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Hate Justice / revenge

Anton Lundin Pettersson


anton lundin

Anton Lundin Pettersson was a brave warrior from Sweden, who, on the 22nd of October 2015, decided to go for the high score. What makes him unique is that instead of going apeshit with a gun like many others before him did, he used nothing but his sword and skill. He infiltrated a school predominantly occupied with immigrants and stabbed the fuck out of four noobs (two of which died) before getting pwn’d by the pigs.


Editor’s note: The above passage is taken from the current incarnation of the article at Encyclopedia Dramatica. The passage might be removed or modified in the future by a politically-correct editor.

16 replies on “Anton Lundin Pettersson”

May he rest in peace, he has proven himself of Aryan blood and his soul will ascend into godhood.

Is there any real hope that such acts can mobilize resistance, more than it strengthens the fools who will support more brainwashing and multiculturalism? Is there any real hope?

A sword is a very interesting choice. Hopefully it was a European one and not a katana or something exotic. Cold steel inspires a fear quite unlike that of hot lead. Who wants to bet that Sweden’s mud population is treading a little more carefully today? More importantly, this shows that deep in the cucked abyss of Sweden, Aryan hearts are still beating.

Fear is a big motivating factor. At present, many of the Mud Masses do not possess fear of the Aryan, the Germanics, etc. because they/we have allowed themselves/ourselves to be overrun. Outliers like this push the boundaries, which is needed. No push, no movement.

May Thórr protect you with that hammer which came from out of the sea and may the lightning hold all evil away from you.

Hell Seger!

Well intentioned but overly desperate, his life was not worth losing for a few invaders. Had he not been caught in the act, he would be alive today. Christian Sweden feels obliged to forgive its enemies; sweet Sweden has no heart for capital punishment!

Our enemies are not the “pigs” who were obliged to protect his prey, but the hateful authorities who create these scenes by holding open the jaws of hell. The Christian Swede is obliged to obey his master: change the power, change the slave.

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