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Civil war William Pierce

Jew killer

by William Pierce

RJMWhat Robert Mathews [1953-1984] did will remain incomprehensible to many White Americans. How can your average “yuppy,” steeped in the values of the “me” generation, understand Mathews’ concern for the type of world his son would inherit?

How can the clever lawyer in his $500 suit, accustomed to figuring all the angles before making a move, fathom the soul of someone who knew that he must act, regardless of the personal consequences, because it was his responsibility as a man to do so?

How can America’s soft, feminized, materialistic masses have any idea of the thinking of a man who made a deliberate choice to die, when he might have lived—to die fearlessly and defiantly—solely so his death could set an example for other fearless and defiant fighters who would follow him in the years and decades to come?

No, many Americans will not understand. But some will. And they will also understand that in the final showdown there will be no other way but Bob Mathews’ way.

No combination of clever lawyers, yuppies, and Joe Sixpacks will ever beat the Jews. Money will not beat them. Brains alone will not beat them. Votes will not beat them. But blood will, eventually.

The Jews know how to deal with materialists, who think the way they do. They have long experience at outmaneuvering clever schemers and outspending well-heeled opponents. They are past masters of intimidation and bribery. They will always whip those who try to fight them on the Jews’ own terms.

But how will the Jews cope with the man who does not fear them and is willing, even glad, to give his life in order to hurt them? What will they do when a hundred good men rise up to take Bob Mathews’ place? Where will they find enough secret police to protect them?

It is a hard truth to face, but America has gone far beyond the point where its problems might have been overcome bloodlessly or with relatively little sacrifice. The evil which has spread across the land can still be destroyed, but only by men like Robert Mathews—only when enough such men have been awakened and have said to themselves, as he did: “I have no choice. I must stand up like a White man and do battle.”


Excerpted from National Vanguard magazine,
issue No. 103, January-February 1985.

4 replies on “Jew killer”

Just compare Pierce’s speech on Mathews (YouTube recording: here) with Hunter Wallace’s recent note about Dylann Storm Roof’s alleged manifesto:

Please note that the act of posting this in no way condones the actions of this drug-addled maniac. He is obviously mentally-deranged, and has only caused an exponential increase in the level of hatred geared toward pro-White and pro-South causes and individuals.

One is left to wonder what will happen with those southern nationalists who condemn violence once the show really starts after “the very big crash”…

Similarly, as the de facto conservative that he is, Greg Johnson writes: “I hope Storm receives a fair trial and just punishment… I have no desire to absolve Dylann Roof.” But he qualifies his statement with: “Second, we should resist dismissing Dylann Roof with the all-too-easy claim that he was ‘crazy’.” After condemning what stupidly he calls the “Old Right” Johnson adds: “This is why the North American New Right pursues White Nationalism through intellectual and cultural means.” D of delusional would say Linder in his essay about Greg. At another recent Counter-Currents thread, Bill said:

You hate this guy because the anti-white media will use it to say anti-white things???

Pierce’s views will be vindicated when the dollar crashes. Don’t miss my previous post on Ron Paul’s recent comments.

Greg Johnson is becoming increasingly intolerable. The post by Celestial Time in that thread is appropriate and accurate.

We don’t need to have a certain response to this shooting. It happened because Dylann Roof is a member of a race of people who are routinely raped, beaten, robbed, and murdered in their own land by unapologetic blacks and other aliens, who are encouraged to do so by the Jewish owners of America.

What happened was predictable. My moral response is indifference and aloofness.

Nietzsche: “Courageous, untroubled, mocking and violent-that is what Wisdom wants us to be. Wisdom is a woman, and loves only a warrior.”

People respond to displays of power, not meekness Dylann Roof’s act, and his statements (assuming they’re not fake) probably woke up more Whites than a thousand Jared Taylor essays.

We just need to contemplate the example of Hitler’s virtue to get an idea of what it takes to beat the Jews.

Hitler wasn’t a self-indulgent narcissist, he wasn’t a sexual pervert, he wasn’t a liar, or a careerist, he wasn’t a conservative coward, or a money-loving ladder-climber.

He acted according to his ideals and principles and no Jew was ever able to touch him on that level. Eternal things are not for the Jews.

So the Jew had to hire a bunch of stupid goyim to smash his state.

If we want to beat the Jews then we need to clean ourselves up inside and no rot will be able to infect us.

Since Jews invest so heavily in pornography that should give you an obvious hint that you need to stop masturbating and stop worshiping women.

There are much more pressing issues facing us as a race, and only White Men will be able to stand against it. We must form the wall of chests that Hitler spoke of.

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