (because the White race is the only one that has the potential to care about animals, etc.). I could add to it.
I’ve been listening to Isaac Arthur for a few days straight, he has quite a lot of fascinating videos about the Fermi Paradox. The chance for an intelligent life form to evolve must indeed be really slim, and, considering that, the loss of the Aryan race would be a huge blow (even if it happened “naturally”).
Maybe it could inspire you to something? “Fermi Paradox Great Filters: Rare Intelligence”

Joseph Walsh didn’t say that Nature makes no faults, only that whites are violating Nature’s laws. But I see your point about the Fermi Paradox. In my humble opinion there’s no intelligent life in the Milky Way. Aryans are the only chance to make a difference in the galaxy—but they’ve lost their minds.

@adunaithethird I said Nature makes no false judgements. This is my paraphrasing of a passage from Ragnar Redbeard’s book Might Is Right in which he writes “Natural law makes no false judgements. Its decisions are true and just, even when dreadful”. My interpretation of the law of nature that Herbert Spencer termed Survival Of The Fittest is that Nature is constantly testing all species on this planet for their capability to survive and if they cannot adapt to challenges in their environment they are quickly eliminated by Nature, they become extinct. Nature doesn’t give species multiple chances to adapt, it wipes them out quickly. I’m no expert in biology but this is my interpretation of the natural world based on what I’ve studied.
As for Nature making no faults, it depends on whether you view the Universe as perfect or imperfect. I could see the Universe itself as a mistake, it seems imperfect to me at times, at other times I think Nature/the Universe is perfect and nothing needs to be changed. Life itself could be a fault of Nature. After all aren’t all life forms freaks of Nature?

Yes, Whites could potentially transform this planet into a paradise, something that William Pierce glimpsed when he said that we could have a future “glorious beyond imagination” (As of note, I was listening to Harold Covington and he said that in the next millenium we must gather up the moral courage to exterminate all non-whites a’la Turner Diaries, so I guess his books only detail part of his solution).
Because Whites compassion is so short-sighted I wonder if it is true compassion we are dealing with here or rather selfishness. A refusal to face the real world, an inability to cope with the harshness of Nature giving rise to a selfish desire for racial extinction which masquerades as compassion. For after all, the last few generations of white children will suffer greatly as a consequence of Whites so-called compassion and even their beloved non-whites will suffer and die-off in large numbers once Whites go extinct. It doesn’t strike me as real compassion.
As to your left-brain ideas, I can think with cold logic but I know present-day Western society would label me a psychopath for doing so. But history does show evidence that White Men did think and act a lot more coldly in the past, a faculty that only a few have retained in this degenerate age.

It is both: what you say and deranged compassion. In a few hours three family members will embark to Puebla to offer their help to those affected with the quake of September 19th. Of course: I would never help them.
When my rabbit lived, my sister insisted he had to breed with a she-bunny; that he had to go to a farm. I tried to explain that it would be disastrous for the offspring in a country where very few Indians treat animals fairly. A rational and compassionate argument never made a dent in her all-emotional mind. She and another female always thought that it needed to breed to feel happy—the same short-sighted pity of today’s female leftists that welcome the refugees.
Yesterday I thought about exterminationists, who are on the farthest side of the extreme right politically. We want to wipe them out precisely because we use the left hemisphere to the point of taking the 14-wd. premise to its ultimate conclusion.
The vlogger mentioned in ‘Empire of yin’ and other Alt-Rightists may not be as leftist (biased towards their right-hemisphere) as SJWs. But they’re not as rightists (guided by the left or logical hemisphere) as Himmler’s boys. Remember a recent post in this site with Richard Spencer saying he’s ok with wise mulattoes in his ethnostate! He said that because he’s as overwhelmed by the yin side of the mind as my sister. Unlike those with NS roots—Rockwell, Pierce and Mason—, WNsts are rooted in Christianity, the American way and lean more towards the yin side of their psyche than the Yang side. As Conservative Swede put it long time ago, WN is a weak movement.

@ Joseph Walsh

“Because Whites compassion is so short-sighted I wonder if it is true compassion we are dealing with here or rather selfishness. A refusal to face the real world, an inability to cope with the harshness of Nature….”

