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Deranged altruism Kevin MacDonald

Cultural Christians

In my previous post I complained that some of the finest Alt Right vloggers, however secular, subscribe the Christian morality not to hate our enemies. Today I received a follow-up email quoting what a commenter said about what Kevin MacDonald had written in the last sentence of ‘Alt Right and the Jews’, published on Counter Currents. MacDonald wrote:

In guarded optimism, we might look to the future and hope that some influential Jews will be able to look at this history without their ethnic blinders and come to see their own best interests lie with a renewed European America.

The commenter responded: ‘It’s actually quite dumbfounding, given his knowledge on the subject and what’s been articulated on his website and books’. Another commenter, this one from Counter Currents, said last year: ‘McDonald’s optimism is dumbfounding. How can someone who has so carefully and exhaustively recounted the Jewish subversion and gradual eradication of European America entertain such delusions?’
The answer lies in what a former commenter of MacDonald’s webzine told us: ‘You don’t see how two thousand years of Christianity have seeped into every atom of the white man’s bones’. MacDonald has said he is not a religious person. But he ignores that giving up Jesus not only means giving up the theology of our parents, but the Christian ideals of out-group brotherhood, love and charity.
These universal ideals are precisely behind the Alt Right’s stance against nordicism; Richard Spencer’s stupid pronouncements that even mulattos are welcomed in the ethnostate, and Greg Johnson’s definition of ‘white’ as even those Europeans of brown colour.
Let’s face it: White nationalists have failed to revalue their values back to pre-Christian mores, and they have failed miserably. As Spencer put it while discussing with nigger anchor Roland Martin, he is a ‘cultural Christian’ (watch the YouTube interview after minute eight).

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Kevin MacDonald is not a moral coward. He’s paid a great professional and personal price for writing his seminal books on the Jewish Problem. The one to critique the Pathological Out-Group Altruism of Whites unselfconsciously succumbs to the same disease. But can’t see it in himself. How long before KMD writes an article “We’re All One in Christ” or “Love Not Hate”? He’s already done the “Evil Nazis”.
KMD is no clearer example of Cesar’s dictum: the JP is a subset of the Christianity Problem which is a subset of the Aryan Problem.
“The Owl of Minerva takes flight but only at dusk”

The way I see things is that the normal altruism within whites only got perverted—transferred pathologically to non-whites—after Christianity.
We cannot change the hardware of whites: altruism is inherent among Aryans. But we can change the software.
People like MacDonald, and Spencer and Greggy (these two proclaim to be critics of Christianity) ignore that it is not enough to erase the software, so to speak. We need to change the operative system itself.
They fancy themselves as secularists because they erased some software programs in their psyches. They ignore that they have to go to DOS, the metaphor goes, to change their minds from PC to Mac or Lynux.
The westerners’ operative system has been Christian ethics for millennia. Asking them to go even to their operative system after deleting their software is asking too much from them.
I had to change the OS in my mind because the Christian doctrine of eternal damnation literally drove me mad in the 1980s. That’s why I wrote two thick autobiographical books: the only way to ponder what happened in my mind and life. But WNsts have not suffered this level of confrontation with what we call parental introjects, or internal persecutors.
My book Day of Wrath in English only shows the surface of this theodicy from admirer of St Francis to admirer of Himmler. The two thick tomes in Spanish provide the big picture.
It is strange: but someone who has developed the autobiographical genre to another level can see things that the common nationalist can’t. Everything has to do with how the mind has been structured from childhood. If a guy detects a bug in the programming of his parents, theoretically the anti-virus that cured him can be used by other secularists. But WNsts have no idea that the problem is deeper than what they believe. That’s why they usually don’t go beyond the Jewish problem.
Only full apostasy from Christianity could save us. We don’t have to mess with the hardware: healing the software that started to count this era as A.D. is enough.

I like your PC analogy!

>They fancy themselves as secularists because they erased some software programs in their psyches.

If I get you right, they erase some objectionable (for them) programs and even can install some more acceptable but – it’s essential – inside the same Christian OS. Therefore the code as well as the program shells are steady.

>healing the software that started to count this era as A.D. is enough.

Does it mean a System Restore with rolling back to the restore point before Anno Domini or we need to install a different OS (with Anno Hitleris counter)? The disk formatting requires total deletion of any existing contents…

Yes, it is a metaphor to mean that we really need to transvaluate the inverted values of our ancestors back to the Greco-Roman set of values. We don’t have to make tabula rasa: the Nazis used the best of the West as a platform for their New Tables.
The trouble is that these proud Americans fancy themselves as superior to the Nazis when in fact they do not come to their heels.

>>> the Nazis used the best of the West as a platform for their New Tables
They not only used the best of the West, but most importantly they put into practice a kind of Germanic Paideia – they RAISED the best of the West. The Spartan ideals were really a background basis in Adolf-Hitler-Schulen and Napola. Many of the used have betrayed, but Hitlerjugend fought to the death in Breslau and Berlin.

