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On WN fools

by Jack Frost

“But a larger reason is probably the fact that most current white nationalists are, as I’ve alluded to earlier, thinkers and not doers…”

It would be more accurate to say they are losers, not winners. They are immature fools who expect a race war to be fought—by white people anyway—by Marquess of Queensberry rules.

Also hysterical: their claim that on the one hand, Jews control the media, and on the other that their own actions have something to do with the way they are portrayed in that media. They will tell you they understand, but it obviously still hasn’t penetrated their skulls that they are going to be demonized no matter what they do.

That’s how we get these loons who claim to be white advocates, who are more upset about the loss of 9 negroes than they are about poor Mr. Roof, who, taking his manifesto at face value, has sacrificed his own life for his race.

In truth, and by every principle of Darwinism, the white race would be infinitely better off without any negroes at all. So long as this kind of non-thinking prevails, the status quo will continue, and whites will continue to be victims. After a while, you begin to suspect that that’s what these pretenders want. They like being victims because they think it gives them a superior moral position, and it also frees them from the painful and dangerous responsibility of taking action.

The whole thing is really quite nauseating.

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The Christians at Occidental Dissent are a good paradigm of this foolishness. See for example here (“murder is immoral”).

And especially here (“I am deeply saddened by the killings in Charleston. Once in every 50 years or so, the Mainstream Media does actually tell the truth and this does appear to be a terrible instance of a White racist [sic!] criminal killing innocent African Americans in a Christian church”).

As long as WNsts are ruled by Christian morals they will be defeated over and over again. This is what I said yesterday in that thread on The Occidental Observer:

The reason of many white nationalists’ dismissal of Pierce is obvious: WNsts are far closer to conservatism than to National Socialism.

Axiologically Pierce was the closest intellectual of what you can read in Hitler’s table talks or Himmler’s speeches. Like H & H Pierce was anti-Christian and, unlike secular WNsts, he did transvalue Christian axiology: a true heir of Nietzsche.

If WN is a quantum leap compared to, say, the silly antiracist views of both Hannity and Mark Steyn we watched yesterday on Fox News, Pierce represents yet another leap: from WN toward another stage of understanding what is happening to the West. He was the Nietzschean “overman” for lack of a better word.

P.S. of June 26

At Counter-Currents feminized western male Colin Liddell has penned a feminized article, which concludes with the feminized phrase: “The only way to defeat the Left is to recognize that there are in fact good forms of racism and sexism, as well as bad ones”.

Are you gonna fuck the jewish cunt with that tiny pecker, Colin? Pathetic to say the least. Compare your size with Roof’s or still better Robert Matheus’

Curiously, when you posted the above I was reading highly critical comments within the TOO thread about that homosexualist article. Its last phrase is particularly troubling:

To paraphrase Eliot, no White society could thrive without a small number of tradition-minded Homos.

James O’Meara is the most featured writer at Counter-Currents Publishing (CC). Johnson is about to publish James’ third book (or 4th?).

Together with Irmin Vinson’s asking these days for the death penalty for poor Roof at CC, what better proof that white nationalists are fools?

Let’s remember something: All White Nationalists are Murkan. There are no European White Nationalists…except for those young fools who have succumbed to Murkan cultural imperialism.

Dylann Roof’s “manifesto?” Give me a fuckin’ break.

As for Pierce, he was a run-of-the-mill, Southern bigot with a few more brain cells firing than the average. At heart, he was a patriotard, as all White Nationalists are when scratched ever so slightly. The flimsy attempt at linking Murkans to Europeans was laughable. There is no such thing as a Murkan “National Socialist”; it is an ontological and cultural impossibility. I really don’t know WTF these guys are, nor do I care. However, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt what they are not, have never been, and will never be.

The Murkan attempt at co-opting Germanic National Socialism: not since Marx ripped off Hegel has there been such a foul theft.

“As for Pierce, he was a run-of-the-mill, Southern bigot with a few more brain cells firing than the average.”

Really not true. You have a tendency to paint with overly broad brush strokes and miss important details. I don’t like that about you.

In Pierce’s writings, you find no mindless blather about protecting the Constitution, about interpreting the Founding Fathers’ “intentions” or about returning America to the good old days when America was supposedly great. No “Southern bigot” would advocate the extreme violence depicted in the Turner Diaries or Hunter. As far as I know, Pierce has no living corollary among WNs.

That being said, Pierce is not without his faults. We can set aside his Cosmotheist theology as a failed attempt at introducing an alternate spirituality to the masses. And it goes without saying that he surrounded himself with a number of dubious characters.

This is Christopher at Counter Currents:

Watching the fence-sitting conservatives trip over themselves trying to run away from this guy has been quite disgusting. On and on about how Roof was a loon, how they’re not like that, how it was a vile, heinous act, blah blah blah. They barely have any time to talk about what they actually do believe, and when they do, its in a timid, apologetic way. As always, conservatives cede the momentum to the left.

The next response by Bosporos also hits the nail.

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