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Americanism Judeo-reductionism Michael O'Meara

Kindergarten WN


by Michael O’Meara

For white nationalists—whose cyber-based “movement” is still in its infancy—simple explanations tend to be the rule.

The reductionist “anti-Semitism” that dominates WN ranks and serves as a catch-all explanation for the predicament white people find themselves in today, to cite the most prominent example, is wont to attribute every assault on white life to Jewish perfidy.

There is, certainly, no disputing the existence of this “perfidy,” for no other group—not the browns or blacks, not the former powers of international Communism, not anyone or anything—is or has been so disposed to breaching the color line, undermining America’s traditional racial hierarchy, or propelling the processes responsible for the present dispossession of the country’s white majority.

To think, however, that Organized Jewry has been the alpha and omega of this dispossession is not just simple-minded, it’s dishonorable.

It’s simple-minded because it understands complex historical processes in Kindergarten terms. It ignores other, no less culpable factors.

More fundamentally, it ignores or conflates the differences between structural imperatives and conspiratorial designs, between concrete objective forces and the subjective influences of interest and conscience.

History, as such, offers few cases where monocausal explanations suffice, for the confluence of fortune, structure, and subject (fortuna, necessita, virtu) undergirding the historical process means that significant historical changes are almost always the consequence of a combination of forces unique to their specific time and place.

By the same reasoning, monocausal explanations focusing exclusively on a demonized “other” are dishonorable because they spare whites all responsibility for their misfortunes, refuse to acknowledge the dysgenic and self-destructive forces indigenous to modern society, and ignore the numerous, inherently Jewish facets of the American project.

In criticizing this, I do so not to absolve the Jews, but to preface the subject of this essay—the anti-white consequences of the Cold War—which offers a somewhat broader explanation of white dispossession (though there are at least a couple of others that can also be made).

Editor’s note: You can read the rest of the reprinted, 2011 article on Counter-Currents (here). But I much prefer the original 2010 article at The Occidental Quarterly divided in four pieces. Reason: in three threads of the comments section O’Meara responds to his monocausal critics (here, here and here).

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Yesterday at TOO a Steve Palmer summarised, in a single comment, the ideology that Jews are our primary foe, not us:

Why Your Country Is Going To Ruin (Nation Wreckers; Jews’ Modus Operandi)

Basic internet research shows that Jews control the US monetary system via the Federal Reserve (Rothschild, Lazard Brothers, Israel Moses Seif, Warburg, Lehman Brothers, Kuhn Loeb, Goldman Sachs, National Bank of Commerce NY, Hanover Trust of NY). Whoever controls the currency, controls the country. Jews also control the six largest media conglomerates in the world (Disney, Time Warner, Comcast, Viacom, 21rst Century Fox, CBS Corp.). Jews own the three largest advertising agencies on earth (WPP, Omnicom, Interpublic). Jews have the most powerful lobbies in Washington (AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, ACLU, AJC). Jews also control much of the internet (Google, YouTube, Facebook, Yahoo, My Space, Instagram, Wikipedia, Amazon, eBay, Pay Pal) and readily share your personal information with government agencies. Most Ivy League schools have Jewish presidents or provosts (Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Cornell, Brown) with Jews constituting 13-24% of the undergraduate class of all Ivy League schools. Jews control most US professional sports (NBA commissioner Adam Silver, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred). Jews also own half of all NBA teams and one-third of NFL teams. Three of the nine U.S. Supreme Court Justices are Jewish (Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Stephen Breyer, Elena Kagan). Though Jews constitute only 1.73% of the U.S. population, Jews literally control politics, banking, media (television, movies, advertising, magazines, newspapers, radio stations, music industry), internet, sports, and education.

Jews work in unison on the local, state, national, and international level. Jews are genetically psychologically aggressive, hyper ethnocentric, have a superiority complex, and have an historical grievance against Whites.

Jews censor free speech, ban public religion, ban guns, force massive third-world immigration and integration, promote open borders and racial discord, promote reverse discrimination through Affirmative Action, exalt minorities and vilify Whites, promote gay rights, feminism, and depravity in the media and fine arts to divide and morally corrupt the populace. Jews have instituted political correctness to aggressively publicly punish dissenters and instill fear. In essence, Jews are a hostile elite.

On a global scale, Jews control the European Union, banking (IMF and World Bank), media, and politics. Jews foment perpetual strife to uproot and realign nation states (Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Georgia, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine) with Russia, China, and Iran currently being targeted. Jews’ goal is to dilute all White nations with massive third-world immigration while creating a global borderless plural society with a single police-state government and single currency. At present, the White majority populations of Europe, US, Canada, and Australia are being systematically displaced by massive non-White immigration. And to those that say only a small fraction of Jews are to blame, the facts prove otherwise. Of the more than 300 Jewish political organizations, to the local synagogue, to the voting habits of Jews, most work in unison towards the demise of Whites, Christianity, and nation states and in favor of globalization.

Most of the information above can easily be verified on the internet. Misinformed readers will quickly claim the moral high ground and dismiss these facts as racist or anti-Semite which is the conditioned response taught by the Jewish-owned media to thwart public discourse.

My 2 cents: Steve of course doesn’t mention that Jewish subversion is only a catalyst within the active ingredients of a witches’ brew. He asked at the beginning of his comment a self-righteous question, “Why Your Country Is Going To Ruin”, omitting that the US’s double-helix, capitalism and Christianity, are the truly active ingredients.

When a Ukrainian nationalist can’t find his other sock in the morning, “A Muscovite stole it!” will be his words. It so wonderfully applies to the WNs and Jews.

Re “…undermining America’s traditional racial hierarchy, or propelling the processes responsible for the present dispossession of the country’s white majority.”

So much for “Toward The White Republic.” Still stuck at “Murkan White.” ALL nationalism is Ethno Nationalism.

For most white Americans, white is their ethnicity. That whole melting pot thing has happened here with the various tribes of Europeans becoming White. It does not matter to our enemies what our ancestry is. Any one with a pale skin is the same to them.
This is the difference between us and our European cousins. They have maintained there tribal identities. We, by and large, have not.

If tribality promotes group survival, as I have come to believe that it does, then we moderns, having abandoned tribality as an atavism, have become Last Men.

Yes, tribality IS an atavism. It is overrefinement, not a salutary bit of barbarism, that kills societies.

This is off-topic I guess, but I am wondering if anyone knows what happened to Michael O’Meara? His writings are invaluable. I am currently reading his book on the French Labour movement and it is impeccable even though it was written in his pre-WN days.

If anyone has any knowledge about what he is doing or knows how to contact him I would really appriciate it.

It seems he got disillusioned with bourgeois WN and does not even respond to emails delivered via his online editors. I blame Neanderthal WNsts for this because if there’s one intellectual that deserved handsome sponsoring in the US it was Michael. Instead, now in his sixties, he had to work in blue-collar jobs to put some bread on his table…

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