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“Europe my friends has become nothing else than a very big extermination camp for the white culture, white traditions, our religion, our customs, our way of life, our communities, our families—an extermination camp for the white race.”

Jez Turner

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09:04 If you want to know who has the real power, find out who you can’t criticise, find out who you can’t mention.

I’ve had a similar idea in mind for some time. Russophobia is a subject talked about only in Russia, but about anti-semitism you can hear everywhere in the White world.

I think when people say “white culture” it the thedancy to confuse. There are many nuances to the different sub groups, although the general heritage is fairly common. The difficulty is that our proper cultures have been stripped away for so long, most don’t really understand the concept anymore. We are all filled with the idea of universalism, and “Christian ideals”. As though only Christianity has only concept of moralitywithin it. The Norse people still have the closest thing to an identifiable culture remaining. But can we even call it as such? Everyone knows about the Norse gods. But what else of it is left? Not very much. Perhaps that’s part of the reasons the northern people’s have been on the fast track for genocide from so long now. We now prefer guilt, and shame to heroic deeds, and acts of valour.

Some people are, yes. And well I’m sure many more woukd like to, we still haven’t hit that saturation point yet. The number of acts against the invaders doesn’t numerically beat the acts committed by said hostile groups. At least not that I’ve seen.

César, I apologize for the ridiculous spelling errors in my comments. I write on a tablet, and it appears to choose it’s own words even after I have gone back, and corrected them.

Yes, indeed. It’s quite frustrating. On a different note though, do you ever engage in conversations with people online? I’ve been wanting to speak more directly with some people who have a realistic understanding of of the state of the world as it stands. And as you well know, they are precious few that grasp the situation, let alone ever speak of the necessary means of responding to it.

I don’t believe that.
Firstly, I don’t think you need a identifiable culture to want to defend your people. The problem nowadays is people asking: ‘Well, what are our values’. The answer should be: ‘Does it matter? we have eachother’. Ofcourse we can’t say that, because multiculturalism tries to remove the ties that bind.
I’m certain, if we lose our culture, we still have ourselves. There is nothing inherently in culture, it all comes from us.
Secondly, the problem we face is a lack of cause. This is something I personally only believe Christianity can fill the role of, because it very much fits into the European psyche. All that stuff you said about Chrsitianity being universalist is bullshit. Christianity united us, and defended us. It was secular values which re-divided us (oh yes, we were divided when we were pagans, don’t forget).
The Norse people have the closest thing to an identifiable culture remaining? and you drag out the long dead pagan cult Gods as your evidence of this? Are you mad?!
If what you mean by culture is regional God’s, then I’m afraid you have a very under-developed sense of what culture is. We have culture, but it has changed. It is up to us to change it to something that will save our race.
This is where Christ takes the wheel. I realize ofcourse that Christianity’s main goal isn’t the preservation of the white race. But it has done more for whites when they were it’s secondary concern, than paganism has done for anything.

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