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¿Me Ayudarás? (book) Evil

Who’s the sane:

People inside or outside
the Fruit Cake Hospital?

In the movie 12 Monkeys, just when the TV set of a mental hospital’s recreational room shows poor white rabbits and evil humans doing lab experiments with the rabbits’ eyes, there’s a splendid dialogue between Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt:

James: “Maybe people deserved to be wiped out.”

Jeffrey (startled, turning): “Wiping out the human race? That’s a great idea! But it’s more of a long-term thing. Right now we have to focus on more immediate goals.”

See also my (unpublished) book.

4 replies on “Who’s the sane:”

Speaking about a culture gone mad, this day the Supreme Court upholds fag “marriage” in the US and the WordPress editing page for this article surprisingly shows the LGBT flag, I suppose for such “victory”, and I don’t know how to remove it from my sight.

But I am not in the US. I’m living a few blocs from the largest mental institution of Mexico, but have not visited it—yet. ☺

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