This computer hardware/OS/software analytical tool-metaphor is a powerful insight. It can also be applied to other aspects of the JP-Aryan Problem, eg, Feminism. “There is no problem with Western women’s ‘hardware’ (although different from male hardware) – White women have had their OS’s and software hacked with destructive viruses”. This approach should help in getting through to White women whose minds are poisoned with toxic ideas and a delusional sense entitlement.

Subsystems cannot exist efficiently inside a defective system. It means that all eco villages, closed NS communes or isolated paganist settlements will be crushed by the System. It means also that it’s very naive to hope for a proliferation of any positive practices inside the present status quo. This expired age will come to its end in not evolutional way, but sharply and abruptly like every decadence epoch finished before.
We have no possibility to boat to another New World like the Founding Fathers did, so we’ll have to build It here, on the ruins of the Old World.

The Jews can never be trusted. Kevin MacDonald should know this, its surprising he would write such a thing. Cesar what do you think of the idea of a white ethnostate that is not nordicist but within that white ethnostate there being a nordicist cult devoted to the purity of the nordic race?

I have. I will have to think about them. I think though that Nordics will have to work with Mediterranean people in some capacity though, perhaps even as some form of confederation in order to defend ourselves from Semitic imperialism.

Christianity is simply just the jews grooming their roman rulers into becoming weak. It was psychological warfare against the romans. Jesus was a jew. Do people not get this. JESUS was A JEW! A JEW! A JEW! Do people not understand what that mean?
The Jew is a very insecure creature who tends to be nervous around strong males who are not jewish and so the jewish instinct has been to promote values that weaken the males of other groups and coat that poison pill in the sugar of morality so that people can swallow it. But there is nothing moral about loving your enemy.
Even Jesus said “you can not love two masters, to love one is to hate the other”. If you love your enemy then you hate your own children because your own children are from your own flesh and if someone is your enemy you can bet that they are also the enemy of your children and your ancestors because we are genetic creatures and enmity is related to genetics and bloodlines.
You can not love your enemy and love your children. If you love your enemy you will hate your children because your enemy is also the enemy of your children.
JEWS SPREAD CHRISTIANITY TO ROME, THEY SPREAD IT. They did not intent the Romans to study their Torah or anything like that. All they wanted was for Romans to become weaklings, it was a very interesting form of psychological warfare. Very interesting.

It’s unclear who were the authors that the tradition gave the names of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John.
Since the Synoptics used the Septuagint, the Greek translation of the OT (not the Hebrew original) I guess they were either gentiles or Hellenised Semites. John clearly was a mystic gentile.
Paul is the one that may have been Jew, but even that is not clear.
The problem of accepting a crank religion lies more in the corrupted Aryans than in, say, a Paul preaching to the gentiles. You cannot avoid the Aryan problem even if Saul of Tarsus was Jewish.

The Aryan problem may be rooted in the inferior envying the superior. During the Viking raids of England the English developed a hysterical religious superiority complex where they were extremely hostile to the Nordic paganism of the Vikings, even though Viking paganism was the same as their Saxon paganism. In their weakness they betrayed their ancestors in order to gain a sense of superiority over those who were truly stronger. I am convinced it is the envy of the Anglo-Saxon that has made him a thrall to the jew. I would say the same of the Northern Yankee and White leftist.

So true but this does not invalidate my point that internalising a Semitic religion into the Aryan psyche was the most serious blunder in western history.

Most of the Church Fathers were probably rejected from Platonic initiation (like how Cylon of Croton was rejected from the Pythagoreans) and showed themselves to be unworthy by setting up a cult of their own in revenge. They bungled their own religion by appropriating Platonic concepts (which they distorted beyond reason) and intermingling what was left with Jewish ideas and values. Which came first: the Gnostics or the Christians?
The German Catholic Lucas Holste represents a very interesting case:

“As a very young man, already, I was attracted to Platonist philosophy by the lecture of Maximos of Tyre, Chalcidius and Hierocles; I felt growing in me a fierce desire, first to know more, and then to use all my forces to bring such a divine way of philosophizing to mankind, and to promote it. The remarkable use to which I could put these studies only has strengthened this effort. For seeing that Bessarion, Steuchos, and others confirmed the teachings of Plato through their reading of the Fathers of the Church, I turned completely to those Latin and Greek texts that deal with this contemplative and mystic theology, which excites the soul to God. Consequently, I came to admire greatly the divine and true way of philosophizing of the Fathers. Almost unknowingly, I began to feel myself part of the Catholic Church again, an experience also felt by Saint Augustine, as he testifies in his Confessions.”

A quick search through the Confessions of Augustine will confirm this claim.

It has been called “Jewthink”. When, if ever, have White Aryans not been plagued with Jews or Jewthinkers, with their unnatural form of greed.

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