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Real men Table talks (commercial translation)

Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 146

5th July 1942, midday

The ten or fifteen thousand professional loafers who were lounging about Germany at the time of our assumption of power, and who showed no inclination to take a regular job when once German industry had started to function again, have been put into concentration camps. For it is ridiculous to try to deal by ordinary methods with muck of this kind. The fear of being put into a concentration camp has had a most salutary effect, and it greatly facilitated the gearing up of the gigantic industrial activity which our rearmament programme demanded.

That Germany has succeeded in solving this problem, as it has solved many others, is due in no small measure to the fact that the State has progressively assumed more and more control. Only in this way was it possible to defeat private interests and carry national interests triumphantly to their goal.

After the war, equally, we must not let control of the economy of the country slip from our hands. As most people are egotists at heart, any efficient functioning of a national economy is not possible without State direction and control. The Venetian Republic affords an excellent example of how successful a State directed economy can be. For five hundred years the price of bread in Venice never varied, and it was left to the Jews with their predatory motto of Free Trade to wreck this stability.

One reply on “Uncle Adolf’s table talk, 146”

Just compare this with the American bullshit about “libertarianism” and the grotesque claim among white nationalists that “National Socialism will never work in the US”.

Let me tell you Americans: you either change your Operating System—so to speak: a metaphor of your mind—from “Microsoft” to “Mac” (from individualism to collectivism) or by the next century you are going extinct.

Just see how far your “libertarianism” and anti-collectivist “individualism” has gone with yesterday’s Supreme Court upholding of fag marriage.

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