Powerful insight. Agree. It is fake compassion, the reason why SJW are so contemptible as were the Puritan Abolitionists before and during the Civil War.
The Myth of Sisyphus is also the metaphor for who and what is required to build a higher civilisation, is it not? The natural aristocracy within White civilisation and between races. The ones who take on the burdens and responsibilities, the eternal struggle to lift civilisation higher and higher, the ones who have the spiritual strength to pick up the pieces after temporary collapses. True Aryan values and ethics. I think it was Nietzsche who said that these ethics are now too bleak for most Europeans. Homer should have been Europeans’ bible (Goethe).

Paradoxically, subhumans-as-minority and subhumans-as-majority are equally a calamity for the Fair Race. Both cases – in different ways though – provoke mongrelization and extinction of whites. Nevertheless, in both cases whites feel feminine compassion for the subhuman creatures.
Joseph Walsh said somewhere in this blog that the Third Reich was too civilized. Yes, it was charged with the late XIX – early XX modern Yin-humanism, and it was influenced by Christian value system. Anti-Christian phenomena were marginal or elitist things, like a wholly different kind of humaneness, closer to Renaissance humanism:
“The beauty of bodies does not consist in the shadow of materiality, but in the clarity and gracefulness of form, not in the hidden bulk, but in a kind of luminous harmony, not in an inert and stupid weight, but in a fitting number and measure” (Marsilio Ficino).
The return to even this masculine and rational Apollonic humanism together with your 4/14 Words Formula could breed new (Medici-Machiavelli- or berserkr-like) generation which will act and create violently and coldly through its awaken racial consciousness. It means extermination of all “shadows of materiality”, all “hidden bulks”, all “inert and stupid weights”.
Citing and paraphrasing the Gospel:
Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.
Blessed are the un-meek Himmler’s boys and their predatory compassion, for they shall inherit the earth!

Another possibility of our inability to apply harsh measures to insure ‘White’ survival may be the natural evolution of the brain along the lines of Julian Jaynes “The Formation of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bi-Cameral Brain” – in other words, a bio-chemical tendency towards ‘feminization’ and compassion.
If so, it must be countered with an ‘Apollonic’ philosophy that requires the strategic and astute necessity of conquering our ‘living space’ and excluding the ‘skraelings’.
I am also reminded of Kevin Alfred Strom’s allusions to natural disasters, i.e. comet strikes, ice ages, and polar shifts that destroy civilizations before they become technically capable of immigrating to other planets. We must reassert our primacy to maintain that technical capacity that will allow the White Genome to survive such catastrophes.

“Harold Covington … said that in the next millenium we must gather up the moral courage to exterminate all non-whites…” Why not include coral snakes and lions — they too can kill us!
Any necessity for such exterminations exemplify White Aryan weakness. Covington promotes an unnatural strength in our competition. We are better and stronger, are we not?

I cannot speak for Walsh or Covington, but my exterminationist stance has to do with my philosophy of the 4 words (which I’ve barely explained in this blog, but after I finish my Day of Wrath entries, I’ll try to summarise in a separate post).

@Bob Coral snakes and lions can kill us as individual members of our race but they don’t threaten our entire race’s survival in the way the other human races of this planet do (whether because of miscegenation, military conquest or psychological warfare (in the case of the Jews)).
However I do consider whether having an all-White planet would really be beneficial to us in the long term. I’ve had conversations with two racialists here in England about this topic, one of whom said we should keep the colored races around to constantly test ourselves and the other who said even though we could exterminate them, we should let them live almost as a form of cruelty to constantly dominate them and rule over them. But I think that can be very dangerous because of falling back into miscegenation and using non-whites as labor. What Cesar termed extermination or expulsion of non-whites from our living space seems the correct solution to me.
Non-whites wouldn’t be as much of a threat if all Aryans had overcome our baser human nature to miscegenate with them. In the future we should work on creating an Aryan race that is completely ethnocentric, that makes the intense racial consciousness of the Jews look apathetic by comparison, one who has become incapable of interbreeding with other races. Then the third commandment of Theodor Fritsch “Thou shalt keep thy blood pure” will truly be fulfilled!

I just had a weird thought. In the advanced ethnostate 300 years from now, should Aryans ever have more than 3 children? Would having more than necessary for sustaining the population be considered creating unnecessary suffering?
I don’t subscribe to the Buddhist view “life is suffering,” but creating new life that will always be prone to suffering can be somewhat unnecessary?

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