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Deranged altruism Miscegenation

Richie Spence's suicidal POV

by Jack Burton

I’ve heard Richard Spencer say stupid shit before like castizos are white and Persians are white. This [YouTube clip: here] would be the first time I’ve heard him say that actual mulattoes are acceptable in a white ethnostate. Uh, you’ve lost your god damn mind, Richie Spence.
The population of multiracial people in America is approximately 10 million. That’s not insignificant. Furthermore, what Spencer is saying is that we can just absorb the Hispanic population that wants to identify as white. This is insane. Why should we? There is no reason. The point is to not be a cuck, not oh well, we’ll just cuck this one time.
It’s logically nonsensical. If we have the will to separate a large portion of the population, then why can’t we separate all non-whites? There is no reason we should just absorb all the mongrels who want white women. Spencer panders too much. You’ll notice this especially with blacks. Maybe Spencer has low T and needs TRT.
Spencer does NOT represent my racial standards for America nor I would guess that is the majority opinion either. Just say no to miscegenation.
Spencer’s standard of white is Latin American not Germanic North American. Spencer needs to rethink the stupid shit that is coming out of his mouth.

7 replies on “Richie Spence's suicidal POV”

In “Time Machine” the inference is that the Eloi were bred by Morlocks into their submissive cattle-like state. In our day, which problem is more possibly resolved: ‘Our’ manipulibility or Jew manipulation?

The former, because it’s inside the boundaries of our mentation to recognise the bull in Spencer et al’s ethnosuicidal tendencies.

CT: So you see it as a leadership problem, with which I agree; however, the formerly White West is now dominated by the Jew and its ‘culture’. It seems that we again are fighting a two-front war.

Yes: white traitors are as bad as jews. Just watch the recent photos of Antifa with whites picketing with slogans such as “Whites suck”. For the features of their faces they don’t look kikes. The Aryan problem is real.

I’m beyond disgusted with the idea that the presence of nigger blood is acceptable. The white blood these mulattoes possess only makes them more dangerous opponents. I hope Spencer’s daughter marries one of them so he has brown grandchildren as wished on him by marble-mouthed nigger Charles Barkley. Maybe his daughter can marry Barkley’s son? Barkley is clearly not 100% black. So how about that, Dickie?
Like others, I dismissed Spencer years ago for his weakness and never-ending reactionary soul searching. But recently, more and more racists are bequeathing him a leadership position because he gives public speeches and holds public events. This is a problem. He is exactly the kind of “leader” who will compromise away our principles in dealings with the jew and others. He is a problem. We need uncompromising figures, even if we don’t agree on every single tenet of our philosophy. One David Lane or Alex Linder is worth a thousand Spencers or Taylors. Courage and the refusal to accept the moral precepts of this sick society are the characteristics needed in leadership.

Richard Spencer showed how much of a cuck he is when he said that slavery was mean to some Nigger on TV. He’s just another Racist Liberal. Him being such a sad excuse addresses how he’s been allowed to speak (discredit any future Aryan insurgency by associating it with faggy nerds and other weirdos).

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